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  1. 10000 millions Thks popped at 1432 assists - got the 2 plat now thka for your help - what you are doing his great - should other dev take exemple of u 🥳🥳🥳
  2. Thks mate - can you please confirm that I am now 198 away from the trophy please?
  3. Thks for the follow up - it cannot be fixed? I really need to do 256 more 😰😰😰?
  4. @DangerSpice I did one game on ps5 - can you please look if it match? : from 1155 to 1167
  5. Will do - i have played ps4 and ps5 version - perhaps the assists does not add up with the 2 systems?
  6. @DangerSpiceHello mate - 1155 assists now - doing some in ps4 some in ps5 completed this morning another crew in ps4 - still nothing iam happy for the others but sad for me lol any help? ETA? last trophy for both plat id : filoogarooooo
  7. For squad up it popped 1 day later so iam good for this one Thks so only one remaining for me is point guard and crew completer.
  8. @DangerSpice any mate for me?
  9. Hi once again Thks for the work done + com really appreciate it the update help me with 3/6 of my glitched trophies : ( welcome to the big league (I was silver 10 lol) - catch o matic - and daily doer) - finally 4 the 3th of May : Squad up popped Your KO ID Filoogarooooo Which trophies you're still having issues with - point guard (1092 in season 4 ) - squad up and crew completer. Any proof you have that they should have unlocked by now (a screenshot showing your Street Rank level for XP, or a screenshot of the Assists contract for earning 1000 assists, etc.) Any other info that may be helpful (Did you get some unlocks today, but not all? Do you play on multiple platforms? Anything else you can think of that may be helpful!) I was playing both on ps4 and ps5 for the approximate time. Got it from ea play - and psn plus thks in advance for your help!
  10. @DangerSpiceCan't wait - it is really really cool that you come into this forum to provide some updates - 10000 thks ! as i have some buggy trophies, I will test tomorrow : assist big league daily and crew contracts 30 match with a friend If u have the number of km in ballform I did ( I assume I would not have unlocked it at all) It will be appreciated. I play on ps5 - but played a little the ps4 version to pop the misc trophies that did not autopop i have the game by ea play and psn plus i did not played the trial thks in advance
  11. Lol - u have still faith ? I gave up sadly a long time ago
  12. He was meaning fifa 21 lol
  13. Same - very very difficult
  14. This is way too hardcore for me - really difficult plat - 26/100 plat.......
  15. Hm i do not know then - hopefully u will have it replaying it over and over . The necklaces are not that bad 2 find