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  1. Sometimes I wonder why people waste money on games like this for a platinum trophy that no one clearly doesn't give a crap about. It looks cool for someone who actually likes My Little Pony. But sacrificing your own profile with this game. idk. You have to be very comfortable with your money if your spending over 40 bucks for a short 2 hour game lol
  2. I know alot of you will plat this game and completely ignore the credits but there's a nice send-off message from the creator. I thought it was heart warming and pretty nice. Sad to see My Name is Mayo finally ending it's trilogy. Can't believe it was 2016 that the first one came out and it felt rewarding getting such an easy platinum unlike most nowadays. The humor is what made me enjoy these 3 games. It's the only easy game that you won't get hated on. Trust me. Everyone loves My Name is Mayo.
  3. It's the only series I will let pass as an easy platinum that is well deserved.
  4. My name is Mayo games walked so easy platinum games can run.
  5. Seem's like a Friday the 13th trophies to me. Def looking forward to this game. Not sure if the trophies count with ai bots in single-player but if it does that'll be less of a hassle rather than with randoms. Either way it's gonna be a fun game with friends if your looking for something not Dead by Daylight.
  6. I miss the days of getting an easy cheap platinum by having to go to gamestop and buying them (for cheap of course). To be honest the easy platinum games that were mostly based off animated movies weren't so bad in the end. Cheap 5 min plat games just doesn't have that feel of accomplishment. I 100% sure everyone else feels the same way aswell. Easy game back then had some sense of challenge too. I think My Name is Mayo paved the way for cheap easy platinums but the past 4 years it's become mostly a joke how insanely easy it is to press one button and you instantly have a platinum. I've seen too many people on this site fall victim to just playing games for platinum trophies ( I've done the same too ) but it's more sad when I go through people's profiles and they never own an actual GAME. Isn't the whole reason to buy a console is to enjoy the games that are meant to play on it not shitty ones? Recently I bought a bunch of terrible games with easy platinum trophies. The other night I deleted them off my system. I can't force myself to start games like them for platinum trophies anymore. I'm finally getting back to playing games I'm enjoying like Persona 5 and Shadow of the Colossus . It feels good. It'll feel really good when I platinum those gems in the future. Thanks for this post. I might get my PS3 back out and maybe play Tales of Symphonia again.
  7. I'm playing 1- 6 because those are the only ones that count and are good.
  8. I was only joking on this being GOTY (kudos for the two people who platinum this game already 😬) On a serious note GOTY will be a tough one. Elden Ring, Horizon and GoW are all good contenders. If we're lucky BotW 2 will come out this year and dominate these titles. But we're still early in the year and still many games are yet to come out and wow us 😉
  9. And this is why Nintendo doesn't have a trophy/achievement system 🙏
  10. This will most likely be game of the year! Seeing how this is a platformer and the gameplay/graphics are top tier! Elden Ring has nothing on this game. Can't wait to pick this up on friday and platinum this game to show off on my trophy cabinet!
  11. Bought the first one on the switch. Now I have an excuse to play this one on my PS4. Just a heads up, this is a complete different story so if you missed the first game your okay to play this one instead.
  12. I love these type of games and I'll be honest its a fresh of breath air to try a game without dialogue
  13. I don't get why people are complaining about Lost Legacy as an add-on when they know they're still gonna get the trophies anyways. I played these games for the fun of it. I played UC 4 like a gazillion times even after platinuming it.
  14. Seem's like the the OG trophies except for the multiplayer ones (thank god) since this is single-player. Loving the Platinum trophy 😍 Kinda bummed that they made Lost Legacy as add-ons trophies instead of it's own platinum.
  15. I've gotten all the achievements on the switch version and put a total of 280+ hours in it but this was due to playing a few hours a day for a year and a half. It's def not a game I'd advise to try and quickly platinum. It's a long grind with a lot of patience even if you know the ins and outs. Games like these our mainly for leisure and relaxation. You won't have a good time at all if your aiming just for the platinum. The person who platinum the game in less than 3 days clearly had a strategy, used a guide or better yet played the switch version.