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  1. If you thought babysitting was easy, you don't know Jack-Jack...LEGO The Incredibles Platted =)

  2. LEGO The Incredibles It's Showtime! Unlock all trophies It looks like Sulley's about to hit that sweet old lady in the head. What a Monster! Whaaaaat, a LEGO game with a reasonable length and a decent sized city map? Unlike those LEGO Marvel titles, The Incredibles understands NOT to stuff everything full of collectables and million useless characters Instead we get a compact area, few quests, and one character per Pixar movie/franchise (and, um, banana suit man and hot dog suit man and...). This way it never overstays it's welcome + you get to actually enjoy the whole ride through. It's easier overall as well. Races are done in first try, flying is surprisingly not shitty and finding gold bricks is painless. Loading times do suck monkey balls, though. Transition from level to hub takes roughly 1min 20sec (yeah, I timed it), and that's way too long Mr. Incredible sounds like a hate child of Peter Griffin and Wreck-It-Ralph. Yup, let that sink in for a while...lucky he's a family guy Definitely shorter than most of the brick installments, The Incredibles is all the more fun because of it. Except when it loads
  3. Might as well call it Get Thirsty And Rest In Pieces... Salt and Sanctuary (PS Vita) Platted =)

  4. Salt and Sanctuary (PS Vita) Saltborn Achieve all possible trophies He's an iron chef, I named him Saltnpepa. Pan you dig it? How can one make a grim game about food condiment and a resting place? Pretty easily, it seems. And in the progress it turned out to be an enjoyable one, as well SaS is a 2D hybrid of metroidvania and Soulsborne games (for some reason I hate the term Soulsborne, too trendy). A good mix, then. Graphics are pretty in a gloomy way, mostly present colors are different Shades of Grey and black. Like in Passenger 57, always bet on black Each boss looks unique enough, and some enemies even outright creepy. Nothing like getting impaled by My Little Pony Gone Wrong. Music and sound are implemented to every situation successfully. Whether out in the open or indoors, the sense of isolation really comes through. Controls are mostly responsive. In combat, where they matter the most, everything works as should. But I felt minor hiccups in platforming. When jumping from ledge to ledge in a hurry or wall jumping, I'd sometimes get a short straw and just fall because of nothing happening Plot wise there's not much to discuss about. It's one of those titles where you have to figure it out yourself as you progress. A spiritual journey of sorts. Overall I fancied Salt and Sanctuary quite a lot. Definitely worth getting, if exploration and constant dying is your thing
  5. What the hell, hitting the brakes didn't make him fly right by. Thanks a lot, Maverick! ....Sky Force Reloaded Platted =)

  6. Sky Force Reloaded Platinum Platinum B2??? Yup...we're on an express elevator to hell, going down! Shmups are hard. But still awesome. But mainly hard. I absolutely loved Sky Force Anniversary on my Vita. So much, that getting Reloaded was a no-brainer for me (um, so it was a zombie?) SFR (and SFA) is an addictive, top down, shoot 'em up/bullet hell(~ish), with tons of objectives, cards, planes (Trains and Automobiles) to collect. It's a game that just keeps pulling you in. Your plane crashes a lot, but you'll get valuable stars each time to upgrade your vehicle. And each time you'll get a little bit better, survive a few meters longer than before. And eventually you're gonna tackle those important objectives. To a point, this is close to 10/10 for me. It's hella fun to buy upgrades or find (RNG related) ability enhancing cards. Gaining those inches, folks But then comes a point where you're maxed out, a real power house in your own mind. But you're not. You're just a pussy(cat), cannon fodder. Completing all objectives in Nightmare mode is not easy, especially come last few levels. Hair is pulled out, tears are wept. But you'll do it anyway. Then there's the final obstacle in Insanity mode in "bonus" levels B1 and B2. "Tough as nails" would be to put it mildly. Blink your eyes, you're dead. Turn one nanosecond too late, you're dead. Even think about starting those levels...yessirree, you're dead But, if a scrub like me can do it, anyone can. And it's really about the whole package, not just the painful, painful endgame. Sky Force Reloaded looks crisp, sounds manly, controls beautifully and offers a hefty challenge. Play it, and you can be my wingman any time
  7. Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start.....where's B, A and start??!!!....Metal Slug Anthology Platted =)

