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    Right now I am keeping myself busy with translating some of Zaralann's fics. I love them, and want to give them a broader audience by translating them from Russian to English.

    I'm a student and a beginning author who's trying to get over his laziness and finally start to write his own fanfiction.

    I like to draw, mostly on paper, though I do dabble into Photoshop/Illustrator some times.
    You will also find that my absolute love the Japanese culture, especially Anime & Manga transcends all. You can find my favorites on Link
    I am also in love with my nickname, with which you can find me practically everywhere. (Except EA & Skype, where some m*rf*rs 'stole' it from me) PSN, IGN, Facebook, practically everywhere you see an "ElfenSky" you can be 95% sure that's me ;). Some could say it's narcissistic, but nevertheless...

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  1. Everybody seemed to hate Watch Dogs saying it under-delivered, but I got the collector's edition on release, got the plat within a few weeks, and thoroughly enjoyed my time getting there. I was expecting a GTA with hacking, and that's kind of exactly what I got. I even liked the story.
  2. I just finished Your Lie in April (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso), and cried like a little bitch during the last few episodes #feels. lots of them. It's a beautiful anime, (melo)dramatic at times, but it fits the theme. The dialogue uses a lot of methaphors (eg: instead of "I'm feeling light/well" they'd use something along the lines of "I feel like a leaf floating in the sky"), that makes it a bit too dramatic and over the top at times, if you remember that the characers are 14-15 year old teens, but it's a very well made anime none the less. The soundtrack is nothing short of AMAZING, especially the piano/violin duets. It is a very emotionally charged anime, with a good pacing, and I would recommend it to anyone. Instead of waiting, may I suggest (re)reading the novels on which SAO is based? They're very good, add a fresh perspective and have a lot more content than the serie skipped over. (character development for one). edit: I love how instead of making a new post, the forum added the quote to my last post. GG on awesome webdev.
  3. I started watching the show as it was released, got impatient, and read all the novels (fan translations ftw). I highly suggest to anyone who watched the anime to read them, as they add a fresh perpective and quite a bit of details. Also, well, if you want to know what happens next but are too impatient to wait for Season 3... If requested I'll link the translations...
  4. Today, I'd like to ask your opinions on a very controversial topic. Trophy Hacking. More specifically, not just randomly hacking games and leveling up, but the "I'm out of options" kind of hacking. I will give you a couple examples: - Wanting to start a game with closed servers and hacking the online part. - Hacking the DLCs if the company (suddenly) removed them from the store. (I'm looking at you, ZEN) Actually, let me rephrase that. I'm asking specifically about the 2 above mentioned cases. "Too difficult" or "Too long" is not really a valid reason in my opinion. Do research before starting a game. I know I might get a lot of hate for this, but personally I'd rather see a 100% and be known as a cheater then see some random number on my list. I know it might come as a shock, but.. I hacked ZEN Pinball. Most might, and probably will flame me for this. And I understand, really. It's easy to hate, especially if you worked your ass off doing ZEN legitimately (it is a PAIN bigger than WipEout. Believe Me. WipEout doesn't even come close.) If the option was there, I would have simple removed it from my trophy list. If the option was there, I would have bought the DLCs and done them legitimately. But neither was available. I want to come clear about it, hear both sides of the argument and hopefully not lose the friends I've made here so far. PS: I know some might mention the privacy settings, but the game is still visible to ME. And for me, that's what's more important. While bragging-rights are certainly nice, I primarily hunt for trophies for a sense of self-satisfaction. And while yes, hacking does not bring the satisfaction, it satisfies the completionist inside of me. PPS: and ZEN is and will remain the only game I've ever hacked. You might not believe me, but ZEN taught me to do research before buying or starting a new game. So I guess at least something good came from it.
  5. How do you submit one? Do you have to post it somewhere on the forums, or simply click publish? Cuz I wrote one for "The Playroom", wouldn't want it to go to waste.
  6. Enjoyed all the games I own so far, especially KZSF and AC4. Looking forward to Witcher 3 (it's the game I basically bought my console for), Watch_Dogs and Driveclub.
  7. It's a fairly well-known problem, and seems to be related to the fact that it's a PS3/Xbox360 port, which means it has a 100 friends limit. It's not the ONLY reason, but one of the main ones. The problem appears when you have over 100 friends on your list (PS4). I deleted a few (I'm at 95 now) and uPlay seems to be working fine now.
  8. yup, thanks! I've played the demo and loved it. Might do it when I finish my current games
