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  1. The co-op wins with player in 1. division grants you a lot of points and losing wont take that much of a points away from you. Those games are hard to win tho.
  2. The map being bad is the main reason why I have not got the platinum from this game yet.
  3. I used change RB to RWB. It worked fine for me. Took seven weeks, simulated that all.
  4. Yeah i agree. You can cheese so many ways in this game For ultimate cheese is to get high lvl friend to drop you some gear and runes to lvl up and thats it. Ashes summons also give you a great help for bosses. YouTube is full of builds and tutorials too
  5. Street Fighter V
  6. Just put one or more of those spells/ashes/amulets/armaments to stash when sitting on grace and trophies should pop
  7. Not affraid of challenge
  8. Using lvl 30 booster disables trophies.
  9. I promoted from 5 div to 4 div with record of 12-3-4. And now I have 20-1-6 at 4 div and yet no green arrow. Logic in this game mode is total bs. And thanks for the tip for closing game if losing. Have to try that in next event to get perfect record. Seems like 6 losses is too much😆 Okay some update got the green arrow in 4 div with record 31-3-7.
  10. Soccer fan I suppose and master of Fifa
  11. PUBG! Some trophies are buggy + there is some really annoying ones to get even without them being broken.