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  1. Silly customer, you cannot hurt a Twinkie!...Moonlighter Platted =)

  2. Moonlighter 100% Complete all achievements Watch out! It's the attack of the creepy Pac-Men! If my gaming life was a book, this would definitely have it's own chapter. So much stuff happened during my time spent with Moonlighter. Some good, but mostly bad (be warned!). Moonlighter is a top down adventure title, where you are traversing dungeons by night and keeping your own store by day. In 16-bit indie style. So, this is a very little known game, with very known trophy glitches. I thought I could dodge those bug bullets, but nope. Got a full blast All seemed fine until the very last boss. After that, no trophies for beating the game and no trophies popped late game even if meeting the quota. I had no choice but to start again and hope for the best. Everything went smoothly, but then a new patch appeared like Zeus' bolt of lightning and changed things a bit. Each dungeon got mini bosses now, which made everything a bit harder and my "minimal amount of deaths" run more frustrating They did add companions, too. They're cute and tiny and barely noticeable. And they help you exactly jack shit. Like "Hey, listen!" Navi from Zelda And, and I'm not sure about this, all progress seemed to reset toward trophies with the new patch. Like forging all weapons and killing 10,000 enemies. But, I did get them all after many, many hours of doing stuff over and over again and starting from scratch. Much labor for a small success! It's still nice, though, that the devs add new content to this already enjoyable title. Shows they do care. If only they could fix the trophies, too. And a very good game Moonlighter is, despite the technical issues. It's addicting to get loot and find the right prices to sell them for. Getting new armor and weapons for that next dungeon is crucial and fun, it seems sometimes that you're just barely staying alive. Lovin' it If you can put aside any trophy hunting urge (I know, impossible, right?), I suggest nabbing Moonlighter and just having a great time with it
  3. Even scurvy sea dogs are ripped, since you can't spell 'Abstergo' without 'abs'...Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (PS4) Platted =)

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    2. Ala-Arska


      Thank you :awesome:

    3. starcrunch061


      I love your mini-Moonlighter review in the Most Recent plat thread. Navi-like companions, huh? Screw that shit.


      congrats on your plat!

      Whoops - I posted this in the wrong status feed. It was meant to go in your moonlighter status.

    4. Ala-Arska


      No harm no foul, still got it :awesome:

      And thank you :awesome:

  4. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (PS4) Prizes, Plunder, and Adventure! Win every trophy It's like looking for a drunken pirate in a haystack. This game should have been called Black Flag feat. Occasional Assassin's Creed Stuff All that pirating is a heck of a lot of fun though, so I didn't mind missing stealthy murdering that much. Sailing with your very own vessel in the open sea, with sea breeze blowing salty air through your golden locks, crew chanting...that's LIFE I lost countless of hours just attacking random ships, plundering desolate islands and watching sea creatures as I went by them. It's a very relaxing feeling that this game gives, now I just wanna lay down in some Bahamian beach and chug rum Story and main man Kenway are enjoyable, the only thing bothering me a bit is the passing of time seemingly without reason. For a more epic feel? And I see the devs are still clinging to that modern day/"something bigger" plot continuum. Well, I wish they'd just let it go already (have they? Hope so). The present day stuff is just a walking simulator with me hacking computers and trying to find my machine so I CAN PLAY THE ACTUAL GAME! It's boring and I can't make much sense of it anyway. Maybe that's because I'm playing this series with no order in mind whatsoever. This is how I roll, boyzzz. Multiplayer was frustrating and very confusing at first. Why can't I kill anyone? Why can EVERYONE kill me? What's the meaning of this? Or life?...It's rum. Grinding for level 55 was mind numbing, but with the help of music I plowed through that one with only a few mental scars. As for playing every mode and using every ability and ranged weapon....I made this with my own hands (since I'm old school and reasons): (I'm thirty-f**king-seven years old young, and THIS is what I do with my spare time?) I still have some DLC material (and a game session) to browse through, so I'm not done with Black Flag just yet. Overall AC: Black Flag is a superbly fun pirating adventure, with a pinch of enjoyable sneaking and killing. Worth getting for sure
  5. Hey Rex, here's some f**king feathers for you!....Reverie (PS4) Platted =)

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    2. Ala-Arska


      Thank, guys :lol:

      @PooPooBlast: Some of them even shoot laser from their eyes :giggle:

      @Beyondthegrave07: You and me both. I was happy to play it twice, on PS Vita last year and now on PS4.