  9. You are mostly correct. It's more of a mentally situated "problem". Frankly I'm happy, because having "made in Japan" engraved at the back of my PS4 makes me feel better. It makes no difference in the long run, as you said, it's a simple cosmetic difference, but... Nonetheless, I'm going to enjoy it I'll confirm if it's true this friday, when I'll get mine
  10. Ah, yes, the good ol' days of Resistance 2. I actually have the plat, but damn the 10,000 kills were annoying. Got damn good at the game by that time though Why not simply enjoy it on a secondary account then, without worrying about trophies? Can you tell me more about it? I've been wanting to play it, but haven't bought it yet. *Phew* I did the hard part - the online grind. Now the SP with the ****ing 1000 collectibles remains. Lol, what's so hard about GTA5 o.O? I mean, the (legit) grind to lvl 100 is hard, but there are multiple workarounds. 30 plat medals are also easily done with a friend. Idk about GTA4, but I do not fully agree about WipEout HD.That game is damn hard, but not impossible (at least not until the servers are closed) I'll plat it someday (got pretty far in elite campaign, but stopped for a while so lost quite a bit of my skillz. *sigh*) EndWar plat or EndWar 100%? Cuz as far as I know, the plat is unglitched and relatively easy to get. It's the 100% that is a bother, as one of the trophies is glitched/has a wrong description. I don't remember which one, but it has something about winning MP matches... In the end AFAIK it was discovered that winning 30matches in a row unlocks it. A good friend of mine, LoStraniero91 has 100% in that game, ask him What do you mean it's unobtainable? Are the servers closed or something? Cuz I got the plat SO. DAMN. PROUD. Ahhaha, yeah, especially considering it's a BRONZE trophy... I spend whole nights boosting that game... good times. *proud owner of the BFBC plat*
  11. Yeah I know. Still, it was pretty fun
  12. ^crazy shit. Nintendo should go watch 4chan or imgur's comment section sometimes. Saying nice thing to females is one of the milder things that happens there .
  13. Well, some new trailers, various wallpapers to download, a cool video to watch, a virtual trophy unlock (see last picture) ...
  14. Recently, I got a link to this video in my mail http://www.youtube.com/user/sonyplaystation/4ThePlayers. This is another marketing campaign by Sony, again, with an interactive video where you can click and unlock stuff and various downloads. I've (almost) got them all, so I decided to put up a list for those who have problems finding them: *SPOILERS* 01. Shape, from 1st PlayStation TV ad (A white "shape" hanging form the mirror.) 02. Hadouken Taxis (the driver) 03. Ryu from Street Fighter (the sticker on the glass between the driver and the passenger of the taxi) 04. DualShock 4 (the bouncing thing) 05. Killzone Shadowfall Logo ([email protected]) 06. Hidden Blade Tailors (door) (the shop) 07. Edward Kenway (the running assassin) 08. Assassins Creed Black Flag (the black flag hanging from the shop, next to the door) 09. PlayStation<3Devs (sticker on the um.. power-brick-thing idk how it's called.) 10. Remote Play (the guy sitting in the uhm, bus-station) 11. Tearaway (the advertisement inside the bus-station) 12. InFamous Second Son (a poster hanging on the wall) 13. Driverclub (poster on the wall) 14. Killzone Shadow Fall (poster on the wall) 15. Knack (poster on the wall, to the far left) 16. Resistance (the logo on the guy's jacket) 17. ICO (the child wearing the horns/hat/...) 18. Little Big Planet (the same child as in ICO, only now you click his hand - he's holding the SackBoy in it) 19. Destiny (in the background, behind the child, right form the tank you see a movietheater. Click it.) 20. PlayStation App (phone in the passenger's hand.) 21. Driveclub (Game's logo on the car, left-up from the front wheel) 22. PlayStation Since 1995 (logo on Mercedes' door) 23. PlayStation Symbols ( ) (Car's liscence plate) 24. PaRappa the Rapper (graffity on the garage) 25. God of War (the muscled mechanic) 26. Final Fantasy (the a-bit-gay-looking guy in front of the FF barber shop) 27. Uncharted (Drake's Antiques Shop) 28. Skyrim (Dragon. Kinda obvious IMO ^^) 29. Silent Hill 3 (the blue road-sign on the wall) 30. Knack (Rising from the ashes behind the construction workers) 31. Resident Evil (the truck with the S.T.A.R.S. logo) 32. Order 1886 (the parasol/sunprotection/hanging thing with the numbers on it, above the carriage) 33. Gran Turismo (Bro in Helmet) 34. Order 1886 (the horse & carriage) 35. InFamous Second Son (Latte Owl Cafe) 36. Delsin Rowe (the infamous character when the gets whole again, the moving particles.) 37. PlayStation Plus (logo on the Hamburger Stand) 38. Watch Dogs (Rovinblue Bank sign) 39. Aidan Pierce (... Aidan Pierce) 40. Naughty Dog (to the left of the mirror, there's a logo/sticker on the pole) 41. Destiny (the traveller in the mirror on the wall) 42. Double Life PS2 Advertisement (the next shot, the woman who's upside down, click on her head) 43. Aidan Pierce (again, but now the one who's pulling the player from the car) 44. Heavy Rain (the paper bird in the background) 45. Journey (the guy with the red scarf) 46. Helghast Ship (it's flying around there somewhere ) 47. Crash Bandicoot (the roadsigh with the stickman inside) (Has sony bought it back from Acti? Let it be so!) 48. Helghast Soldier (they're marching to the right) 49. PS4 Hardware (the bigass screen) 50. Destiny (the traveller, high in the sky) Pics:
  15. it would be pretty supid of them to allow the use of USB and not include HDD (for file storage, videos as example) support.