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  1. I got it doing solo all the way, must have taken me 300 hours or more 😀 I think the grind alone was well over 200 hours. I did it by running Fazeer's Dungeons 60-63 over and over again. Those dungeons have enemies that divide when killed. I also tried to get goblin maps (lots of enemies and easy to kill) and Gauntlet setting (enemies respawn). Unfortunately Fazeer levels tend to lag and crash the more you play them, so I played 1-2 hours at a time. Then I would close the game and start again. And once or twice a day I would upload my save to the cloud. If the game crashes at Fazeer's Dungeon, there's a chance that your save gets corrupted and you lose all your character progress. Happened to me once, luckily I had a back-up save in cloud. Also avoid cave levels, they can crash even after 10 minutes. I used Dusk Mage character and maxed out my Absolver skill, and got the best equipment possible that boosts that skill. It has a wide spread, goes through enemies like butter and kills even bosses in 2-3 hits. I think I got 4000-7000 kills per hour when in a good dungeon that way. I also put only healing skill on pet, since other skills tend to increase lag. And when on those levels, never open menu or map, framerate goes to awful after that. I never reset instances, so not sure what happens when that is done. So in short: 1. Play Fazeer's boss level 64 until you get a map in levels 60-63 that contain goblins, is Gauntlet and is preferably not a cave or that outside map (less enemies and crashes often). 2. Upload your save frequently. 3. Do not open map or menu in those levels. 4. Get a character and skill that deals the most damage to as many enemies as possible. 5. Stay in one dungeon 1-2 hours at a time, the lag and crashes increase a lot after that. 6. Be patient! It will pop 😀
  2. First of 2021, clocking in at 14 seconds after midnight...Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 Platted =) 

    And Better New Year, folks!

  3. Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 Guns gore and Cannoli 2 Earn all Guns Gore and Cannoli 2 trophies Nobody wins, if the game ends tied. First Platinum of 2021, at 0:00:14 A side scrolling twin stick shooter, GGaC 2 takes a humorous approach on mafia, nazis and zombies. Because why not? And it is real fun too. One liners galore, you shoot, blast and maim everything from baddies to monsters to giant mutant rats. Difficulty is way low, at least with Platinum requirements. Breeze through and have a good time while you're at it Control settings are the only real gripe I have with the game. Shooting with is good, but why on earth is jumping with ? It's so against my every gaming fibre not to jump with , and this led to few mistakes during the run. But, as said, it's an easy journey so there's much room for error. Absolutely get this, if English with funny accent and games like Metal Slug interest you. And take the Cannoli
  4. Goodbye Piccadilly, farewell Leicester Square! It's a long long way to Tipperary, but my heart's right there... Aces of the Luftwaffe - Squadron Platted =)

  5. Aces of the Luftwaffe - Squadron Legend of the Skies Collect all Aces of the Luftwaffe trophies! Oh the weather outside is frightful. But the fire, the fire, is so delightful! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...and rain hell on Nazis (and Yanks in DLC)! Aces of the Luftwaffe - Squadron is a top down shoot 'em up, based on fictional events after World War II. A 16-bit Wolfenstein shmup I love this genre. Tiger Heli (NES, I'm a nostalgia freak), every other level in Life Force (NES) and Axelay (SNES), Sky Force Anniversary... As long as it's not full blown bullet hell I can hold my own up there, with the best of the best. Just call me Maverick AotL - S is not the hardest one out there, besides the final two bosses. And the DLC trophy for beating 'em in Extreme difficulty. Sheesh. Crisp graphics, just perfect for pixel destruction and mayhem. Everything is clear and sudden deaths are usually your own fault. Except when the screen is filled with my explosion skills and enemy rockets and fire and bullets. Then you are literally flying blind Voice acting is (unintentionally?) hilarious. The Good Guys (Brits and Americans) all have thick German accents, which is just priceless Music and sound effects are a blast. Boss battles ooze Rocky IV-esque ass kickery. Just wanna lift heavy weights and punch those planes!!! I have only dabbled a bit with the DLC, in which you play as the Third Reich monsters. Seems even more fun than the main campaign Upgrading your pilots is fun too. What I'm trying to tell you is that instead of dodging bullets...when you're ready, you won't have to. If you're even slightly interested in these types of games, you can't go wrong with Luftwaffe - Squadron. It's Aces, baby
  6. Still searching for the secret ingredient of a Krabby Patty...SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Platted =)

