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  1. Thanks for the info! Too late for me, I have 100% yesterday ;-). But it's not decreases the time to platinum the game so much that ~50%... It's cool, but not su much
  2. Thanks @HornieDee88, this tips perfectly works for me 😇
  3. Not everything, the items for upgrade your sword at the forge disappears
  4. Yes, the patch is good and has solved a lot of problems, but not the corrupted save files! 😥 Yesterday I lost more than 6 hours of gameplay because of this error. They should change the saves system: we should be able to make manuals backups, and/or have several backup slots. Only 1 auto-save is not a good idea, specialy when it's so bugged.
  5. It's retroactive. And I think it's glitched (in the good way!), cause I've never played 50 quick play parties (I played maybe 15-20 in total, but never 50 in one single place) and I earned the Klean Freak trophy after just one party this morning.
  6. Hy everyone, I got 20/20 Locoroco in each stage of world 1 (like the trophy description says) but the trophy didn't pop :-( I tried to get 20/20 Locoroco in a level of this world again, but the trophy still not pop... Any idea please?
  7. The trophy appears for me when I've finish the first level of world 2. I really don't understand why, but i got the trophy, so ;-)
  8. Hi everyone! 1st : sorry for my super bad english, I'm french... 2nd : I think it would be good if there was a "preview" available when we want to change the background of our personalized trophy cards... (just before the validation of the new image). It's only a small thing, but I would love it!
  9. Oups, I forgot this step! Sorry..
  10. Hi everybody! My name is Chistophe (my nickname is Kokof), I'm 32 year old (in two days I have 33!) and I'm very sorry for my very very bad English language! I'm from France (please don't boo me!) and I'm here cause I love the professionalism of PSNProfiles! I'm playing VideoGames since I'm 8 years old, my firsts plateforms are Atari 2600 & Amstrad CPC 6128. I have a PsVita only and I pre-command a PS4 (I also have a PS1, but of course no trophy on this one!).
  11. Thank you all for your welcome messages!
  12. Firstly : Thank you all for your welcome messages! @BrnBomb : Sorry, I do not know anyone named Patrick Sobral, but I'd make a little research on Google, I promise. And I also have portuguese blood, my great-grandfather! @Memnoch : My grandparents produced foie gras, but they stopped this activity there is not long... Sorry! And, the truffles is good but a bit overpriced! @AnRoDr + @coma199402 : Cela fait plaisir de voir que la lange de Molière n'est pas totalement inconnue ici!