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  1. Really cool video on the making of the game right HERE:
  2. Doubt this will get fixed. Spoke to the developer about it months ago and he seemed to imply that the situation is really at the publisher's discretion. Great game though! Really enjoyed it.
  3. I loved this game from start to finish! While looking for a collectible guide, I found a really cool video where the Lead Developer/Writer/Director, Greg Lobanov, discusses the development process of the game. Just thought I'd share for those who need more Chicory in their lives. Enjoy! 😀😀😀
  4. Found it interesting. Maybe you will too!
  5. I came here looking for tips. I can't get past level 5 S-Rank...can't even think about what level 9 S-Ranks are gonna be like.... Btw, I came across this cool video with the two devs talking about the development of this AWESOME game. Sharing it in case anyone wants to see.
  6. Wow, cool video I just found here. Jon McKellan explains his thoughts on his game, Observation, and its core game mechanic of putting the player into the role of a sentient AI onboard a space station.
  7. Found this short little video of the developers, artist Conrad Roset and composers Berlinist discussing GRIS. Enjoy!
  8. A short interview with Dino Patti, co-creator of Inside.
  9. Found this short video of Brian Gibson and Marc Flury discussing the making of Thumper. Enjoy!
  10. Found this short little video on Ojiro Fumoto explaining his inspirations and mechanics of Downwell. Enjoy!
  11. Metaphysical is bugged at the moment. The developer is aware of the issue. For the "This is just a Tutorial", you need to keep hitting the walls on the very first level (the BONJOUR one at the very beginning of the game!). The problem is, the trophy is missable if you beat Ceberus as you never get back to this room. You'll need to wipe your save file to get to that room again. How did you get the Corrupted trophies? Was there a way to get Baphomet (Satan) to glitch out the levels? It seems completely random...
  12. Anyone know the requirements? Thanks. Great game. LOVE it.