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  1. Wups wrong ac you need all chests in this one. Its tedious but not hard at all
  2. Great event! Should be a nice thing to get this one while playing the whole year. The card i got The challenges
  3. Update #2 Percentage before game #2 70.09 with 1869 unearned trophies Game #2 Uncharted: Golden Abyss Time played > 1 hour Trophies 1/56 Did it lower my percentage yes -(0.44) Percentage after starting game #2 69.65 with 1924 unearned trophies Damn it has been a long time that i played a game that i didnt like. I love the uncharted games which i have played so far. But boy o boy i did not like this one. I have no idea what gave me that feeling or rather what gave me no feeling at all. it was just not doing it for me. Maybe i wasnt in the right mood to play it but normally i can start a game like this any day any time. Maybe it was just the vita and how it handles i still dont know. Before one hour had passed i put the vita down and was done with this game. I will give it a retry in some time since i really love the other uncharted games. I am planning to start LOTR war in the north tomorrow
  4. Update #1 My starting percentage, sorry for not posting this, 1 Nov (before starting the event) 69,89% with 1849 unearned trophies. Game #1 Time Played: 10-15 hours Trophies: 49/49 Did it lower my percentage: No Havent really played a lot of detective games, only game i have on my PSNP is sherlock holmes. I really enjoyed playing this game, it felt good and the story was okay. I read before playing that the graphics weren't that great but im not that much in to graphics as im still playing my backlog from ps3 from time to time. While playing the story got me and i started it during my weekend so i could put in some extra hours. I did use a guide for the collectibles so that i could enjoy the story and don't have to worry about missing some of the missable collectibles. If there are people who like these kind of games and haven't tried this one yet, please give it a try. You will be able to get it cheap and it is well worth it. I really liked playing this game and i am glad that i have picked this game up from the local store. Game rating: 7/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Next up will be Uncharted golden abyss. I will start this game tonight or tomorrow, since i got RDR2 with my brother and we couldn't resist to play that one. RDR will probably also be my go to game between the others if i finish early or end up dont liking the game.
  5. Third game completed, Murdered Soul Suspect. 0 NBA 2k19 prelude ✅ (8120), Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands (320) 1 2 3 4 5 Murdered Soul Suspect (PS3) (2645) 6 7 8 9 Playstation all-stars battle royale (PS3) (1699) South Park Stick of truth is next, need 1 extra playthrough since i went in blind for most of the missable trophies. Will finish Aragorn's quest even though its a "0" game which i already have two of. South park will be filling in slot #6 For #3 & #4 i have bioshock and COD MW3 which i will need a couple more trophies for to complete them. For the others numbers i dont have too much planned yet. Its more a discover while playing thing for me.
  6. My list in no particular order Murdered soul suspect (PS3) LA Noire (PS3) LOTR War in the North (PS3) MoH Frontline (PS3) Uncharted Golden abyss (Vita) Is it allowed to add titles during the event? And or switch a game before starting it? I am pretty sure about my list right now but you never know
  7. Will join the event, gives me some more reasons to pick new games for colour by games event. will update post or post my list this evening. thinking about murdered soul suspect, LA noire, LOTR war in the north all for ps3. And maybe some vita titles. As stated will post a proper list later today.
  8. 0 NBA 2k19 prelude ✅ (8120), Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands (320) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Playstation all-stars battle royale (PS3) (1699) Havent finished Metro yet, shadow ranger is not kind for me at the moment (2 runs without kills without trophy) and i still need the scram trophy. Will give it another try this weekend. Started Aragorn's adventure, gonna play this with my little nephew. Playing this game brought me also in the mood to think about starting LOTR war in the north very soon.
  9. First game done, 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Playstation all-stars battle royale (PS3) Now working on Metro Last Light
  10. Oooh im joining! Sounds like fun Dont have a list yet, going to play some and see how it turns out. Will be a mix of new and started games on all platforms
  11. Boosting sessions and some glitches that are ingame such as uncharted skipping some parts of chapters. no no yes
  12. Thnx a lot OP. Finally got the trophy and the platinum
  13. MX vs ATV supercross (PS3) 4137 owners 96 platinums achievers
  14. I got it yesterday, did it in Sequence 3 memory 3. Did a lot of kills before that but you need to do it with the hidden blades. While doing it in Seq 3 Mem 3 you need to complete the memory and you can restart it afterwards. Double air assasinations don't count USE HIDDEN BLADES!!! I have done hidden blade kills in new orleans from trees but those dont seem to count towards this trophy. I cannot confirm this but i have a strong feeling because i have killed over 10 guards in new orleans (north east spot) with hidden blade from a tree and i still had to replay the memory like 4-5 times.
  15. Mx vs Atv reflex 0,88% 315 platinum achievers