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  1. Welcome to my trophy thread. Platinums: 27 Golds: 176 Silvers: 472 Bronzes: 1863 (As of 2019-05-29 (Y-M-D)) Currently Working on: (Based on my trophy adviser) + Hitman Go (PSVita) + Sonic Forces (PS4) + Yooka-Laylee (PS4) + Titanfall 2 (PS4) + Resogun (PSVita & PS4) - Put on hold ^ I'm switching between games right now. I have a huge backlog, and to work towards clearing it up some, I utilize the Trophy Adviser tab. MOST RECENT PLATINUM: Conan Exiles Difficulty: 2/10 Proud of it?: No, too easy.
  2. How many of you utilize the Trophy Advisor? How useful do you think it is?

    1. PSXtreme_


      Related image


      I find it helpful when I'm evaluating a new game...

    2. Cassylvania


      I imagine it's useful if you have a really big backlog. I rarely even look at it, because I usually only play two or three games at a time.

    3. MaximumOverdrive
  3. Suggest 5 PS4 platinums I should get from my trophy list

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    2. The__High_Ground


      Here's my list for you 


      Fallout 4 (loved this game lol)

      Last of Us Remastered (played and still play the shit outta this game)

      Infamous First Light (I love infamous thats why)

      GTA 5 (just an amazing game)

      Dying Light (also the sort of game id like to play as Ive played dead island)

    3. Deceptrox


      PS4 only? If not:


      - Helldivers

      - Super Exploding Zoo

      - Hotline Miami

      - Terraria

      - Super Meat Boy


    4. CreativePolicy


      Late reply, but thanks all for the suggestions. Ill take the top 5 most mentioned ones and attempt them all!

      Dont worry @ee28max, that was still a good list I could attempt later on!

  4. Curious, but did you ever sell your ps3 for the vita? How do you feel now?
  5. Hey, I ordered my PsVita 1st gen a few days ago. It should be delivered now soon! Reccomend some cheap games for me to try out. I enjoy many different genres, also this is my very first vita, tell me why ill love it!
  6. Just picked mine up cheap. Ive played 12 matches. In those 12 matches ive always been at the top of the scoreboard, I used sniper 90% of the time. Sniping seems a lot easier or I just gotten better... Also your team sucks, ive gotten high kills on tdm and I just end up losing cause my team cant keep up. I won 1/12 games so far. Edit: The game is really good by the way.
  7. Simple enough! Ill get into it then.
  8. Never played yet, but is there one on each level or something?
  9. Do we just have to complete the main game?
  10. What did you do to get it?
  11. Is there any possible way that I can calculate what level I would be if i had all my un-earned trophies?

    1. StrickenBiged


      It's complicated, but yeah.


      Go to trophy advisor, filter by trophy class, count the number in each class (by multiplying the number of pages then adding the few on the last page), then multiply the number of each class by the appropriate point value of each trophy, then add this to your current trophy point value, then compare that "total possible point value" to the levels here:

    2. dmland12


      After you filter by trophy type, it will tell you how many you have at the top ("Listing X trophies), so you don't need to multiply the pages etc.

    3. CreativePolicy


      Holy, I'd only be level 25.

      Thank you guys.

      Holy, I'd only be level 25.

      Thank you guys.

  12. Yeah I know, I'm trying to get into the full one if someone decides to leave. Other than that, I wont be able to make the second one.
  13. My god I absolutely HATE these trophies. The only game I was able to easily plat is Alive. I loved Alive. Is there any easy way to get this trophy?
  14. Awesome humble bundle right now! Pretty great games!

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    2. CreativePolicy


      Haven't played it yet. Why?


    3. DamagingRob


      I haven't heard good things about it, myself. Think it's buggy or something. That and Super Dungeon Bros weren't what I paid a dollar for, but whatever. Might play them someday. Or not.


      You may have to tag @starcrunch061 to get a response, by the way. He turned off his notifications, to stop getting spammed. 

    4. starcrunch061


      Yep. Sorry. Arcana is just a might be better on PS4, but it was glitchy as hell on PS3. The trophies on PS4 are (slightly) better, though.

  15. Hello PSNP! Most of you may not work with game development or 3D but this is the only place I can think of to ask this question So, I'm thinking about MSI and I notice that the best laptops for 3D and stuff is very expensive. Then I looked at the gaming ones and they are slightly cheaper but the specs look good to basically similar. I was wondering if the gaming laptops of MSI would work good as a workstation, for things like 3D Modelling. any opinions? I only care about msi right about now but feel free to suggest something else. I'm looking at $1,600 max.