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  1. In all honesty I feel like Sony should make a fine line between what can or cannot be on their store. I feel like games like these shouldn't even be accepted. I get it, they want to give a platform for small indie developers. But when you take advantage of it you have people like this that copied a flash game and added trophies. I don't care if it's a dollar (the game isn't even worth that amount). Do they not go through the games before they put it on their store? Who thought of this and said "This looks like so much fun 10/10 let's add it to the psnstore." Like seriously, Dino Runner has more personality and better gameplay than this game and you don't even need the internet to play it 😅
  2. The word search is my favorite because it's grindy and it's the less percentage completion out of all the games. Even if you have a guide for the word search your basically still searching for those words in the end lol. It's a good time waster if your bored and want something to do.
  3. I think every trophy hunter will agree with me on this that there's a different feeling when you platinum an easy game compared to a hard game. Platinum a game that takes challenge and days or weeks to complete you cherish that platinum, your proud and you feel a self of accomplishment. I've never felt that in a ratalaika game. And I sure as hell would never feel that in a BreakThrough game.
  4. If a game is developed by Santa Monica, Rockstar or Naughty Dog I 100% get their games day one. Days Gone was a bloody mess at launch. I remember having a terrible bug that had to make me restart the game because I couldn't proceed to the next chapter (just like cybertrash).
  5. I'm beginning to really hate this developer and their "religious down your throat" games. The sad part is their making bank off these games with trophy hunters stuffing their pockets. Yes it's only $1 dollar but by the time they make their 30th game you've wasted 30 dollars. That's their tactic and it's actually working. If you look at their first game it didn't have a platinum and not alot of people played it. Someone probably said "hey let's slap on a platinum trophy to get more sales" boom! I'm not proud of some of the games I platinum and i don't regret them. I would regret platinum a game made by developers that are trying to lure people into christianity.
  6. I totally forgot you had to do that. Thanks for the reply. Looks like some people just leave it there and seem to never change it 😅
  7. I've been seeing alot of profiles with just number and letters in their bio. I'm very confused by this. I don't know what it means so I decided to ask since I couldn't find a topic on it on here. I'm very curious over this trend.
  8. I think I'm gonna play the game for just a little bit and have a trophy unlock and wait 1-2 minutes. 31 seconds platinum seem's kinda sus to have on my profile..
  9. Now I'll admit I was just going for the Platinum for this game but ended up completing most of the characters outfits after achieving the platinum trophy. Because of this game I now know how to play Solitaire. I was intrigue to see some of these Waifu's outfits and theres one with just soap covering up her tata's and downstairs. It was interesting but definitely pick this up for a good fun 1-2 hour platinum trophy (make sure to set to easy mode). I mean I'm gay and even I enjoyed it. So that's saying something 😆
  10. That's why I'm gonna actually play this game because I'm intrigued of the story and exploration. Sad people will miss the opportunity to experience games like this and just focus on the platinum trophy. It's like instead of reading a good book you just want to know the ending. Imagine bragging over something that isn't actually real.
  11. Sorry but I l don't like crazy American Christianity in my videogames. We have enough of that in politics. Pass.
  12. listen, don't take my comments to heart. Trust me I don't bite. I just hate to see people take out their frustrations over platinum games rather than enjoying them and being a little over obsessive. I've been there before and it's caused me alot of depression and exhaustion. I would say alot of people on this website do have an OCD problems like myself. Back in the day I wouldn't go onto the next game until the first one was 100% whether I like it or not. If you haven't notice I have been playing alot of easy game bc I want to reach 300 plats quickly by this month and that leads be back in the rabbit hole of this ocd and addiction of platinum trophies. But I'am researching the easy games to plat that aren't tedious. The POWGI games are very tedious and i regret buying the crosswords one bc you have to complete every single category. I want you to enjoy your games bc I've met too many people who just fell off the planet of playing games bc they were too addicted to getting platinums. I'm a victim of that and I'm sure anyone else reading this is aswell. This website is a blessing and a curse.
  13. I don't have a say in the whole big tits censhorship since I'm gay since it doesn't bother me at all but I don't go around complaining that the male character in a game should have a big dick. Like I'm here for the story and the gameplay I can easily go to other websites for all that 😅
  14. I feel like after reading so many comments in this thread we finally reveal who the xbox 360 players are that jumped ship to PS4 8 years ago. Now their jumping back to xbox. Quite pathetic if you ask me. Sticking with Playstation until the end. I grew up with this console as a kid and I tend on staying.