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  1. No, I'm not into the "purple head."
  2. I like feeding people bullets, too. 8/10
  3. You seem nice enough, so I'll add you.
  4. Yoshi from Super Mario World
  5. I like it. 8/10
  6. Pick me up at 8. You managed to sneak out of work early, outrun the police for speeding, and take every possible short cut, so you could arrive on time for your date. Edit: Ninja'd again!
  7. Banned for looking like a digital Zac Efron.
  8. This would be us battling.
  9. Zed
  10. Full contact wrestling? I'm game. Edit: You ninja'd me hpknight. Just for that, I'd destroy you.
  11. Only if you wear that latex outfit to bed every night.
  12. I can't say I've ever seen htoL#NiQ -The Firefly Diary-.
  13. You have completed some pretty difficult PSN games, and you also have some tough platinums. I think an 8.5/10 is a good rating for you. Go finish BFBC and some of those incomplete fighting games.
  14. The platinum isn't too bad. It's the 100% that separates the boys from the men. Someone in this thread will probably attempt it now that you've said that.
  15. I can imagine some troll making a guide for those games. Under each trophy, it just says "git gud."
  16. I'm going with Star Ocean since you don't leave me to choose from, and it's a pretty impressive platinum.
  17. The Metal Gear games, Yakuza games, and Dead Space 2 are probably some of your best platinums. I rate you a 6/10. Nice work.
  18. I remember when I first started getting trophies, and Motorstorm: Pacific Rift demolished me with its hellish AI. I gave up on it, but I eventually went back to it. After a lot of frustration and practice, I eventually beat it.
  19. You have some fun games in your collection, but they're all pretty average, too. I think R2 and Mirror's Edge are you best. I rate you a 5.5/10. Good job so far.
  20. I'd like to make a change to my list. For the letter I, I'd like for it to be Injustice: Gods Among Us. Thanks!
  21. I think you should make your 100th platinum Grand Theft Auto IV.
  22. Dr_Mayus, you could always raise the minimum requirement for this club if you need space.
  23. I think that may because the person has already been reported.
  24. Shouldn't MAJED11212 be removed from the achievers list for Backbreaker? He was flagged for that game.
  25. Things get salty mighty fast when folks starting talking about 100%.