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  1. I only have 13 plats and im only proud of a few so i'll try and think of 5 5 - Rocket league - Unlike other people I didn't cheat this game and earned every trophy through gameplay which took me a while so I guess im fairly proud of this 4 - Minecraft - Took me a few months, not hard at all but I got all of the trophies on a multiplayer server with my friends so this holds a sort of sentimental value 3 - Fifa 14 - I guess im proud of this one because its my rarest plat but definitely not the hardest 2 - Hitman Absolution - This plat was a tricky one. It only taken me 2 weeks but that was putting at least 4 hours into the game everyday 1 - Sims 3 - Ive easily put more than 300 hours into this game and probably around 150 hours into the save that helped get me those last few trophies for the platinum because they took a lot of grinding to do. Out of all of the games I have platinumed, this is the only one which im truly proud of
  2. I never played rpg's when I was young so I've only played around 5, nethertheless 1 - Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim - Easily in my top 3 games ever and sometimes I do consider it my favourite 2 - The Elder Scrolls Online - This game has a lot of hate and I do agree there is a lot wrong with it. But I have played this game for at least a few hundred hours over the past few months and while I do get bored of it frequently, I always come back for more sooner or later 3 - Dragon Age Inquisition - It was either this or Fallout new vegas (haven't played any other DA or Fallout games) but I haven't spent enough time on new vegas so I've put this on here. I did enjoy it but got bored after about 40-50 hours I did play a game on psp called yu-gi-oh gx tag duel tournament (im sure not many people would have played it) but it took up years of my life. If that is considered an rpg i'd like it at my number 2 spot but im not sure whether it is so I put it here
  3. Southpaw. Its a fairly decent film in a year of crappy films
  4. well done jayk
  5. My 2 most recent plats teslagrad and sound shapes. they were both too easy and take next to no time to complete and I didn't even enjoy them. its annoying that I have a game I spent 4 hours on in my plat list but not a game I spent 150 hours trying to plat
  6. I reached 50% through the trophy list a week ago. with I think 30 of the 46 trophies. now its going to be a slow process because I need to do daggerfall covenant (finished ep and ad) then mop up the rest of the trophies which will take a while due to other games coming out and uni work. I aim to finish in summer next year with hopefully the rarest platinum for a popular game on psn. that master fisher one will be time consuming and the emperor one will depend on skill (and im not very good at pvp )
  7. So I checked on the trophy list today (not psn profiles) and the eso platinum has 0.1% rarity meaning at least 1 person has it. after 2 and a half months... Just wondering is anybody else aiming for the platinum on this game and when they plan to have it by. Im going for the long hall so im not expecting that plat for at least another year
  8. Hotline Miami. everything about that game is trippy. I genuinely felt like my ps4 was high ether one was so enraging due to the glitching I ask why why am I playing this game? its currently stuck in a log on glitch so I turned my back on it. thankfully
  9. I have 3 that I disliked in different ways PlayStation all stars - I disliked the game so much I left it at 10% for a whole year. its repetitive and doing the story mode with each character was just really boring hitman absolution - I enjoyed the game for the first few missions but playing the game on the hardest difficulty sort of zapped the fun out of it for me. its not an enjoyable hard mode like tlou the sims 3 - I love the sims 3 but I spent so many hours getting this platinum I went on 3 different phases. phase 1 was where I playing it for fun. phase 2 was the year after when I aimed to get all of the harder trophies. and phase 3 was about 6 months later where I spent a week straight trying to get those last 2 trophies. possibly the most tedious 40 hours of my gaming history
  10. ive heard they're making the last of us into a movie which should be good although not based on the story of the game i would quite like to see a movie set in the elder scrolls tamriel. i could see it being quite successful, like lotr success if the movie and advertisements were done to a high standard
  11. rocket league which should hopefully only take a few more days and elder scrolls online which hopefully wont take less than another year. lol. the grind on over half of them trophies is unbelievable, and with it possibly holding the title of rarest platinum for many years to come, it would be the best add someone could ask for
  12. yeah ive not been on it as much since ive reached vet rank. i started ebonheart pact a week ago and only halfway through stonefalls. hopefully a weeks holiday will take care of the boredom problem. it does get pretty repetitive after a while
  13. ive played 100 games and it says ive only travelled 20km overall
  14. I agree on how gta v can be seen as a pretty bad game, but i quite liked it. And it has a lot of content so even though games that i enjoyed more like shadow of mordor are possibly better, it cant be denied gta 5 has hundreds of hours for people who do like that franchise. i have reached 40 hours on single player and 140 on multiplayer so i played it quite a bit when it first came out. there is one thing that really annoys me about the game though and that is the game load times, that has made the game unplayable for me recently i havent played saints row or sleeping dogs so im just going to list 5 games i like better than gta 5 black ops skyrim Elder scrolls online (at the moment) and 2 games which have much less replay value uncharted 3 and shadow of mordor. amongst others