      Even the short length was just perfect, reflected nicely the games of old and didn't overstay its charm :)

    3. DamagingRob


      Nice work! I refuse to play this. The Right Side of History trophy is an atrocity. :P 

    4. Ala-Arska


      Thank you :lol:

      I know, they really got that trophy backwards :lol:

  6. Reverie (PS4) Tai of New Zealand Collect all other trophies Does pineapple belong in a pizza? Discuss. Another run of this game (PS Vita was done last summer), another trip down the nostalgia lane. Since I've already done this once before, I won't go into details about what makes Reverie so awesome It's pretty much The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening with Earthbound visuals. Yup, that sums it up nicely. (I have mentioned TLoZ: LA several times before, but just because it's a superb game which everyone should experience ) Reverie copies Zelda pretty shamelessly, from the inventory usage (which is admittedly clumsy) to the tight package of island exploring. It's one of those titles that brings back my childhood memories of gaming. Those simpler NES times, how I long for thee The only critique I have is that I didn't enjoy watching it from the big screen much. Graphics like these are well more suited for PS Vita. Absolutely give Reverie a whirl, and if possible, in a handheld version. There's more to New Zealand than Hobbits, I'll give you that much
  7. -Velvet, now might be a good time for you to get half naked.

    -That's my secret, Eizen. I'm always half naked.

    ...Tales of Berseria Platted (and milestone as #450) =)

  8. #450: Tales of Berseria Champion of Berseria Proof of conquering the world with Velvet and company. Thank you for playing! It's not easy being green, but it's easy being a Normin! Milestone time! Now with all localized Tales of... games Platted! Or so I thought... I was in the middle of this game when I noticed that Tales of Vesperia's PS4 version had come out. That means there's still one more... No matter, since Berseria was a very enjoyable piece of JRPG and with all the tropes I've come to love and hate about the series. Story and overall mood is a bit more serious than usual, this being a revenge tale 'n all. Being a criminal dick is the name of the game here. Although the main protagonist (almost antagonist) is kind of an a**hole, I still liked her. Not just because of boobs, but...okay, mainly because of boobs And while it's as clichê as hell, I enjoyed watching that age old "from heartless bastard to caring being" character arc of hers. I said character arc, you pervs Combat is as fluid as in the best of the series (Symphonia, Xillia, Graces f, Hearts R...). It's fast, comborrific, and filled with OP Mystic Artes. Graphics are clean, landscapes offer the normal terrains such as caverns, volcanos and ice fields. Draw distances are quite acceptable, which is a plus always. What I didn't like was the needless grind after doing story+side quests+bonus dungeon. Do X amount of this and get X amount of money Gald, makes you ask Y Combining this with somewhat non-favoring RNG makes the end drag a while. At least one can always listen to good music while farming away. Tales of...series rarely lets down (Dawn of the New World, blergh!), and Berseria is a very fine addition to collection too. Get it, gawk at it and whip it real good
  9. Now I know what the number stands for, it's "Ten Things I Hate About You"...Ben 10 (PS4) Platted =)

