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  1. So uhm... What the heck happened to the GFX community we used to have on this forum ? Seems like it's been dead for almost a year now. Is anyone even still interested in banners ? I'd like to actively return.

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    2. Masamune


      Only problem with that though is that there's not many of us on here anymore, so it'd probably be the same few people each time (if you could even get enough people for a good contest, I had that issue more than once). -_- 

    3. Yami


      Yeah, I get that. We're gonna need to inspire a new generation :P Not sure on how to go about that though.

    4. ruffedgz


      yep still around.. mostly doing PSN covers and some sigs here and there but still around :D

  2. It's been freaking ages since I've been here, but... Man, I'm so proud of this one. Wanted a Nick & Judy figure since the movie came out
  3. Your nickname sounds painful 😱
  4. Me (On the right) and one of my buddies in PortAventura theme park in Catalunya, Spain on a super hot day I've got no clue why my hair was such a mess.
  5. You sir, are instantly one of the coolest members on here. I've got a Monstercat Uncaged shirt and the black Tokyo Machine shirt
  6. Is that a monstercat shirt ? If it is, you're one classy horse there
  7. It's been ages since I did a digital coloring and I wanted to both make some Rhyona art aswell as get back to practicing blending colors so this came out: I like to believe I did an OK job But I still have a lot to learn. I want to credit to artist of the original sketch, but unfortunately I can't find him or her anywhere. Original sketch is in the spoiler below though.
  8. Only plays halfway through most of his games with that 47% average completion
  9. Not sure if the above users should get a room or a class 😇 Maybe a classroom ? 😎