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  1. My code is 4XTW1
  2. So how long approx until servers close? In hours?
  3. Mate I just wanna know whether it's been collectively agreed upon if it's breaking the rules or not
  4. So I'm posting on behalf of my partner. She's managed to unlock every movie (prologue and epilogue) and she has completed every scenario level. She has also played through every mode (survival, time attack etc.) and still no trophy. Has this occurred to anyone else? She has unlocked movies via the arena as well.
  5. The topic title speaks for itself, what games did you like that not many people did? or maybe you just liked a game that you felt was super under-appreciated? A game I LOVED was Final Fantasy XIII-2, time travelling was awesome, the combat was cool, the areas were awesome, the music was excellent and the story was pretty good too (well apart from the ending maybe). I haven't played Lightning Returns yet so please no spoilers!
  6. How many people are needed to start a scenario match? I know the 3v3 akrid only takes two but I have no clue when it comes to Scenario.
  7. Well the question is in the title? does anyone know?
  8. How many people are required to start a game of Elimination or Three Team Deathmatch? I'd assume with Plunder and Team Objective it's eight?
  9. Sorry if this is a stupid question but is the DLC free content that was patched in? Or something you have to purchase?
  10. Thanks for the reply man
  11. Does only map pack 2 have trophies? Map pack 1 doesn't have any?
  12. I've been searching and searching for games on the DLC maps to no avail. Does no one play the DLC maps anymore?
  13. As the title says I'm missing five confetti in the desert, I've knocked over all the cards and just have no idea.
  14. Yeah you were right lol. I actually watched the whole tower bit in the video but I got confused lmao.
  15. Omfg they it didn't realize there was a hoop above another hoop on one of the tower things. I'm so stupid. Thanks for the help guys
  16. Thanks I hope so too it's the only thing preventing me from the plat lol.
  17. Still no luck :/
  18. Video didn't help at all sorry :/
  19. Ah that's fair enough it's just like what can you guys actually do to change this situation though ya know?
  20. Omg guys. Like get over it, it's just a game. I mean realistically what are you gonna do? Boycott ND? Woah that'll make a huge dent in their coffers lol. I'm not meaning to come off as a troll because I do understand it sucks.. But that's just life, sometimes things change in a way you don't want to them to. But it's still possible to get it, and it's just a game at the end of the day
  21. So if you haven't heard already, they've brought back 2007 era Runescape, none of the GE bs, none of the balanced trading.. just pure old school Runescape. And the players vote on the updates they want. Anyways I thought that we could make a clan chat for PSNp members, so if anyone is interested just say
  22. Anyone here who needs to boost Soulcalibur 5 online?
  23. So the title is pretty self-explanatory. Tell us about your worst gaming session.. did no one show? did someone ruin the whole thing? tell me about it
  24. Well I'd love to be counted in. I've never played Black ops and I'd love to be able to play it with my wife. Plus I like have never won anything ever lol. But I have to say if it can't be me I think Radebe should have it as he's sharing it with others.. he's not just using it for personal use. Cheers man, you're very kind
  25. Relax, its just a game.