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  1. Hi there. Over 30 hrs playtime and no sign of online Vendetta yet. Can't connect to Hydra either. Anyway to fix this ? I see people obtained the trophy recently so it can't be a server problem. Thanks in advance folks.
  2. I'm a few trophies left to 100% and can say I enjoyed some DLCs mission MORE then main story. Odachi is awesome, ethereal gear farming too. If you struggle in some WotD missions, you can just rush main story and unlock higher difficulty where ya can farm levels (even in first mission, trash mobs) VERY QUICK ( lvl 400+ becomes a joke to obtain). My 2 cents : if ya enjoyed hunting the platinum, you'll LOVE 100% it. Peace
  3. Zyklon1989 Metal Gear Solid 4 That trophy popped too early if i recall clear.I even asked about this bug on gamefaqs.
  4. I'm going to hide the game and when I get time I'll check if i have saves still on. Gonna try them on a blank account and provide screenshot if that happens again. Peace. Off-topic : THAT COVENANT ALBUM IS NUTS.
  5. Indeed the Ipod tracks trophy popped way before it should have. I can't find some1 who experienced this before, when I get home I'll check my saves and post pics. Thanks for yer time.
  6. The "Sounds of the Battlefield" trophy popped up even if I didn't have all the emblems. I was happy AF 'cause that trophy is a huge pain and didn't bother asking why and how. I'll check if the gamefaqs post is still around. I really don't wanna hide that game cause it was pretty hard to complete, any other way to bypass it ? Like earning it again?
  7. Hey guys, any tip for achieving the "Final Form" trophy ? Been trying the mystical mail spam in assault with no luck and, since Ullr got patched (I think?), this trophy is bein a nightmare to me. Thanks in advance !
  8. Champion of the Gods! GoW saga is so freakin' good