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  1. My code is 4XTW1
  2. So how long approx until servers close? In hours?
  3. Mate I just wanna know whether it's been collectively agreed upon if it's breaking the rules or not
  4. How many people are required to start a game of Elimination or Three Team Deathmatch? I'd assume with Plunder and Team Objective it's eight?
  5. Thanks for the reply man
  6. Does only map pack 2 have trophies? Map pack 1 doesn't have any?
  7. Sorry if this is a stupid question but is the DLC free content that was patched in? Or something you have to purchase?
  8. How many people are needed to start a scenario match? I know the 3v3 akrid only takes two but I have no clue when it comes to Scenario.
  9. Well the question is in the title? does anyone know?
  10. Yeah you were right lol. I actually watched the whole tower bit in the video but I got confused lmao.
  11. Omfg they it didn't realize there was a hoop above another hoop on one of the tower things. I'm so stupid. Thanks for the help guys
  12. Thanks I hope so too it's the only thing preventing me from the plat lol.
  13. Still no luck :/
  14. Video didn't help at all sorry :/
  15. As the title says I'm missing five confetti in the desert, I've knocked over all the cards and just have no idea.