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  1. Phew, I almost became a Jill sandwich...Resident Evil 3 Platted =)

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      Congratz! 🎂

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      Well done! 💯 

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      Thank you kindly xD

  2. Resident Evil 3 So Long, RC Obtain all trophies Eww, I'd rather have a loading screen than this as a Plat image. 30 hours, says total playtime. Closer to 23 would be accurate. Or I'm just full of shit. I pre-ordered Resident Evil 3 (and RE2, Symphony of the Night and Metal Gear Solid) back in the PS1 day, when I was young(er). I remember liking a lot. A lot more than this, ummm, version, of it. Feels like this new iteration has been cutting corners on all aspects. Puzzles gone. Lots of areas gone. Making choices gone Nemesis is still here, though. Not as scary anymore and a total cheap-ass in final form. I shall call him Stunlock from now on When before appearing of Stunlock was random (or so it felt), now these scripted chases are just bleh. Still looks like a boss, mind you. Lots of action and running around collecting things, not feeling afraid at all. Doing that for 5 playthroughs was numbing. There is challenge to be had, for sure. Taking away all the in-game goodies, you're in for a world of hurt. Still not scary, though. And with or without the almighty rocket launcher, end boss Stunlock is a dirty bastard either way. Goddamn one shotting meanie I do feel Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Stunlock Reimagined is a rushed project, with oodles of good ideas and content left on the drawing table. It's still quite fun, if one takes it as it is. Short and non-spooky, but sort of fun nonetheless
  3. Why did a dino cross the street? It didn't, it's extinct!...Gigantosaurus: The Game Platted =)

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      I thought the answer was: Because he is a traitor.

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      Dinosaurs are extinct!? Jurassic Park lied to me! :P Congrats, man!

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      Thank you very much :awesome:

  4. Gigantosaurus: The Game Giganto!!! Collect all the trophies Badger badger badger mushroom mushroom...Oh, it's a walnut tree. I do have reasons for playing Gigantosaurus. Or that's what I keep telling myself. First of, I needed something completely brainless after Arkham Knight drained me from any reflexes. Second, only 12 Platinum achievers! In hindsight, not because the game's hard, but probably because it kinda sucks And third, it was free! I swear, our local library gets the oddest, most unlikely games. Cool job, though, gathering obscure titles for peeps like us As an experience, G: TG is an extremely frustrating one. And only 'cause of one thing: camera. Camera "follows" you automatically, or at least it should. In reality, it just swirls around you and never settles. Even the easiest tasks are made tough to do, like basic walking from point A to B. Can't do, it's like trying to walk straight in a goddamn vortex! Platforming is that much more fun because of the acid tripping camera man. Jumping on ledges while facing on TV and angles changing mid jump, f**k I can easily give this dino wreck the Worst Camera Work Award of the Year 2020. Heck, better make it A Decade! Other than shitty perspectives, it's a solid gather-all-collectibles-in-six-open-world-levels. With narration fitted for Teletubbies. But hey, at least it was free. If you can manage to get Gigantosaurus: The Game at the same price, go for it. Don't bother any other way
  5. Ha haa, in your face Community Challenges!...Batman: Arkham Knight now 100% =) 

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      It sure wasn't a walk in the park :lol:

  6. Batman: Arkham Knight A billion and another billion of DLC trophies. All easy and somewhat enjoyable, except three. The Chill in the Air: Getting "no hit" with three characters in Crime Alley. Annoying, but with repetition it's a-okay. Requiem for a Killer: Get 1,050,000 points and beat Croc in Iceberg Lounge with Bats. Takes finger stamina and, ahem, cool head. The Curtain Falls: Get Perfect (or Flawless or...) Freeflow in every round with four characters. I swear the game cheats here. So many cheap shots got through that I know I evaded (because mad skillz and such). This is the worst trophy ever. But overall a good experience and definitely recommend going for it. Who needs sanity anyway
  7. When a city's full of animal villains, it's got ham...Batman: Arkham Knight Platted =)

