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  1. If its not a Play-Asia physical, it could be a physical from Limited Run, Strictly Limited, Red Art, Special Reserve, or even Fangamer.
  2. This game was made by a small team based in Qatar. Sony and Nintendo obviously cut them some slack to open a door for them, and that's okay. How many games from Qatar can anybody here name? They get a little exposure, a little money, a little experience, who knows what they could do? And we get a couple of super-easy plats for about the price of a good cup of coffee. Sounds like a win/win.
  3. Could be a limited print physical release coming...?
  4. Hopefully soon, ya. I'm also waiting for LRG to do Salt & Sanctuary.
  5. We're shocked by EA wanting to raise its revenue now? Jim Sterling's voice is almost as bad as EA. Both are things I would prefer to live without.
  6. Certification standards are lower for games with smaller budgets. Hence why something like Life of Black Tiger, or My Name is Mayo (which is actually quite charming), can exist.
  7. L2/R2 buttons Ability to customize touch screen and rear touch pad button assignments however i want (and save profiles for button assignments) Support for standard SD memory cards Video output for TV or PC, stream or capture. Would settle for ability to stream vita games to Ps4 for TV play or share functions. Support for Dual Shock 4 controllers That's pretty much it. Sony won't do any of this though. They appear to be done with handheld gaming.
  8. I'm still buying and playing Turbographx16 games. Just saying...
  9. According to this week's store update on the official playstation blog, this game is listed for Germany only.
  10. Try picking one at random. That's what i do when i get gamer's block.
  11. Yeah, it is. One of these days, I need to go finish that too.
  12. Have you tried asking the devs?
  13. Have you people never heard the term "slippery slope"? You have the ability already to simply NOT buy games that feature loot boxes. I didn't buy Star Wars Battlefront II. Have no intention of buying it, with or without loot boxes. Making a choice is easy. You want to give governments the power to make that choice for you? By banning games? Or by enforcing laws that dictate what developers can and can't do? Very dangerous precedent. If your government can ban games that feature gambling, how long until games are banned for being violent? Lewd? Offensive? Addictive? What happens when a game with a hacking mini-game (i.e. Deus Ex: Human Revolution, or Watch Dogs) is deemed "dangerous" and your government wants to ban it? A game is deemed by some government committee to be "too addictive", and gets banned - Is this what you want? You don't need the government to ban games. You need to be able to make choices for yourself about what you buy. Vote with your wallet. Loot boxes are bad. Governments wanting to ban games, and take away your choices, is much, much, much worse.
  14. I had no problems with crashes. The game is quite addictive, but the enemies get too repetitive. You can cheese much of the game with the dash attack. Very easy platinum. Its a charming little game, that I don't regret buying or playing, especially for its low price. The worst part is the grab mechanic. Often you'll be wanting to attack normally, but an enemy gets too close, you'll grab them instead and it'll leave you vulnerable. Really should have been a separate button assigned for this. I wish Vita had more old-school beat 'em ups. I've got a craving for Streets of Rage.
  15. I don't know when this happened, but the Vita version of Disney Epic Mickey 2 is no longer available on the North American or European stores. Physical might be the only way to get this on Vita now. Not sure if the Disney Mega Pack code still works. (The PS3 version is still available in both regions.)