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    Goals for 2017

    Considering it'll be my final year at university I'll be gentle on myself :D

    Tier One:
    PSN level 35

    Get to 130 platinum's

    Get to 70% completion

    Tier Two:

    PSN level 37

    Get to 135 platinum's

    Get to 73% completion

    Tier Three:

    PSN level 40

    Get to 140 platinum's

    Get to 75% completion

    Extra Goal:

    Platinum Final Fantasy 15

    I adore any kind of RPG but especially JRPG's.
    I also love the LEGO games and tend to get them as they are released - just a big kid really :D

    I also play guitar and love punk, pop-punk, rock and metal!
    My favourite band is Patent Pending and you can see their lovely faces adorning my trophy card :)

    -Goals for 2015-

    Stay above 75% completion (762 hidden trophies - no more hiding!!)
    Get to a least 40 Plats
    PSN level 18
    Get one Plat each month for 1 year (March-March) - done :)

    - Goals For 2014 -

    63% completion - complete
    20 platinum's - complete
    Lvl 14 overall - complete

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, all protected my end now
  2. Ah ha I’m on to you Damaging! Admittedly a strange name to give your child but I’ve worked it out nevertheless 😂
  3. I got stuck in traffic on the way back from my 15 hour shift and fell asleep as soon as I got home. Gutted I didn’t managed to pop a trophy during the 24 hours of the event. I’m determined to get a lot for this competition next year though!
  4. I’ve just got one trophy left to pop for the plat and I’m trying to eek it out as much as I can! I’ll be playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider and also the new Assassins Creed when it’s released.
  5. My 13 hour shift just became a 15 hour shift but I’m still up for adding a couple of trophies to the total count, every little helps right?! I think I’ll set my Spider-Man platinum up to pop during this event to make it a little special. Good of luck hunting everyone
  6. Very kind of you My favourite video game character is Lara Croft
  7. Lovely idea, I somehow missed this event before! Although I’ll be working a cheeky 13 hour shift that day eh sure I’ll earn a few trophies to add towards the grand total
  8. I’d love a code please
  9. 8th quote / entry (15th June) (final entry) It can’t be for nothing (The last of us)
  10. Seventh quote / entry (14th June) A Man Who Never Eats Pork Buns, Is Never A Whole Man!! (Sleeping Dogs)
  11. 6th quote / entry (13th of June) Boat Captain: Thank the gods you came back for me! Kratos: I didn't come back for you! God of War
  12. Fifth quote / entry (12th June) With great power comes great responsibility (Literally every Spider-Man game.... and it still sets my spider sense tingling)
  13. Fourth Quote / Entry (11th of June) Need more berry power! (A Bugs Life, PS One)
  14. June 10th entry 3 / quote 3 hmmmm a medipack *takes medipack* ahhhhhhhh (Lara Croft - Tomb Raider)
  15. Quote 2 / entry 2 Nothing is true, everything is permitted (Assassins Creeds Franchise)