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  1. The pre-order avatars though are very underwhelming sadly. Might actually go back to my Days of Play Avatar
  2. Def picking this up for the switch tho. I feel lile it's made more for the switch imo. I will pick it up for PS4 down the road when it's on sale
  3. I DO NOT LIKE visuals novels at all but this series is one i couldn't stop playing. I love the fact you get to solve cases and as a fan of crime dramas I'm happy I get to experience something like this on console. It's very witty and it's so entertaining. It's def a game where I can sit down and relax and have a cup of tea and unwind and be SHOCKED at the many unexpected twists and turns this trilogy has and the music is just so beautiful too. Not enough credit is given for that. I do feel safe with the free save-game mechanic anywhere in the game just in-case I mess up but so far I've only gotten one gameover. It's really fun piecing evidence together without any help and I do advise not using a guide at all during your playthrough unless it's the missable trophies. I can't imagine anyone just skipping scenes for an easy platinum. Your honestly dumb if you do that. I'm speaking out in truth because as someone who has done that with games in the past especially with visual novels this game has gotten be so hooked that I'm not even thinking about getting the trophies when I'm playing this game. That's how good it is. Pick this game up because it's more than a visual novel, much more than that πŸ•΅οΈ
  4. technically he really isn't. he'll get demolished by veteran players. just sayin'
  5. i don't want to play a 3 year old game that only has online multiplayer & a wrestling game that involves heavily on microtransactions. Maybe those are your type of games but for most it really isn't.
  6. I still feel like Plague will still be free for PS4. I have this funny feeling but I could be wrong. I'm not here to 100% a trash game. I bought ps plus to actually enjoy good games.
  7. This is the era where we PS4 players get crappy games now for free and the PS5 players get all the good free games. It's like PS3 and PS4 plus all-over again
  8. Imagine skipping a game on PS4 because it has more than one gold trophy. I cant with gamer's nowadays πŸ™„
  9. The game is a buggy mess. I've had to close the game many times during my playthrough because it wouldn't highlight some items in the office. The Hairstylist trophy is def glitched. Nine-to-Five Every Day I actually got during my playthrough while working overtime on some days. I enjoyed the game but I probably won't come back until they patch the trophies. As of right now it seem's the platinum is unobtainable. 😭
  10. Trophies seem easy but I'm actually more interested in the story. I never knew about the german children after WWII and I can see how they were treated poorly. It's a really interesting game compared to others and I do feel like it's going to be an emotional game. *Edit Seem's like it's a time management and a tamagotchi-like system aswell. Basically your taking care of a German child and you have to keep the child happy throughout his/her struggles in everyday life after WWII. Def gonna pick this one up.
  11. Seem's like a decent list. Really looking forward to this game in June
  12. I grew up in an era where completing the story was 100% for me (no trophies existed back then). So technically no. That's why we have nintendo games for that
  13. As much as I really want to play this game nothing can beat my all time favorite Hannah Montana the videogame. Classic
  14. Another episode of my favorite series is back again! I can't wait to play it with father Adam at bible study this week. He said if I platinum another one of these games he'll give me something extra special.
  15. Oh god now we're arguing over the rep system. No wonder us gamers aren't taking seriously in the real world 😩