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  1. I played tonight and was on level 13 and obtained a card. Another card on level 14. Right now I'm on level 14 with two different cards.
  2. The info in the website: Type: Action, Casual, Independant, RPG Modes: Solo, Multiplayer, Local Multiplayer, Cooperation, Local Cooperation Number of players: 1 to 4
  3. Yeah, that sucks. I was interested in the japanese Drawn to Death for the quick platinum (I have the european).
  4. Fuck. I was interested in the other platinum.
  5. The game was delisted from the store?
  6. Yep, that's true. Congrats for the ribbon!
  7. So... it's possible to obtain? Or the update was later than u obtain the trophy? Thanks guys.
  8. Hey! I've completed the game with dlcs few days ago... for the ribbon @SnowxSakura it's right. I couldn't boost this ribbon. I saw on forums and a lot of guides some "different ways" but didn't work. - If u kill 1 guy alone in 1 patrol, not works. - 4 guys in 1 patrol two times, not works. - 2 guys in 1 patrol (1st team) and 2 guys in another patrol (2nd team), not works. U need to kill a patrol without the guys respawn, so u need to be faster. Two times in the same game for the ribbon. It's a little bit difficult. There's a mode for patrols, but nobody plays this mode actually. U can rent a server for one day and play on this mode or try to boost with this new strategy (kill the guys and the guys waits). I think with the same patrol it's possible. This ribbon was my last ribbon for the trophy. I only boosted the ribbon for air warfare and I had the squad wipe ribbon only two times in 50 hours I've played online, lol.
  9. Uhmmm... maybe with my later post. Someone tried to put a physical copy without Internet connection and the DLC installed? Idk if is possible this way or u need an upgrade but @ImStylinOnYaBro said not possible this way. Which is the Twitter of the Developers? It sucks if is impossible to complete the 100%!
  10. Hello! This trophy stills unobtainable, right? Someone contact with the company vía e-mail or something? They knows the problem? If u download this DLC and u have a physical copy without Internet conection, still unobtainable? Or u need some upgrade for the game to play the DLC? I don't know. Thanks! I'm interested in start the game in a couple of months. I have the digital copy but I need another DLC bundle. Still waiting to put on sales the bundle again.
  11. I have the two platinums of Black and White Bushido (american and european version). It takes 30mins-1h. Really easy and fast platinum. A lot of golden trophies and no bronze trophies. 🏆🏆 It's a ninja game with some new and original ideas. The screen darkens or fills with light and you can hide your character. Some game modes are: challenge, deathmatch or take the flag (allows 4 players in local). In fact there's a 4 player trophy (u only need 1 controller but u need 4 accounts or guests). Recommend two controllers for other trophies. It's fun, it's easy and it's fast, perfect for trophy hunters! 😁
  12. Thanks! I really appreciate your words. 😁
  13. Old Man's Journey, a soul-searching puzzle adventure game about life, loss, and hope by Broken Rules. Amazing and sentimental. Beautiful game and beautiful OST. He had an easy and short platinum (it takes 2-3h). No missable trophies. U can replay every chapter. I recommend the game. I really like it. :__)
  14. I don't know if I had to create the post in another place, that's why I used the sub-forum of the game. I only have two posts in the forum, but it's a new good game and easy platinum for the trophy hunters. For this reasons I recommend the game and I used this sub-forum. Thank u for the opinion guys! 👍