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  1. Some cool extra characters such as Jak & Daxter, Uncharted characters, and maybe a few psone characters from back in the day.
  2. Oooh, thank you, seems I was having a bit of a silly moment there, I appreciate the clarification.
  3. I don't have the caretaker trophy yet, getting there, but I ntoiced one of things to tick off is getting the arbalest class to rresolve level 6. But.. I don't have access to that class as it's paid dlc I didn't want to spend more money. Does this mean I have to purchase this dlc in order to be able to get the plat? Cheers.
  4. Sounds like a good tips, cheers buddy. I've found a couple of explosives that have gone off in lockers but I don't think they were siren ones. Will have to play close attention.
  5. I see Nobunaga_93 has completed it on Mein Leben as well, just needs to clean up for the plat. So three people have it so far.
  6. Curious that Xbox gets new achievements with this update but no new trophies. I'm guessing Microsoft paid for that privalige.
  7. Might consider the gunship, it already has lots of guns, a fighter as well could really bring the pain.
  8. Much more fun to stick playing with friends. Unfortunately a lot of people jumping in to top difficulty at low level are doing so as they know a glitch that allows them to be invincible. This really sucks the fun out of it because suddenly a manic game that required skill and solid team work is no longer challenging. These people really suck the enjoyment out of it.
  9. I wish they had just gone full satire. They had pretty much every cliché plot twist you could think of in such a short time span. But as we spend so little time with these characters, it's very difficult to care about them. And there's never any real explanation as to what drives them to these seemingly random decisions. It's not so much fill in the gaps, as it is, good luck figuring out what the hell is going on. But yes, I agree, still good fun to have a bit of single player and some objectives. I do love the game play. 10/10 for that, challenges are quite fun as well.
  10. I finished the story earlier. Not entirely sure what was going on. But I'm under the impression the main protagonist is an imbecile.
  11. Oh dear. Would be awesome if we could form a crack team on here but having lots of different time zones would make it pretty difficult I imagine. It is frustrating when your team really don't pull their weight at all.
  12. "In 2 matches they decided to go capture sectors and then destroyed home base." Woah, that's pretty crazy! I have to say, the Justicar does feel pretty overpowered, especially in groups. It's the obvious ship to choose if going for a capital ship run.
  13. Confirmed, I got this trophy yesterday. I was in a nippy scout, died a couple of seconds before the rest of my team got the final shot on the core. But I still got the pling pling so big sigh of relief.
  14. Same here, got it on the first try using a scout. Thanks! But I feel my team lost that particular match as a consequence, as I'm usually very active on the front line. Oopsy, sorry team. Sacrificed them all for a shiny trophy. *sob*
  15. Have you got 10 vs 10 ticked when match making? Seems to be prioritised over 5 vs 5. Not sure what else to suggest, you've done the tutorial I'm guessing? Might be worth deleting the game from your hdd and redownloading it. That sometimes fixes odd glitches.