  7. SpongBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Neptune's Spatula Get all the other trophies for this game A teeny, tiny black loading screen...BRING ON THE ROBOTS!!! Hey, it's that thing that lives in a pineapple under the sea! Battle for Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated is apparently a remaster of sorts. And, apparently, a cult favourite. I never played the original one, but in my opinion 3D platformers from that era are more annoying than entertaining. This one is pretty good, though. Characters are funny, and you get to play with Patrick and Sandy too, besides SpongeBob. Difficulty is on the lower side, except for a few sharp spikes here and there (Dream levels especially!) Then there's those "screw up and lose enough progress to get mad" moments, thanks to uneven saving. And, being a Noughties game (like Sly Coopers and I-Hate-Them-So-Much Jak & Daxters), camera does most of the killings Goddamn precise jumps with goddamn camera spinning and shooting goddamn walls and goddamn leaves. Sucks to jump when you have little to no idea where you're landing, and screwing up and watching that loooooong loading screen. Oh, and a certain ball rolling section and one or two slide races can go and die as well. Up yours, Playstation 2 But, my rage issues aside, Battle for Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated does offer cool boss battles and an overall sweet experience. Definitely worth considering, if you have patience and accept some dated gameplay mechanics. A solid 7,5/10
  8. Unlike this pun, Padme's and Anakin's relationship always felt a bit Forced...Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Platted =)

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  9. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order A New Hope Earn all trophies Moments after speaking underwater, he realized he can't speak underwater. And then he died. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...I played Super Star Wars games on Super Nintendo. They were grand. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is almost as good as those golden oldies. Very different, of course, but good nonetheless. This is a sort-of-open world metroidvania, with combat similar to Souls games. Tons easier, naturally The Force is strong with lots of things in SWJ: FO. Graphics are excellent most of the time and different planets each have their moments to shine. Wielding a light saber, or variations of it...c'mon, it does not get any better than that. Mine was orange. SHHHOOOM SWISHHH ZZZZRRK !!! Use of Star Wars lore was well done. Lots of fan service and nods to movies old, but kept my sorry old ass happy Exploration was mostly fun and finding secrets from every nook and cranny felt first. Now onto the Dark Side, with all that's wrong with this game...BECAUSE I SAY SO!! Screen freezing at times when going to a different area, and occasional visual hiccups. Forest planet Kashyyyk (yup, three y's) was a buggy mess. Lack of music and its sparse use in very odd points in game. A battle theme would play out for a moment, even if there's no one around. Moving with normal speed. It's more like slow jogging, and Cal looks like he just shat his pants. Well he does Backtracking, the most frustrating and tedious aspect of the game. A fast travel of sorts would've been nice, but no, let the boy jog with Shit Pants. Collectibles that are mostly skins...for your pancho (or is it poncho?). I didn't even use that pa-poncho, makes him look fat and bloated Despite all those faults, I'd still give Fallen Order a sweet 8+/10. For fans of Star Wars this might be the game they were looking for
  10. Escaped from circus, medieval castle and haunted mansion, that's DLC's done and The Escapists 2 now 100% =)

  11. The funny thing is, on the outside I was an honest man...The Escapists 2 Platted =)

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  12. The Escapists 2 Houdini Unlock all trophies "You're not sending ME to the COOLAH!" - Mr. Freeze A sequel that escaped my attention at release, caught my eye at last. From the masterminds that made every Worms game ever, comes a rollickin' good 16-bit prison breaks series. And I use the term "prison" here loosely. Yeah, there are some standard low- and high security facilities around, but... There's also escaping from a plane, train, space station, Santa's shop, circus, dungeon etc etc I like how inventive you can get with the ways of escape. Classics include digging and fence cutting, of course... Aaand not quite traditional ways are riding a dolphin, being an alien pretending to be human, or jumping with a motorcycle! Everything in a prison goes by a clock. Routines must be obeyed at certain hours, else it's baton up the butt. I mean, solitary and stuff. Crafting, doing favours, looting other prisoners' desks and working for money are all means to a slippery end, a slide to freedom While the time restrictions feel pressing at first, one quickly adapts to tasks at hands and finds time to do the above stuff and more. The Escapists games are perfect for me. I find it addictive to complete my craftings and goings in fast pace. This is not for everyone, though. Still DLC's left, which I'll be tackling gladly. For strategists who work well under pressure, running away from these titles would be foolish
  13. "Mummies Gang Up on Thor" only sounds weird when I say it...Gauntlet Platted =)

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  14. Gauntlet I've not seen such bravery! Complete all Trophies in Gauntlet(TM) Well, that was an explosive barrel of fun. I've not seen such grindery! Gauntlet is a top-down dungeon crawler, where you are constantly being overwhelmed by dozens of monsters. This is a "new and improved" version of a game that was originally released in 1985. I did play that when I was a kid, and I only remember it being hard as nails and I never found out if it actually ever ends This new Gauntlet does, at least story wise. Farming wise, it sure feels endless. Kill 15,000 of each 6 enemy types, kill 12,000 with each 4 characters abilities, kill 50,000 with one character.... It's pure mass murder, and a horrible slog. At least a few of them kills can be done afk with a good ol' rubber band I still liked it, grindy or not. Levels offered a good challenge, especially on hard, and it had a twin stick shooter feel to it. Endless Mode was a beast of its own. 50 levels, of which first 17~ish are easy. Then it gets brutal and just nasty. I usually play with a warrior in these games, but elf was just too good to be passed on. Fast and ranged, that slippery coward I'd say Gauntlet is a fun option for anyone looking for dungeons without dragons, thousands of evil beings and food to shoot. Yup, shoot it
  15. Having a vacation of sorts from serious trophy hunting, but here's one for the road: Seasons after Fall Platted =)