  8. Metal Slug Anthology Metal Slug Master Unlock all trophies Welcome to the 90's! When you've got the best and newest gaming console money can buy, and the games you play look like (or are!) 20 years old... The original Metal Slug is even older than that, dating back to 1996. Even the last one in the Anthology, MS6, is no spring chicken (2006). Spanning across seven titles (MS1-6 and MSX), there's a bunch of running 'n gunning, enemy fire and evil aliens in good 'ol arcade style. Which means you die a lot. Luckily there's infinite amount of continues if you want so, since PS4 surprisingly doesn't take quarters Getting through every game with less than 5 continues does suck balls though. Mainly 'cause of laaaaaaaaaggggg. Controls are unresponsive at best. There's latency (or lag, or whatever) in every input, which means you must foresee those enemies at all times. And this ain't exactly Matrix, and your guy sure as hell ain't Neo. Don't even think about dodging those bullets with grace...and in cool slo mo So, either you bite the bullet (nah, just dodge it) and try and try, or play with a friend, or use the two-player trick mentioned here in forums. I used a combo of those. All except MS5 and MS6 were familiar for me from way back, so those were relatively painless when played with my eldest one. The latest ones I had no knowledge of, so the trick helped to do the trick (P.S. MS6 was actually easy with only 4 levels) Despite the horrible non-existence of controls, I still found the animation lively and grandiose in true 90's style and music catchy and MTV~y. Gameplay and "plot" was the same in all MS's, so one could say it's just playing through the same game seven times. And one would be right. If not for the technical problem, I'd recommend Metal Slug Anthology for everyone. Now, only nostalgia and pure fandom can salvage this
  9. Ta da da daa daa daa da da daa!

    Milestone time (as in trophy #20,000)!...Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD Platted =)

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  10. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD (and a trophy #20,000!) The True King Collected all trophies! 🎵🎵🎵 I want to ride my chocobo all day 🎵🎵🎵 Anything Final Fantasy related as a milestone is always worth having. Even the ones that fit in your Pocket FFXV PE HD is basically FFXV gone through a hydraulic press. It ain't pretty, but all the key elements remain. Story and voice acting are intact. It's the very same plot with same twists, spoken by the very same actors as before. Gives you a real dêja vu. Graphics are...yeah, well, PS2 quality with a cartoonish boyband. The Bromance is still there, but it's more difficult to take seriously now... As one might figure, the open worldness of it all is gone, baby, gone. Now we've got 10 chapters, as linear as the first Super Mario game Combat is rather one-sided also. Just press and hold for easy wins, no need for side weapons, extra potions or Phoenix Downs...EVAH!!! A lot of what makes Final Fantasy a Final Fantasy is gone, then. But as a curiosity, this Mini-Me Edition works surprisingly well. And all hope is not abandoned, you can still find the classic music, chocobos, Cid and such in there. And, of course: No no no no NO, not those guys (again), but the OTHER Biggs and Wedge! I will say one truly negative aspect about this game, though: some trophies do NOT work well with gameplay, at all! For instance, getting a full "grid" of 65 Ability "Nodes" requires running through Chapters again multiple times even if all else is done. That's just hours of wasted time, pointless grinding when there's no replay value is just...you guessed it: Frank Stallone pointless Then there's killing a certain boss with one party members' special ability. Which has to be done when boss has and keeps ~1% health left. Which is down to luck. And if you happen to miss that trophy (or a similar one to it), you'll have to play the whole 30+ min chapter again. Or just use Cloud Save instead, thanks PS+ Whether you're in it for a full completion of FF games or just curious about it, this Pocket Edition definitely is a bit "something else for a change"
  11. Miaow!!! DLC's galore, Marvel's Spider-Man now 100% =)

