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  1. When Donnie is the Platinum 😂
  2. Can I start this game without playing the other ones?
  3. Why do I feel like this dude will post say the same thing everytime a PS4/PS5 game releases. He already said it on Kena he'll do it again on another game. It's actually annoying. Just gonna report his posts everytime he does it because instead of asking people he can actually do it himself and see if trophies autopop. It's an unnecessary post.
  4. The game literally just came out and no one has even gotten the platinum. Chill out. Goes to show the trophy whores in this community are in full swing today 🙄
  5. You know guys. Playing these games legit is way more fun than just cheesing tbh. I can't wait to get this Platinum and actually have that feeling of accomplishment. Whenever I plat a Rat game that feeling is never there. I did use the rewind feature though (wish I had it back in the day). I'm so happy after 22 years I FINALLY beat The Lion King 😭
  6. I've been in this situation before. It's basically a hit or miss when it comes to games with EU and NA versions. Some developers never reply or never patch the game EVER but some ACTUALLY do! They listen and make a patch but when developers don't even put the slightest consideration for the people that buy their games they just wanted to pocket your money. Simple as that. I hope this game is patched but seeing that it's been 3 months already I'm not so sure /: Just like My Child Lebensborn. Still waiting for the developers to fix one trophy because the platinum is still obtainable for both EU and NA versions. Since it's been 4 months it's highly unlikeley
  7. This game was a little challenging just because i soft-locked myself to the ground a couple times bashing the x button lol. Overall it's a fun cheap quick platinum. What made this game very special is the trophy descriptions. I know the majority won't see it and just want the platinum but it is the hardcore truth. That's why you'll never see me plat those breakthrough games. At this point I'm sure people spent a good 30 dollars on buying all those games by now. It's crazy how cheap easy games with a plat have become more important on this website than actual good games. Look at my profile, yes I do have a good amount of those cheap easy platinums but atleast I still have a good amount of ACTUAL AAA games aswell. I have no respect for the people who's profiles I see that literally have all the cheap easy platinums and not ONE good game on them. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a system when your just going to play these games. It's def has to be an addiction at this rate. I miss the days when videogames based on films were the only games that had easy platinums.
  8. I would love to see Sly Cooper Collection on the PS5 tho. Sad they never brought it to the PS4.
  9. Sad how people have to make a youtube guide for views for a game that is not only sad and pathetic but has no skill whatsoever to platinum.
  10. Just a friendly reminder. While these people play these terrible game they're missing out on some really awesome ones you and me are playing. I laugh at the profiles I look at and they literally only have easy games with platinums. Not even one indie or AAA game. It's sad really. They're not here for the videogames, they're here because they have an obsession of collecting trophies. Let me tell you something, when you Platinum a game that took you several weeks through blood sweat and tears to obtain, it's a complete different feeling than platinum a game that took you less than 10 minutes.
  11. I don't feel bad for the suckers that already spent over $60 on these games by now. Yes these (trash) games are a dollar but now that theres so many of them people will literally buy them and plat them and one day realize (hopefully) that they could've bought so many good games with that amount of money instead of wasting it on a game made by one person that used windows '98 at his church and actually bought games by ACTUAL indie developers. But who am I to judge because we ALL want our psnprofiles to look nice with many platinums. Quantity over quality am I right?
  12. My guy, your better off playing this on the switch (which has no trophies and achievements) and making your own challenges 😂 srsly dude. You need to calm down. You're blaming a game (you've never played before) on the trophy list. I've played the game on God Mode, it was still very challenging for me but I don't regret it because I was so involved in the gameplay and story. There.
  13. People on here forget that outside of this website there's MILLIONS of casual gamers old and new who aren't very good at videogames and thus they need that assistance or boost. Would it be fair to have a game that has hard or nightmare mode and not easy or beginner for them. No. It's 2021 not 1991. Videogames have evolved so much during the last 30 years. During the wii era everyone and their aunt had one in their house. There's no demographic anymore for people who play videogames because it's so widely popular now. Yes, maybe they could've made harder trophies for Hades. I completely agree with that but the people in this thread saying God Mode shouldn't exist have no decency or respect for casual gamers who want to play Hades for the gameplay and story and could care less about the trophies.
  14. ^THIS! Why should I be criticized because I want to play a game for the story and not be frustrated. I played this on the switch in God Mode and still felt challenging in the way that made it still feel accomplished in the end. Imagine getting angry because a game has an easier mode for newcomers and casuals. I'm so happy the majority of gamers in this world still play games for the story and gameplay and NOT just for the trophies. God bless them. No one is asking you to use god mode tho thats the thing 😂
  15. The pre-order avatars though are very underwhelming sadly. Might actually go back to my Days of Play Avatar