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  1. Thanks for the info! Too late for me, I have 100% yesterday ;-). But it's not decreases the time to platinum the game so much that ~50%... It's cool, but not su much
  2. Thanks @HornieDee88, this tips perfectly works for me 😇
  3. Not everything, the items for upgrade your sword at the forge disappears
  4. Yes, the patch is good and has solved a lot of problems, but not the corrupted save files! 😥 Yesterday I lost more than 6 hours of gameplay because of this error. They should change the saves system: we should be able to make manuals backups, and/or have several backup slots. Only 1 auto-save is not a good idea, specialy when it's so bugged.
  5. It's retroactive. And I think it's glitched (in the good way!), cause I've never played 50 quick play parties (I played maybe 15-20 in total, but never 50 in one single place) and I earned the Klean Freak trophy after just one party this morning.
  6. The trophy appears for me when I've finish the first level of world 2. I really don't understand why, but i got the trophy, so ;-)
  7. Hy everyone, I got 20/20 Locoroco in each stage of world 1 (like the trophy description says) but the trophy didn't pop :-( I tried to get 20/20 Locoroco in a level of this world again, but the trophy still not pop... Any idea please?
  8. Oups, I forgot this step! Sorry..
  9. Hi everyone! 1st : sorry for my super bad english, I'm french... 2nd : I think it would be good if there was a "preview" available when we want to change the background of our personalized trophy cards... (just before the validation of the new image). It's only a small thing, but I would love it!
  10. Thank you all for your welcome messages!
  11. Firstly : Thank you all for your welcome messages! @BrnBomb : Sorry, I do not know anyone named Patrick Sobral, but I'd make a little research on Google, I promise. And I also have portuguese blood, my great-grandfather! @Memnoch : My grandparents produced foie gras, but they stopped this activity there is not long... Sorry! And, the truffles is good but a bit overpriced! @AnRoDr + @coma199402 : Cela fait plaisir de voir que la lange de Molière n'est pas totalement inconnue ici!
  12. Hi everybody! My name is Chistophe (my nickname is Kokof), I'm 32 year old (in two days I have 33!) and I'm very sorry for my very very bad English language! I'm from France (please don't boo me!) and I'm here cause I love the professionalism of PSNProfiles! I'm playing VideoGames since I'm 8 years old, my firsts plateforms are Atari 2600 & Amstrad CPC 6128. I have a PsVita only and I pre-command a PS4 (I also have a PS1, but of course no trophy on this one!).