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    Goals for 2017

    Considering it'll be my final year at university I'll be gentle on myself :D

    Tier One:
    PSN level 35

    Get to 130 platinum's

    Get to 70% completion

    Tier Two:

    PSN level 37

    Get to 135 platinum's

    Get to 73% completion

    Tier Three:

    PSN level 40

    Get to 140 platinum's

    Get to 75% completion

    Extra Goal:

    Platinum Final Fantasy 15

    I adore any kind of RPG but especially JRPG's.
    I also love the LEGO games and tend to get them as they are released - just a big kid really :D

    I also play guitar and love punk, pop-punk, rock and metal!
    My favourite band is Patent Pending and you can see their lovely faces adorning my trophy card :)

    -Goals for 2015-

    Stay above 75% completion (762 hidden trophies - no more hiding!!)
    Get to a least 40 Plats
    PSN level 18
    Get one Plat each month for 1 year (March-March) - done :)

    - Goals For 2014 -

    63% completion - complete
    20 platinum's - complete
    Lvl 14 overall - complete

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  1. I had the same issue and after I killed the first one on NG+ it popped instantly so I’m sure that progress for this one carries over. I’d killed way more than 5 but 2 glitched out on me. So we have 2 methods - farm the first one by killing it and then you dying, or a second method of killing them in NG+ Hope that can put folks minds at ease at bit - enjoy the game everyone ☺️
  2. I’m guessing most will be Astro ... mine was too! But the first ‘proper’ one after that was Sackboy’s Big Adventure (which I truly recommend you all play).
  3. I got the plat completely on my own, I used 2 controllers. The ‘multiplayer trophies’ are all very easy to do solo with 2 controllers. Happy hunting everyone!
  4. Same here - booted up the game for the very first time (1.04 patch was installed), killed the first enemy after the viewpoint sync and the same 2 trophies popped. Kinda annoying really, but hopefully it’s not going to impact the game.
  5. Please consider using spoilers tags - you’ve just ruined the games story & final ‘boss’ for me.
  6. PS1: Tomb Raider PS2: Ty the Tasmanian Tiger PS3: Batman Arkham Asylum PS4: The Witcher 3 PsP: Marvel Ultimate Alliance PSVita: Persona 4 Golden
  7. Count me in please
  8. This would be fab! I spend far too much time colour coordinating my black ghost armour, swords & accessories after swapping from my red clam armour encounter dependant 😂
  9. If you backed it on Kickstarter they sent out the codes this morning - downloaded it & played the first 2 levels. So much nostalgia!
  10. Krome said on the Kickstarter page that they aren’t going to produce a physical version unfortunately 😢
  11. Typical, I got the plat yesterday 😂 This would’ve saved me some time but I did have a very enjoyable time playing the game so it’s not too bad! 3XP will make ranking so fast for new players!
  12. I’ve run into this issue - completed the game and it came up with ‘congratulation you have 100%’ message but no trophy. my story progress shows 99% for some reason.
  13. I’ll take that! Always been interested in trying a sniper elite game but never wanted to drop cash on it. Wipeout not too fussed but I’ll give it a go for 10 mins before no doubt remembering how bad I suck at racing games. Solid month I’d say
  14. Have to go with Dragon Quest 11 - made it my 200th plat since I loved the game so much!
  15. I really wasn’t expecting this to be released so soon, I’d have put money on it being 2020/2021 realistically. I don’t know what to think of it from the trailer, so confusing but blumin’ brilliant looking. That extending ladder alone made me giddy with excitement! I’ll be picking this up for sure at some point, perhaps not right at launch though. Perhaps I’ll ask Santa to pop this on his sleigh for me 😂