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  1. That’s what I was hoping to hear! I’d be surprised if it didn’t work the same way on a PS4 > PS5, but I can’t know for sure unless someone else has scored a trophy that way. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. I was wondering if anyone could help clarify a question I had in regards to Dead By Daylight on PS5/PS4. Specifically, I’ve been working on the “Taking One For The Team” trophy on PS4 for what seems like AGES. I was lucky enough to snag a PS5 and have installed the PS4 version of Dead By Daylight on my PS5. I was wondering if anyone knew if trophy progress carries over from console to console i.e. is it server side and it doesn’t matter which console I play on? if anyone has an example of another trophy popping in Dead By Daylight across different consoles, I’d greatly appreciate it!
  3. Thanks for the responses! I understand that the PS4 and PS5 lists are different. With the PS5, you can install PS4 versions of the game, which I did. My specific question is in regard to progress towards a trophy between consoles. For example, if you did 49 out of 50 heals while wounded on your PS4, and then played DbD on a second PS4 and did one more heal while wounded, would the trophy pop since the progress is tied to the server, or is it tied to a console via data on that console? I apologize for the lack of clarity on my first post but hope that makes more sense. Thanks!
  4. Thank you!
  5. UrbanGoblin Game Disputed: BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition Reason the game was flagged: the Taffer's Delight trophy is for completing episode 2 and the Blue Ribbon Champ trophy is for completing all the challenges in another DLC. therefore, it is not possible to win these two trophies at the same time. Your dispute/reason it shouldn't be flagged: It was not intentional. I was holding off on completing the challenges for the blue ribbons and went to go do the DLC trophies for Burial at Sea and once I completed those, the Blue Ribbon Trophy Unlocked. There are others that experienced this glitch as well that you can read about here: https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/41591-blue-ribbon-champ-glitch/
  6. I believe something similar happened to me, but since I was on my chicken run, I didn’t bother with the cure formula. I think you should try just escaping the palace at this point and seeing if the game progresses. When you come out of the underground to the front gates, there should be some fire bombs dropped. That’s how you know you can progress further.
  7. It needs to have chickens inside the coup for it to count. It's easiest to shoot the lamp above the coup. You can also easily identify occupied coups if they're red. While it still could have dogs instead of chickens, it's much easier to find them that way.
  8. One of the main reasons that most people are getting the "Complete 100 Contracts" way before "Solo 50 kills," is because every bounty you turn in goes towards the 100 contracts. For example, if you and a buddy get all 4 bounties (Running the Gauntlet is what it's called in game under the Statistics Tab), that counts as 4 towards your 100 contracts. Hope that helps!
  9. I can confirm that you do not need the card on the final screen and you do not need to play solo. I got all of my 50 Solo Kills in 2 or 3 Player Squads. You just need to be the only person to hurt the monster. It popped right after I stuck the final monster. I second your opinion on a progress tracker. Hopefully that'll come with the PS5!
  10. I played pretty consistently with two other people in the Bounty Hunt game mode which does make things easier, since if you go down Solo, you're out for good. If you've got some buddies that you're in constant communication with, it does make things easier and they can revive you if you go down. With just another person, you can set the matchmaking to not allow teams of three so that everyone is on a level playing field if you'd like. You will need to play ~100 games of quickplay though for the trophy to close 250 rifts (you can only close up to 4 per game, and that doesn't happen everytime) which is a solo queue game mode. I never boosted anything, because that seemed like it would be more trouble than it's worth to try and get in the same lobby. Plus, there'd be no way to really know that you're in the same lobby as your boosting partner as you cannot see who or how many hunters are in the same game as you. Trophies aside, this is a very fun, but frustrating game sometimes (but in a good way!) Let me know if you have any other questions!
  11. They've done several Sony exclusives over the years, but they were not a Sony owned studio. One of their last games before Spider-Man was Sunset Overdrive which was actually Xbox/PC, so this just means that moving forward they're a Sony owned company.
  12. Hey there, Something similar happened with the Galilea Trophy for me. As soon as I joined a match and threw her shield at another player, the trophy popped. So, as long as you do something on Benedict's character that is one of his challenges (I think just flying should work) then it should pop. Good luck!
  13. Hey there, I actually just got these last night from farming MINAC. There is a chest inside of a little hut towards the back-right (from the entrance of the area) that when you open, you can hide behind and the kamikazes keep running in and blowing up in front of you. I left my PS4 running while I was at work and got almost everything except for the oil cans and bobble heads. For those two, I just followed MINAC around with an SMG and as soon as he opened his doors, I'd just fire away. You can kill around 10 claptraps in just a few seconds with this method, just make sure to dodge his big eye laser and take out all of his turrets beforehand. Good luck!
  14. Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash!
  15. Excited to have a new Mortal Kombat game, but what're your opinions on the trophies? I normally play these on Xbox, but might pick this up for PS4 this time around.
  16. Battleborn played nothing like Overwatch and actually released before Overwatch! Now, that's not to say that it didn't cause consumer confusion with them being hero shooters, but having played both, I can tell you that Battleborn was NOT a response or to chase Overwatch.