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  1. Well this game completely died down didn't it. I felt like I threw out 30 bucks i could've used on something else. The only thing to come out of this game was the exclusive theme from pre-ordering that's it.
  2. The game looks like shit regardless of having a platinum or not lol.
  3. Any short and sweet easy platinums that are worth getting in this deal?
  4. The fact that I have to ride in a caravan ALONE during the entire game is really sad.
  5. Atleast someone knows how to treat a true masterpiece of a game without having to worry over trophies. I too plan on getting it on the switch later down the road might get the lite version. Plus I also wanted to get the static theme for this game since I have all static themes for every final fantasy that had been remastered on the PS4.
  6. I'm actually not being a troll for this specific game though. That is just another copy paste battle royale game I was talking about. Yes, it's a good feeling to get platinum for a game. Was I disappointed in this trophy list? Yes, but it's not stopping be from buying it. This is a good game and it's sad some people will miss out on it due to a trophy list. But it'll still be successful....hopefully since it doesn't have couch co-op which i was kinda disappointed in. I've played plenty of games that only had golds,silvers and bronze and it's as much as a platinum when you have to 100%. It's just sad seeing so many people skip out on this game but then again this website is specifically only for trophy hunters so I can't defend myself there.
  7. I don't know about this game tbh. I get there trying to keep Kingdom Hearts relevant (I don't associate with their mobile game) but if they have Utada Hikaru songs in it then instant purchase!
  8. Don't let a trophy list keep you from playing an amazing game.
  9. A platinum does not make or break a game. I can't imagine you playing games back in the late 90's and early 00's where there was no such thing as platinums. You wouldn't survive a day! You might of aswell not even bother playing videogames at all.
  10. I'm so happy this game doesn't have a platinum. I like to play games for fun and I don't have to worry about getting a platinum for once or have someone bragging getting plat first! I'm still pre-ordering for the beautiful theme though. This game just pushed the boundaries from seperation of gamers who play games for fun and gamers who only care for platinum trophies (which I see most of in these comments..sad). At the end of the day the gameplay and story is what really matters in a game the trophies are just a little extra add-on.
  11. Seem's somewhat very easy plat but I can't see myself paying full price for this game. The graphics and animation need improvements. Might buy it when it goes for a much cheaper price. Overall seem's like a cute game. But where's the Giraffe? 😐
  12. The fact that you're triggered over trophies is pure sad. I can't help but laugh 😂
  13. There ya go. You tried though. Your doing the right thing by moving on. While some will forever play this game for that specific trophy >_> I tried getting the infallible trophy and I swear I had 5 straight wins but maybe I screwed up on the exploit so I decided "fuck it I'm gonna play for fun" but I feel for e this game will get stale after awhile.
  14. Thats why I miss the old PS2 days where trophies didn't existed. At the end of the day though no one's really going to care that you have the Platinum and if they do than they really need to get a life. At this point it's hard for people to enjoy games when their so focus on getting the platinum. I've been that trophy hunter before and all it leads to is depression. Honesty, I was burnt out, tire and depressed when I had to force myself to get trophies. Let them starve themselves trying to get this platinum. Me, I'm just enjoying the game trying to get all legendary skins and even that doesn't involve a trophy lol.
  15. I don't know why your so triggered over the top number 3 videogame franchise of all time. It's a highly wide-known series almost everyone knows about. Shit, even my grandma knows about Pokemon. Becoming successful with a physical card game, tv series/ movies, merchandise and games it's bound to always be that creature collecting series that will always take the title. Yes, there are games out there that probably came before Pokemon that involved creature collecting (maybe) but Pokemon did it much better. Do I think Pokemon has been stale for quite sometime with it's games? Yes. I just find your comment hilarious due to the fact i'm getting the hint you don't like Pokemon. To each their own I guess. exactly! Just like farming games people mention Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley. Like I don't get how this person got so angry over this. Must be drinking crazy juice or something.