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  1. On a roll - challenger
  2. 1000/100 !! Thks!!
  3. I almost completed all pf them - doing the remaining in a same session will be insane -
  4. To be truly honest, without the servor closure, i would have not played this game - and i loved it - and loved even more the dlc!
  5. Same here 24/100
  6. Thks level 10 completed
  7. I had 2 in ps5 and the trophy did nit popped
  8. 40k ———————————————— pleaseeee stop...
  9. @eigen-space and @daivrules - when will we have the final results and the rewards please 🤗🤗🤗
  10. 4 hours - insane - please ensure to remove all epic runes
  11. Love the trailer thks for posting it
  12. +1 thks @eigen-space and @daivrules !!!
  13. I really not want to argue - and please don’t see my reply as a challenge please - i really appreciate the contest and the work in the back end that is done. 1. Nowhere in the rules of the contest it said that ps5 games should not be included 2. During the year, there were bonus games - for me it is the same, and should be used in the contest 3. i love this challenge, and try to adjust when there are new games coming -remove games i have choosen that have big discount prior the end of the month 4. all the 3 games are ps4 games that can be played on a ps5 - this is how it is described in the playstation blog i linked