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  1. Is it just me or is the price just extremely too much? I got the deluxe for 10€, mobile like 4€ and steam for free because I got a code for buying deluxe but I also bought the club membership for Battles. I really like to support NinjaKiwi because I love their BTD games since BTD1 but 15$ is just too much for just copy and paste the game. There's nothing new so why do we have to pay more than we would have to pay for the steam version? That does not make any sense. I think 5$ or 7$ would be okay. I really don't know if that's fair to the community. What about your thoughts?
  2. Lol, same happened to me :/ Don´t know why but finally I get this trophy I had to do that stupid Level 6 more times -.-
  3. Lol NGS2, WipEout?^^ Guitar Hero Hits? LoL?! Green Day Rock Band: (my own Vid )
  4. Yeah, you can do it with every instrument. So if there is a song you can´t 5 star, just use a different instrument So RB3-> easy and expansive =) Cool, I always search good players =) Do you own TTFaF? Looking for good players to try Band Gold Star =)
  5. To tell the truth, yes I always found Keys/Pro Keys very easy and boring I just cant find the hard part of Rock Band 3 :/ Even Rock Band 2 is way harder than Rock Band 3.
  6. Why? I think it´s ok if you have to spend 100h+ for a single trophy, but only if you can replace time with skill. I just cant understand the fact, that I have to play more than 300+ songs... Its just useless and boring... I just wan´t a Challenge and not less lifetime ^^
  7. Thats the point.... There is no hard trophy, just time consuming and hard ones. I think a trophie like "Reach 1st place on any Leadboard" is much more fun, because it just requires skills :/
  8. I just think musicgames are a great genre, possibly the best ever made, but wtf is wrong with Rock Band 3?! There isn´t just a single hard trophy, but impressive expansive ones and a few very time consuming ones. EA, not everybody is able to spend 80h+ or 500$+ just for a single platinum! It´s great if there are few HARD trophies, but I just can´t find a single one. All I can find is requires expansive hardware or time, I think there must always be just a chance to replace time with skills! What´s your opinion about such trophies? =)
  9. They are back online since yesterday!!! Be fast, before they turn them off again!
  10. Lol, Creeping Death/Fight Fire with Fire are hard as 5 Stars Eruption etc. GH VH is totally overrated, just 5 stars in all VH songs. Just 3.0 multi...
  11. Lol, you´re right, WipEout is overrated, but Guitar Hero is also overrated, especially Metallica and Van Halen. Guitar Hero Greatest Hits is by far the hardest, and also at the moment impossible because of the online stuff :/ In my opinion Green Day Rock Band is the hardest platinum -.-
  12. I think this is about how good you are I personnaly would say, that Green Day RB is much harder than Guitar Hero Hits ^^ I´m able to score 97% of TTFaF GH3 and and 98% of GH SH, so it wouldnt took me more than 2 trys ti get every single guitar trophie In differenz, I drum good, good enough for every trophy, but Bloody Feets always took me 2-3 trys. So for me, A Very Troubled Youngstar is just pain in the ass for me^^ To beat every single beat it always took me about 3-4 hours In conclussion, for me, Green Day Rock Band is much harder for me ^^
  13. Green Day Rock Band. The hardest part are the "Tre´s Greatest Hits" and while looking trough the Platinum Leadboards you will see, there are just about 9-10 people who were able to earn this fully legit, without using any other players or hacks. The most funny thing is always if you see a great music trophy collection but horrible leadboardscores Also, I finished it nearly twice 1st time with my old ID Weihnachts_hase and now as SlavesGamingHD :DD
  14. Did anybody know if the servers will come back online? Otherwise Platinum is impossible for me (