  10. Ben 10 Hero Time Earn every trophy in the game Even my kids hate you, Ben. There, I said it. Ben f**king 10. The worst game I've played this year so far A game that's lame (hey, it rhymes!) in every aspect, but made worse by numerous head aching glitches. Ben 10 is a 3D~ish action platformer, where you can choose between 10 (yes Ben, 10) aliens to beat up enemies and advance. It's somehow similar (but not really, it's just me) to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game on NES. That was 1989...and better With only six levels to suffer, this should be a short breeze towards Platinum, right? Well, yes if all stars align correctly. They did not for me... This is where those "technical issues" come and play dirty. First of, I had to start over three separate levels because of level floor disappearing! Yup, a whole section of the level floor just turned to air and my alien fell through it. Multiple times. Serves him right, though. Die, asshole. Second, and way more vein popping inducing one, was how some trophies were given. Or more accurately, were NOT given. See, there's a trophy for beating each level in under 15 minutes. Six levels, six trophies. Not hard at all, and that's fine by itself. Then there's also three trophies for beating the three bosses without taking any damage. First one's easy, two are a bit more annoying. What I did was beat level 4 under 15 minutes AND beat the Bee boss without taking damage. Quess what? No trophies popped at all Somehow this f**king game can't handle it when meeting two trophy quotas at the same time, and decides to just give you the finger. So, overall I had to finish level 4 once normally ("for fun"), then under 15 min, and third time for the boss trophy. Of course I couldn't pull it off anymore, not taking damage, so I had to replay the level each time damage was taken. Many, many times... And naturally the same shit happened to me at the final level. So many "obligatory over 15 minute" runs on that one too. F*********ck. My first Platinum of 2019, and it sucks monkey ass and balls. Like, a bag of them. Next up is a milestone, and that's reserved for the final localized Tales I still don't have: Berseria
  11. Okay, you've had your fun. 2019 has already started and it's time to hunt some trophies!.....LEGO Marvel's Avengers (PS3) Platted (and 100%)  =)

  12. LEGO Marvel's Avengers (PS3) Peace In Our Time Collect all other trophies Sleep tight, don't let the T.Rex bite. My final Platinum (and 100%) for the year 2018. And with over 20 minutes to spare I'll keep this one short, since it's New Year's Eve/or already 2019 and most of you guys are out drinking instead of hanging around here And if you manage to get up before noon tomorrow, you'll be too hung over to be able to concentrate on more than a few sentences anyway Jokes aside, this is as by-the-numbers LEGO title as one can get. A dozen of levels, a large hub and a few smaller ones, tons of collectibles. 250 Gold Bricks and 196 characters total. Getting those were surprisingly glitch free, and even flying missions went smoothly! If you're still not gotten an overdose from Marvel Cinematic Universe, you can always do this block version of Earth's Mightiest Adventures (HAPPY NEW YEAR, fellow gamer dudes and dudettes. Keep on showin' your mad skillz through the year 2019!)
  13. Merry Xmas members of PSNP , and here's my Christmas contribution: Adventure Time: The Pirates of the Enchiridion Platted =)

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      Lol. This is the next game I'm playing. Congrats and Merry Christmas!

    2. Ala-Arska


      Nice, have fun with it :lol:

  14. Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion Pirates of the Enchiridion Collect all trophies Looks like Jake is gonna pull the plug outta his...ummm.... Having read @Elvick_'s review about this game last page, I gotta say "my thoughts exactly". But with less problems. Framerate drops and general stuttering during boat sailing is so not 2018 indeed, but my mind just went autopilot watching it Interrogation parts were totally pointless, I felt like playing a poor man's L.A.Noire during those. Just stick to the light RPG, fellas. Combat itself was basically okay and cool, but instead of hundreds of encounters you're gonna have only a few dozen of fights overall. This leads to battles dragging on, and enemies being (at first) a bit more too powerful than they should be. Still easy, but slightly annoying Being not able to cancel out from the menu with was highly illogical. I kept pressing it anyway, in hopes of something miraculous happening (spoiler alert: NOTHING EVER HAPPENED) Overall I wanted to like AT: PotE so much, but all these small hiccups kept reminding me how unpolished it actually was. It's still a good buy, though. With a decent price and for Adventure Time fans (gazillions of 'em!) this piratey Zelda clone offers solid swashbuckling
  15. What I really wanted to see was horses and My Little a cage fight!!!...Windstorm Platted=)