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    Goals for 2017

    Considering it'll be my final year at university I'll be gentle on myself :D

    Tier One:
    PSN level 35

    Get to 130 platinum's

    Get to 70% completion

    Tier Two:

    PSN level 37

    Get to 135 platinum's

    Get to 73% completion

    Tier Three:

    PSN level 40

    Get to 140 platinum's

    Get to 75% completion

    Extra Goal:

    Platinum Final Fantasy 15

    I adore any kind of RPG but especially JRPG's.
    I also love the LEGO games and tend to get them as they are released - just a big kid really :D

    I also play guitar and love punk, pop-punk, rock and metal!
    My favourite band is Patent Pending and you can see their lovely faces adorning my trophy card :)

    -Goals for 2015-

    Stay above 75% completion (762 hidden trophies - no more hiding!!)
    Get to a least 40 Plats
    PSN level 18
    Get one Plat each month for 1 year (March-March) - done :)

    - Goals For 2014 -

    63% completion - complete
    20 platinum's - complete
    Lvl 14 overall - complete

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  1. I use amethyst Somoa Joe and hit his Square, X, X, X, X combo then pick up opponent to perform R2 + O submission and I usually get them tapped out after 1 / 2 tries. All my other cards are bronze and the lowest score possible so I end up fighting those who are lesser card value than Joe. I also have a Ric Flair manager card to boost the submission power.
  2. Yep just to confirm, no more kendo trick. Weapons are now removed from under the ring. I wonder if there’s a ring bell we could use instead, or perhaps the turnbuckle with the cover removed? I have to have a test later on and see.
  3. I had the same issue and after I killed the first one on NG+ it popped instantly so I’m sure that progress for this one carries over. I’d killed way more than 5 but 2 glitched out on me. So we have 2 methods - farm the first one by killing it and then you dying, or a second method of killing them in NG+ Hope that can put folks minds at ease at bit - enjoy the game everyone ☺️
  4. I’m guessing most will be Astro ... mine was too! But the first ‘proper’ one after that was Sackboy’s Big Adventure (which I truly recommend you all play).
  5. I got the plat completely on my own, I used 2 controllers. The ‘multiplayer trophies’ are all very easy to do solo with 2 controllers. Happy hunting everyone!
  6. Same here - booted up the game for the very first time (1.04 patch was installed), killed the first enemy after the viewpoint sync and the same 2 trophies popped. Kinda annoying really, but hopefully it’s not going to impact the game.
  7. Please consider using spoilers tags - you’ve just ruined the games story & final ‘boss’ for me.
  8. PS1: Tomb Raider PS2: Ty the Tasmanian Tiger PS3: Batman Arkham Asylum PS4: The Witcher 3 PsP: Marvel Ultimate Alliance PSVita: Persona 4 Golden
  9. Count me in please
  10. This would be fab! I spend far too much time colour coordinating my black ghost armour, swords & accessories after swapping from my red clam armour encounter dependant 😂
  11. If you backed it on Kickstarter they sent out the codes this morning - downloaded it & played the first 2 levels. So much nostalgia!
  12. Krome said on the Kickstarter page that they aren’t going to produce a physical version unfortunately 😢
  13. Typical, I got the plat yesterday 😂 This would’ve saved me some time but I did have a very enjoyable time playing the game so it’s not too bad! 3XP will make ranking so fast for new players!
  14. I’ve run into this issue - completed the game and it came up with ‘congratulation you have 100%’ message but no trophy. my story progress shows 99% for some reason.
  15. I’ll take that! Always been interested in trying a sniper elite game but never wanted to drop cash on it. Wipeout not too fussed but I’ll give it a go for 10 mins before no doubt remembering how bad I suck at racing games. Solid month I’d say