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    Goals for 2017

    Considering it'll be my final year at university I'll be gentle on myself :D

    Tier One:
    PSN level 35

    Get to 130 platinum's

    Get to 70% completion

    Tier Two:

    PSN level 37

    Get to 135 platinum's

    Get to 73% completion

    Tier Three:

    PSN level 40

    Get to 140 platinum's

    Get to 75% completion

    Extra Goal:

    Platinum Final Fantasy 15

    I adore any kind of RPG but especially JRPG's.
    I also love the LEGO games and tend to get them as they are released - just a big kid really :D

    I also play guitar and love punk, pop-punk, rock and metal!
    My favourite band is Patent Pending and you can see their lovely faces adorning my trophy card :)

    -Goals for 2015-

    Stay above 75% completion (762 hidden trophies - no more hiding!!)
    Get to a least 40 Plats
    PSN level 18
    Get one Plat each month for 1 year (March-March) - done :)

    - Goals For 2014 -

    63% completion - complete
    20 platinum's - complete
    Lvl 14 overall - complete

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  9. Welcome to PSNP! Hope you enjoy your time here - my favourite ps exclusive is Persona 4 golden for ps vita
  10. Me too, great minds think alike. Perhaps in the summer sale it’ll be on offer? We can hope.
  11. Sure I’ll throw my hat in good luck everyone
  12. Saw this yesterday and it looks epic, can’t wait for it to come out! The graphics are breathtaking too. Looks like I’m gonna have to learn some different combos as wont cut it anymore ha ha!
  13. Congrats on getting to 530000 BP on DBZ already, just wondering if you lose BP when you lose a match at higher ranks? 

    1. Sly


      Thanks and yes you do lose BP the higher you get

    2. DJROE95


      Cheers for the info mate, I bet I’ll struggle to get to 530000 but I’ll take inspiration from you and give it my best shot :) 

  14. @IBadDriverI just wanted to stop by and say how much I appriecate all the guides and sale vids you post, used a fair few and they’ve helped me get some of my platinum trophies. Keep it up mate