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  1. I dunno, she looks too young and innocent.
  2. I actually have Catherine, but I'm not really in the mood for playing it right now. Good luck to everyone who decides to participate.
  3. I'll let you live since you didn't hurt the person above you.
  4. Banned for not staying banned after the last time I banned you.
  5. Coffee that will blow your mind.
  6. Origami Killer - Heavy Rain
  7. Banned for having a creepy gif. in your signature space.
  8. I like wolves, so you're safe for now.
  9. Patrick Stump Cadillac or Lincoln?
  10. Terraria
  11. I see The Walking Dead quite often, so I'll go with that one.
  12. Yes, if you're hair is really red and yellow.
  13. Nicki Minaj
  14. I'm an adult, and we're friends. I guess that makes you right. I think Dashie will be next to post. You better not disappoint me, Dashie.
  15. Blue diamonds are pretty.
  16. I'd beat you to death with one of my money bags.
  17. I like it. 8/10
  18. Incubus
  19. Larry Laffer - Leisure Suit Larry series
  20. Banned for having thoughts of suicide.
  21. Gwar
  22. Isaac Clarke - Dead Space series
  23. I've seen you around here a bit, so I'm going to give you a 6/10.
  24. Banned for not centering your sig.