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  1. You can earn 3 medals per game, bronze silver and gold. Got my trophy on a Silver Checkmate medal when i hit 4 Checked out.
  2. Bombs have now a cooldown before using them again when you pick up more ammo, a bit longer than you think.
  3. Yes, im happy i did it before the update.
  4. Did with some luck get 4 kills on Narvik, serval AA Guns at the base, straight map. Fly from one side to the other, if they shooting on you just fly over and points down the nose at them. Once the 2 circle is on AA, just release all 4 bombs.. Boom and repeat
  5. I can help you out ID: RobbbarN
  6. yea do those last... until they fixed it. M97 Trench Gun Hunter was not easy.. but with some luck and a long time session on "Frontlines" it was done in no time
  7. That Codex was a pain in the a**.. Youtube make it easier.. but you will have some tries on that one!
  8. For me the first part fucked up this.. i run all the way.. and I think the big guy with the G-lancher killed one of his own. i did Stealth mode on that part instead.. and the rest i followed guide on youtube.. I then i got it. It was glitched for me like 10 times.. all of them was me runing all the way in the first part.
  9. PStrophies talked about some treasure in the end of some chapter to the next chapter.. maybe that one you have left
  10. Well for me it doesn't ruined the game... still a awesome game! Did my first run on Crushing.. so to exploit Sharpshooter and Speedrun trophy doesnt effect my gameplay. Do a Speedrun without cutscene to make it under 6 hours isnt fun imo!
  11. Tried like 10 times with no luck... but then... There is two types of save. your gamedata and the second one is your profile... i did a backup on both them to a USB... removed proflie and left that other one. When you delete "Profile" your treasures you had found will be 0. Keep in mind to do a back up of it before moving to the next step. When this is done.. i plugged out network - Start a new game, keep all your stats and stuff (choose yes) Select a different difficulty (I did my first run on Crushing, now on moderate) Select a NEW save file, keep your old one. Play the game until you reach chapter 1, then quit to the menu, And restart the game Choose Chapter Select and play the Epilogue. Hope this works for you guys.. For the 70% Accuracy trophy.. me was at 0% in the Epilogue, when you skip all the chapters.. this way will it not work onless you play the chapter before Epilouge and continue to the end from there