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  8. Batman: Arkham Knight I AM the Batman! Reclaim your city Feels like nostalgia, when trophies take ages to...............pop. I had this game on my shelf unopened for four years. Four. Years. In a retrospect I can safely say "Yeah, I'm and idiot". Because Arkham Knight is great and worth the plunge. And what a plunge it is: trillions of characters, Batmobiles, challenges and trophies. So many trophies 110 'Dings' is maybe a bit too much for any game. But gonna catch most of 'em, you know bang for ya buck and such. There's also way too much of Riddler. Or perhaps he's just an annoying piece of turd who sounds like Ace Ventura Batmobile is a new addition to the Arkham series. At first it's the coolest thing evaah!!!! with different skins and guns and whoom boom! But the game leans on it faaaar too often. Boss battles? Tanks against Batmobile. Riddles? Races with Batmobile. Half the missions? In BM. Driving that goddamn tank is like driving a goddamn tank. In high speed it's just pure luck to stay on the road. I sucked in all four wheels. Gotham City looks vast and gorgeous. Gliding through the night sky is just as exhilarating as in Arkham City, and views are phenomenal. Lots of characters, good and evil, make their appearances. I appreciated them all, and even wanted more of them! Except Riddler, f**k that guy I've always been a Marvel man and only semi into DC Comics, but these well made Arkham games make me wanna check those too. Whether a veteran or new to the series, Knight is a fine title in any ways. Play it, and see where he does get those wonderful toys
  9. My handheld may be a scruffy-looking nerf herder, but it can still do 100% runs in less than 12 parsecs...LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens (PS Vita) Platted =)

  10. LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens (PS Vita) The Force Awakens Unlock all Trophies "Chewie, we're home." Surprisingly, the amount of Midichlorians is strong with this one. I've always avoided the handheld version of LSW: TFA, simply because of many bad stories about it. Corrupted saves, glitchy progress saving, missing characters and missions, freezes...the list goes on. I HAD NONE OF THOSE. Pure gaming joy from start to finish. What a lucky bastard I am Then again, I don't think I've ever encountered any game-breaking bugs in any LEGO titles I've played. Blocking! But, here we have anything a Star Wars (and LEGO) fan could hope, in a miniature scale of course. Flying and fps shooting with Millennium Falcon! Planet hubs! Classic characters and levels! The music! I played as Darth Vader every goddamn moment I possibly could. A bobblehead-mode would've been nice, because Spaceballs! One of the better LEGOs for Vita, for sure. All aboard for the nostalgia train, and hope the tracks stay intact
  11. I wish I could play as Robocop, I'd buy that for a dollar...Livelock Platted =)

  12. Livelock Capital Intellect Unlock all Trophies I'm, umm, shooting the...invisible enemies! Yeah, they're invisible! Another day, another twin stick at the office. Eww. That's right, I happened to find a twin stick shooter, which is a genre I simply love. And while Livelock is not up there with the best of the best, it still fulfilled my needs for a day or two Other than being pretty much what you see in the picture above, it's: Graphically passable. Could've used more variety in levels and more details. And robots are kinda bland. Slow on the move. Yes, there is a sprint button, but walking is like everybody's going to slo-mo Pretty basic and straightforward story wise. With a few "twists", if you could call them that. Okay, maybe just one, like, a slight turn. Not difficult at all and quite short. It's a double-edged sword. 21 levels, each taking from minute to fifteen, with no penalty from dying. That just turns it from Dead Nation to Live-LEGO-Lock. But, some may prefer the "just shoot stuff until it explodes" aspect of it all Online trophies, urgh. They're easy, but with few players it's boostboost to win. Thanks to @Infamousx201 and @DIEHARD2015 for help. Livelock is a relatively good purchase, when on sale. It's fast food, if games were edible. Which they are not, of course. Just, just, don't eat them
  13. Definitely Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. Always wanted to play it and ace it, never had the guts to do so (yet)
  14. Out of 150 people, I'm the second slowest achiever. And I'm proud of it!...The Dwarves 100% =)

  15. The Dwarves Hack and slash in teams. Pause the game and assign moves for your dwarf warriors. Plain and simple. Except it glitches. And has tons of technical problems. Plus it makes my PS4 go all jet engine like Those DLC challenges can be a pain thanks to some drunken camera work.