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  1. I think this could depend on how good this version sells on this gen to make bayo2 and 3 possible on ps4. im hopeful! this remaster could have been like a test
  2. I got it! i had to press square right after i jump. immediately! that's the only way
  3. I have just encountered this same problem. This trophy is glitched looks like. It didnt pop up.. and im feeling very frustrated as im going for platinum and almost got all trophies.
  4. tbh all games are having this same issue with small fonts. I struggle a lot with them. mostly on the menues. I use the PS4 zoom feature in those cases -.-
  5. Thanks a lot guys! This really made my day!! Gonna start my ng+ soon on apocalyptic then and get the plat! 💜
  6. Im sorry for this off topic guys but i need to get this clear because im confused now lol so you mean that changed and now it's possible to start NG+ on apocalyptic and get the trophy? i really need to know this because i have that trophy left and idk if i have to start all over or i can use my save to play NG+ trophy for playing the apocalyptic mode i mean.
  7. as far as i know tho, you cant unlock apocalytic trophy during the NG+ , right? unless that changed? Anyway im looking forward to play this DLC and the previous one as well!
  8. I cant believe this, you're right! it was hidden for some reason i dont even remember? hahaha im facepalming hard at myself! thanks a lot for your help!
  9. Hey guys, I started playing Doom game on my ps4 but psnprofiles isnt tracking its trophies. how can i solve this? it's kinda weird , never happened before.
  10. Balanced is the "normal" one!
  11. tbh whenever i can use the havoc mode, i do it. and try to farm this way. i find it very faster at charging so i'ts ok using it often
  12. too bad i missed this opportunity, i dont have 1.00 version anymore
  13. well this is very interesting to know. tbh i started the game on apocalyptic but i was struggling a lot with the first boss and trying to learn the controls so i decided to switch to normal. I'll see what i get when i finish it! also i wont update the game anymore, my version is digital
  14. symetra players should be nice enough to place a lot teleporters now so we can get the trophy!