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  1. #Waving my hand in front of my wife# : "These aren't the vibrating toys you're looking for..."... Skylanders Superchargers (PS4) Platted =)

  2. Skylanders SuperChargers (PS4) SuperCharged Earn all other trophies I've been rolling up and down these steps so many times, they should call me the Stairmaster. Whoopie de-doo, Scooby Doo! Stacks aside, all Skylanders games now Platted Superchargers is probably my favorite one of the series. Nonsurprisingly, since it's the (second) newest and most polished one. But also because of addition of vehicles. I like the idea of having matching land, sea and air transportation with key Skylanders. Of course this is just another way of sucking more money out of our flea-ridden wallets. But here, take my month's salary anyway Despite the possible bankruptcy via buying too many figures, I still enjoy playing these colorful adventures. They're non-offensive, NPCs are tolerable, and they offer lots of in-game collectibles and variety. The hardest difficulty setting, Nightmare, even throws a decent challenge at your naive, child-minded face (if having limited lives/figures)! Not nearly as bad as in Trap Team, though. The final boss battle there was genuinely brutal with boss' seemingly infinite health pool I'll definitely gonna get me some stacks at some point, unless a new title appears. Like, now. Ahem, now would be good. No? Well, shit. Skylanders Superchargers is hella fun with billions of different figures to play with. And some of 'em come cheap nowadays, too
  3. I did more Bonding for trophies than James ever did for the Queen and country...Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Platted =) (finally!)

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      Thank you :awesome:

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      Nice work! Was your Platinum shaken, and not stirred. :awesome:

    4. Ala-Arska


      @DamagingRob Thank you :awesome: Indeed, a weekend Platinum means I've got a licence to chill ;)

  4. Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Clean Sweep Earn all the trophies A pre-Platinum, in-game screenshot, since the game doesn't allow "normal" screenshots. Thanks, game! Jesus Christ almighty is this game long or what?! Well, slap my ass and call me Sally, it's a friggin' marathon. Way over 200+ hours for me, grinding for every inch Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines got me mentally exhausted, broken and hateful towards trophies and hunting them. What started as fun, interesting way of clearing dungeons and raising offsprings, ended up being a slow, endless crawl. Basically, you get a clan member by mating a god or another clan's member, or adopting one from another clan. Then you'll have to grind with them in dungeons in order to level them up. Then you'll mate that person with another god/member etc... There's a life span for every clan member, between 18-24 months. Most actions and dungeons take at least one month to clear, so you have to be efficient each and every month if you want to make progress with future offsprings. THEN you have to keep a steady supply of available clan members, supply them and watch them die. Over and over again Main story itself is nothing spectacular, just pissed off gods getting their asses handed to them. And lots of Festivals. It's those Goddamn trophies that make Oreshika so Goddamn motherf**king painful. Beating every 30+ god 3 times each, accumulating 10,000,000 Ryo, living 100 years with the clan... Especially the 100 years-trophy. Half of it was rushing through months as fast as I could. That half took me "only" 11 straight hours I did go through a truckload of different music while killing myself and my clan members slowly. Here are the albums for no-one to care: Aerosmith: Permanent Vacation (1987) Stevie Nicks: Rock a Little (1985) Fleetwood Mac: Behind the Mask (1990) Babymetal: Babymetal (2014) (at this point I was starting to lose it) Slayer: South of Heaven (1988) Spice Girls: Spice (1996) Judas Priest: Painkiller (1990) Johnny Cash: Live at Folsom Prison (1968) Panic! At the Disco: Death of a Bachelor (2016) The other half lasted about (50 years x 12 months/year x 20~ish min/month) 200 hours. Fun times I'll never get back. Worst of it all was watching the unskippable mating/baby born/clan member dying- scenes. Try listening 200 hours of baby-Mario crying in Yoshi's Island (SNES) and simultaneously staring at a blank, beige wall and I'll still envy you Tolerating the game's "sidekick" advisor Kochin wasn't picnic either. Much like Zelda's Navi whining "Hey, listen!" while being tortured and raped. O: TB definitely ain't suitable for a casual stroll. Whether in it just for the story or for the whole nine yards, Oreshika welcomes you if you're looking for a time-sensitive, micro management (and turn)-based JRPG. It just sucks you very, very dry
  5. Why do firefighters hate online gamers?...They're always trying to find a match!...

