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  1. How I got Zen's Rapid Discord without boosting is beyond me.
  2. Yeah it's a stupid system on this game. Why I don't play online. I just dip when I run out of the bonus hour everyday.
  3. It did for me. As someone who has played many racing games. The alternate controls worked so much better for me. I can't imagine controlling a vehicle with the gas as x. It just felt more comfortable for me. I can see many children bringing this game back due to its controls and difficulty. It's not a Mario Kart game at all. It's more of a veteran game for old timers like us. And I'm fine with that but Hard mode is just to the point where I'm doing perfect nitro boosts and cutting corners and still placing in 3rd no matter what. The rubber banding is too OP in this game.
  4. will my new ID username be replaced with the old one on the leaderboards of some games? I'm a first platinum trophy achiever on a game. Was just wondering thanks in advance
  5. Ehh. I already had it paid off at gamestop and their doing a 48 hour thing where if you don't like the game within that time-frame you can return it and can get your refund. We'll just have to find out if I like it or not
  6. I guess this is the closest we'll get to 1313 sadly....
  7. Thats why I plan on using my old account for now on just to play games for GAMES not trophies. I didn't give a fuck about platinum trophies. If I obtained one I would be super excited and move on. You can tell from the start of this account it was a chore where I wanted to 100% every game. Wasted my young years doing so. I regret every minute. I wasted so much money on stupid games for platinum trophies. It's really pathetic. Being on my old account will be a blessing just bc I'll be playing games I DO want to play, though I'am glad I have PS3 AC Brotherhood platted on my old account. Not an easy platinum to achieve lol.
  8. I'm probably doing the most stupidest thing in my life so far but I FINALLY changed my Username from my old account I had when I was 16 NOW I decided to use that account instead of this one for games. All those Platinum trophies I obtained on this account will be for nothing? Idk tbh wiht my old account it's more nostalgic for me. This account felt like a fucking chore if I'm being completely honest.
  9. Thank god I got this game for free from the season pass. What a shame. Still going to stream and play it though. Now we don't have to make fun of the Ezio Collection anymore lol
  10. For someone who has played the first one when it came out, I had WAY TOO HIGH of anticipation for this game tbh. Especially since that E3 reveal in 2013. I'm sadden what KH3 has become and I still love the series. You don't know how many times I got attacked by fanboys of the series. Dude, I've wrote an essay in school about the series, spent thousands on merchandise, sang Simple and Clean on stage in front of my entire school. I'm much of a fanboy than they are and I completely agree that KH3 did have a ton of flaws and mistakes. I'm not going to disband the series as whole it's just this game should've had a better ending. The gameplay is FANTASTIC but I'm more intrigued on the lore and story in video games and MY GOD they left out so much story from the Disney Worlds too. If you haven't seen frozen or tangled you'll be completely confused what's happening in the game. But my biggest disappointment is no FF characters (seeing Auron's and Cloud's statue doesn't count) listen FF characters DID play a part in the series. Not the spinoffs but the main titles. I had so many people ask where are the FF characters from 1 & 2 SO MANY times. And these are people who only played those games. It saddens me, it really does. And no end-game content like the infamous Sephiroth battle. But sadly we've come into an age of paid content and that's what we're going to get for this series. Paid DLC to see the missing holes that were left unfilled in the game. More money to spend on an already $60 ($80 if you bought the Deluxe) game. I just hope Nomura listen's to us (the player) and can take our ideas and disappointments and change it for a better, more amazing game in the future. And please make Kairi powerful in the next game, I want Kairi to be the Vegito to Kingdom hearts 3.
  11. If i were you i'd wait until it's priced down. The story lacks a lot of content. The hardest difficulty is just too easy. Newcomers will be confused and the Kingdom Hearts part of the story get's rushed near the ending so it's a lot to take in for someone who has never played the other games. Try beating the mysterious figure with Terra in bbs and you tell me it's easy af...... this game lacks a challenge.
  12. The ending was weak. If you don't agree with me then EAT ME!
  13. Well this just fucks up my hope for A Wolf Among Us season 2.
  14. Seem's like a pretty easy game to plat. Gonna read up more about it.
  15. Dude why do you even care. You haven't even played the other nfl games.