  12. Some insects bite their partners' head off after mating. Just saying, MJ...Marvel's Spider-Man Platted =)

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  13. Marvel's Spider-Man Be Greater Collect all Trophies Honey, where are my paaaaants? Spider Pig, Spider Pig. Does whatever a Spider Pig does! Can he swing from a web? No he can't, he's a pig. Lookout! He is a Spider Pig! Now this is a super hero/comic book game done well! I don't think I've seen a legacy handled with this much care since Arkham City. For me, it gets almost all right. Starting from the playable sand box called The Big Potato Pear Cucumber Apple. New York, New York that is Landmarks are there, as seems to be the buildings, streets and areas as well. Nice to spot places like Daredevil's church or Jessica Jones' office, too. Swinging from a web through Central Park, between skyscrapers and above the city is exhilarating to say the least. I literally got goosebumps every time I dove off from a high, high tower (the Avengers tower's there, too!) and soared like an eagle just before the ground Characters are excellently more or less re-imagined, and voice acting is superb across the board. Especially the main ones like Peter Parker, MJ, Miles Morales (yup, he's got a role (do I sense a spin-off?)) and Dr. Otto Octavius shine like supernovas. Baddies are represented with some fan service in mind, but still leaving plenty room for a sequel. Please let there be a sequel, please please please... Lots of suits to choose from, to get a fanboy like myself all excited. Still, like in Shattered Dimensions, my fave was once again: It's the Bombastic Bag-Man from TAS Vol. 1 #258! Read all from that era, you're in for a treat! Graphics are pure eye candy. New York City at dawn looks fantastic, romantic and like the best city in the world from the sky Character animations are detailed, sharp and maybe too well made (Silver Sable is a MILF with an accent to die for. Am I sick in the head? Yes). Only two things bothered me a bit in this stockings-filled, spandex-loving fist-fest (eww, that whole sentence just came out wrong...). Firstly, playing with other than Spidey is fine. But they're all sneak bits, and enough is enough. How can the same s**t happen to the same guy, more than twice? Secondly, is it compulsory to have "hallucinating sections" in every goddamn adventure game? It was aces in Batman titles, but the charm is long gone, devs Even if you're not a fan, MS-M offers hours of pure excitement and adrenaline-filled action. No Spider-Ham sadly, but next time maybe?
  14. You look at your computer desk. Will you grab a slice of cold pizza (turn to page 69) or a can of warm soda (turn to page 666)?...Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Platted =)

  15. Knights of Pen and Paper +1 A real Knight! Of Pen and Paper... Gather all other Trophies Yup, stick to lean beef, protein shakes and eggs. Lots and lots of eggs. A game that's actually called Knights of Pen and Paper, is called Knights of Pen and Paper +1 here on PSNP. But actually, it's really called Knights of Pen and Paper: +1 Edition. But actually actually, on small window here on PSNP it's called Knights of Pen and Paper: +1 Deluxe Edition. But actually actually actually, on PS Store it's called Knights of Pen and Paper: +1 Deluxier Edition. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt I just wanted to write KoPaP lots and lots of times. However confusing it might sound, one thing is clear: this is a bloody good game! This is a turn-based RPG, where you are playing the players who play a Dungeons & Dragons type of dice-rolling game. There will be dragons, yes. It's a very tongue-in-cheek, lighthearted experience with a surprisingly deep class and character system. Getting into the flow is easy, if you have any previous knowledge how "dungeon crawlers" work. Get your tanks, buffs, healers and damage dealers right At it's core Pen and Paper gets the "early 90's" vibe right. Added to that is a great variety of humor, taking stabs at pop culture and PC gaming. I loved Knights from the very beginning. The whole package just clicked with me. I can't think of anything negative about it. Dialogue: check. As said before, it's ha ha funny and doesn't take itself seriously at any point. Graphics: check. Just look at those 16-bit visuals. Doesn't get any grainier better than that Story: check. It's very meta, so I won't go into details how deep the nuanced telling runs (lol lol lol, save the universe and get a horse). Check check check. This is a title very much recommended, by me. Roll a twenty and get this treasure