    Overlord: Fellowship of Evil Platted =)

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      Yeah, no connection errors today luckily. I'm just glad to the online done :awesome:

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      I'm burning to explain it, but I don't think it would make it any lighter  ;)

  6. Overlord: Fellowship of Evil Platinum Trophy You have unlocked all trophies! That other player would be my wife. Yeah, I'm the female and she's the bearded one. At long last I'm free from the shackles of this game. Good riddance 94%, I welcome you with open arms 100% ! There's been a hold-up for me for over a month now, thanks to some ever-amazing MP trophies locked behind broken servers I decided to try the online once again today (while waiting Outlast 2 to download), and finally I got a connection with my wife's/kid's PS4 Other than shitty online and time wasted trying to find a match, I liked FOE to an extent. It's mindless bashing and minion summoning, but with bad jokes and tasteless humour. Just what the doctor ordered for me I kind of got DeathSpank vibes while playing this evil adventure. Ooh, now I want to play The Baconing (No Kevin Bacon's were harmed)! Unicorns and bunnies and all kind of cutesies are a big no-no, be mean and smash and crush and wear black and red and rrrrrrrrrRRRRR With some (evil) polish here and there and less boring grinding in the end (and perhaps a good old couch co-op?), this would've been aces. In it's current state, it's hard to recommend to trophy hunters due to unstable servers. But all others grab it and poop and fart and laugh
  7. Alright, so I just tested it with my two PS4's and overall result is....the same goddamn error. Or "Connection Error": "Session is no longer available". Connection error my ass, I had those PS4's in the same friggin' room I tried: Online Mode: Inviting and getting invited Online Mode: Matchmaking on both consoles (Joining game....and error) Friends Only: Inviting and getting invited Friends Only: Matchmaking on both consoles Clicking Join Session on both account's PS4 Home page, that did nothing Even trying every variation of Share Play Playing with different characters than the other Doing all of the above both in the hub area and in the levels themselves Basically, I just ate plates of shit with this one. Hopefully this is just a phase, so those MP trophies won't stay and haunt the unlucky few of us
  8. @Han_the_Dragon: Just sent you a PM requesting instructions on two PS4's, since I'm helpless with everything but actual playing I can do the testing, if I can set my two PS4's right. If all goes well, I will put my results on this thread.
  9. Me being the other user But yeah, from my experience I agree with @SpaceIsDandy, trying 'Matchmaking' got the error, sending an invite got the error, being either in Public mode or Friends Only Mode got the error two days of "joining game" or searching got the error The error message being along the lines of "the session is no longer available". Unless both online players have to be near each other, like in the same region? I don't know how that stuff works... Or the servers are just messy right now... @Han_the_Dragon: Nope, tutorial must be completed first. And you get a trophy for completing the tutorial...
  10. When you combine a flower with thorns in it and big guns, you'll get small pricks...Dark Rose Valkyrie Platted =)

  11. Dark Rose Valkyrie All Complete! Obtained all trophies Yeah, I have a small penis too. This is a game I just picked out without thinking too much into it. All I knew was that it's a turn-based JRPG. And I liked the word 'Valkyrie' in it DRV has a way too complex combat system for it's own good. Took me a good day to figure it out. The game just throws different tactics, combos, attack patterns and micro managements at you, all at once. It doesn't help that the tutorials are just as baffling as the mechanics themselves. You just try different shit and hope it works out. Maybe that's one of the reasons why this Valkyrie seems so unknown. That and the quite honestly bland world map The overworld is basically a flat surface where you roam about at snail's pace, battle enemies and enter dungeons. About those dungeons...they all seem very lifeless and you get lost in them often. Which only frustrates you more. I did like the music, though. Too bad the default settings have it so low that you can't hear it. For reasons, I guess And of course, this being a JRPG, there is a hot bathhouse scene where all the girls compliment each others breasts. Just saying. Lastly, some unnecessary grinding is involved. Killing 10,000 enemies when you have 4,000 after doing all is slow murder. I did get to listen to some cool podcasts and great albums while chipping away, always keeping the glass half full Dark Rose Valkyrie is pretty mediocre in all ways. Nothing too offensive, nothing extra cool either. It just...exists
  12. The most logical place for the Dark Side to reside is in Uranus...LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens (PS3) Platted =)

  13. LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens (PS3) The Force Awakens Unlock All Trophies I'm kinda like Han Solo, always stroking my own Wookie. I'm the root of all that's evil, but you can call me Cookie. Same old, same old. Lots of Gold Bricks to collect, lots of characters to choose from. I liked unlocking the Classic Star Wars figures from collected carbonites, made them feel special. I also want to watch the first three movies again, now that the nostalgia bug has bitten me Some typical LEGO glitches lurk around as usual, such as freezing and prompts disappearing. Just hit reset. LEGO SW: TFA isn't as overstuffed as a few these days are, which is a huge plus. Too much candy and all that... This is as blocky as it gets. You all have played at least one of 'em. If not, just pick one randomly
  14. Replaying the same levels 10+ times to get the glitchiest DLC trophies ever doesn't blow, it Sacks...LittleBigPlanet 3 (PS4) now 100% =)

  15. I once asked a Sackboy what he's made of. He then showed me his nuts...LittleBigPlanet 3 (PS4) Platted=)