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  1. When it breaks
  2. You played a lot of games yo...
  3. Who are you?
  4. Fallout 3 You Gotta Shoot Em' In The Head Completed "You Gottta Shoot Em' In The Head" This was an okay mission. I think I did it a little too early in the game but whatever.
  5. Enjoying it so far.
  6. This. It's great exercise and a great game Played for 6 hours a few days ago and immediately regretted that decision cause soreness and cramps.
  7. Bethesda, even though Fallout: New Vegas' glitchiness and freezing issues made me want to throw my PS3 through my window. Also, if some of the Tales games count like Tales Of Symphonia and Tales Of Vesperia, then Namco Bandai is a close second to Bethesda.
  8. For me it would probably have to be Star Fox 64. That game was pretty much my childhood and I still dig out my N64 to play it to this day.
  9. No, cause I don't really like the taste of alcohol that much to be honest. Have you ever bought a game by complete impulse without any knowledge or context to what it was about and loved playing it?
  10. Arrested because your username reminds me of Castlevania
  11. No. If a train leaves at 2:30 and arrives at 5:00, does the person three houses down from you flush a dead goldfish down the toilet?
  12. Mint Beatmania IIDX or Sound Voltex?
  13. Eisley
  14. Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Len
  15. Just Dance
  16. I did in a video game. Does that count? Have you ever faked being sick just to get out of class?
  17. Meow
  18. UDraw Studio
  19. Almost did, but thankfully I didn't. Have you ever platinumed a game and regretted it?
  20. Has an underscore and a 3 in their username
  21. The ED-E in Lonesome Road is giving me the feels...
  22. Well, yes it was featured in IIDX, and yes my username was named after that song. I thought of the name after playing it in Dance Dance Revolution for the first time several years ago!
  23. - Batman: Arkham City - 7/10 (I liked Asylum better) - Fallout: New Vegas - 8/10 (Would have been a bit lower but the DLC kind of saved it for me) - Dust: An Elysian Tail - 9/10 (I've been doing a full-game live stream series on YouTube for it and I just remembered how much I love this game)
  24. No, cause I like cats and fighting a cat would make me feel like a terrible person.
  25. Yes, if circumstances force me to retire, then I would retire from video games even if it sucks to do so. As much as I love video games, there are other things in my life that are more important.