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    Goals for 2017

    Considering it'll be my final year at university I'll be gentle on myself :D

    Tier One:
    PSN level 35

    Get to 130 platinum's

    Get to 70% completion

    Tier Two:

    PSN level 37

    Get to 135 platinum's

    Get to 73% completion

    Tier Three:

    PSN level 40

    Get to 140 platinum's

    Get to 75% completion

    Extra Goal:

    Platinum Final Fantasy 15

    I adore any kind of RPG but especially JRPG's.
    I also love the LEGO games and tend to get them as they are released - just a big kid really :D

    I also play guitar and love punk, pop-punk, rock and metal!
    My favourite band is Patent Pending and you can see their lovely faces adorning my trophy card :)

    -Goals for 2015-

    Stay above 75% completion (762 hidden trophies - no more hiding!!)
    Get to a least 40 Plats
    PSN level 18
    Get one Plat each month for 1 year (March-March) - done :)

    - Goals For 2014 -

    63% completion - complete
    20 platinum's - complete
    Lvl 14 overall - complete

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  1. Already set my goal for 2018, I'm gonna try and get to 200 platinums. It'll be tricky but I'll give it a good go :) 

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    2. DJROE95


      Cheers gang! Let do this *puts on shades, epic music plays* 


      @PooPooBlast that gave me a good chuckle 🤣

    3. PooPooBlast


      Have man and keep us updated :)

    4. Jigglypuff


      49 to go. Depending on what you play,this could be easy or quite hard.

  2. What a nice gesture! Popped my name in the hat for this, good luck everyone
  3. Best purchase: Injustice 2 - traded in a few games to cover the cost, love fighting games but I'm terrible at them, my love for DC prevailed though and I took a chance on it. Ended up platinuming the game and loving all of it! Surprise hit of the year for me. Worst purchase: I'm gonna lump them all in one but I've been stung a few times this year buying things digitally only for them to be on sale or worse ps+ a few days/weeks later. Overall a a really good gaming year for me
  4. All I picked up during Black Friday weekend was Agents of Mayhem, only paid £10 for it and really enjoying it. Great mindless fun when I get a hour off from uni/work/generally being an adult.  

  5. *throws name in said hat* good luck everyone
  6. Is way better at games than I'll ever be! Not afraid of a challenge and always overcomes it. That is one impressive cabinet my friend
  7. Well that's all my gaming done over summer break before heading back to uni for final year. Managed to get 25 platinums including Injustice 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance, both ultra rare and very very enjoyable games.

    I'll slow down massively now whilst at uni but hoping to make LEGO Ninjago on ps4 plat #150 when it releases. 

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    2. DJROE95


      Cheers guys, MUA was a really good game to replay after playing it for the first time about 10 years ago! 


    3. ee28max


      Nice work on all! ✅

      Planning to end this year with 25 platinums, hoping time doesn't come in the way.

    4. DJROE95


      Thank you @ee28max 

      Keep going with those platinums, you can do it! 


  8. What are you guys thinking of the list? Looks like your typical Dishoned affair, not being detected for a play through might be tough but nice to see a platinum trophy to reward you for the hard work. Will you be picking it up on launch with it being a budget title or will you wait for a price drop?
  9. Seems us U.K psn's have stayed up for nothing, oh well, a shame but never mind - hopefully everyone who got it manages to keep it
  10. Can't find it on the uk store for free, can anyone else see it?
  11. I'm guessing by the time it hits 12:00 in the U.K. They will have clocked this and we won't be able to get it - don't have another email address for another account so I guess I'll just miss the deal. I do have a physical copy coming tomorrow though so it's not the end of the world and it was only £23 so I can't grumble happy for those who got it / get it though
  12. I'm in! Brilliant idea I'm working a 12 hour shift that day but I'll try and grab a few trophies to top the total up, let's go team PSNP!
  13. Cheers buddy, don't worry these things happen. Just best to avoid all spoilers unless it's stated in the topic title that they are going to be in the thread itself Hope you enjoy the rest of the second season of Batman and the rest of Guardians of the Galaxy too anyway!
  14. Please, please, please, put that info (Batman) into a spoiler tag that hides the text in a clickable box. I get the feeling it's an honest mistake but I'm beyond annoyed that a game I am eagerly awaiting to play has had a key point spoiled in a forum that isn't even for that game. Just a heads up for the future.
  15. Wouldn't be too surprised if the Escapists was free next month since the second one is out this week and I've had it I played in my backlog for about a year ha ha!