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  1. I could choose many but Dying Light!
  2. Battlefield V, damn Death From Above really keeps me away from getting the plat.
  3. Nice collection of plats I would like to choose many of them but maybe this time I will pick Dark Souls II or Bloodborne
  4. Need some help with powerleveling. I am almost lvl 43 now but I would like to get lvl 50 soon as possible. So If someone want to help with that. PSN: tuddeee
  5. Yeah same for me. Steep was annoying as hell.
  6. But remember Spaz that for some people the gaming might be an social experience, I really enjoy playing mindlessly COD multiplayer with my friends sometimes and chatting and joking around especially now when I cant see them irl.
  7. This is actually very intresting topic, because there is a lot of people who easily like to "invest" their time to one game example Call Of Duty to grind out some crazy mastery camos but say that trophy hunting is time waste. And no offense for them I am also grinded those camos
  8. Shaun White Snowboarding, nice collection of plats btw!