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  1. Uncharted 2... 7/10 Im not a big Uncharted fan but its a great story
  2. Best players from packs Benzema x2 and Chiellini, IF Mirallas and IF Guardado ( got the If's in same pack ) and i got a really nice bargain a while ago on IF Robbie Kean got him for 12 k sold for 21
  3. MSA Platinum Trophy ;D
  4. Never rented a game, never even bought a used game. Always new!
  5. Hmm not the best but 6/10
  6. My newest 100 % was ashley New Paint Park lol
  7. If u watch this tut it shouldnt take you more than 4-5 hours to get the cards ;D
  8. Nice Topic I think that Man City this season will win the BPL second is Chelsea and third Man United ;D
  9. Whats your best platinum, or the one u are most proud of? I cant answer that cuz i just made a new acc cuz my other 1 got hacked... :L
  10. That looks awesome, will be hard to plat though
  11. I went back to school today lol X_X
  12. Np, always check recent forum posts
  13. If not PS Plus so yes but if u have ps plus its something called online saving, so it saves on the profile, so i think it should carry over aslong u got ps plus when u do it
  14. Most of the new Meme face avatars.