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  1. whats even worst is that Studio Ghibli isn't even involved with this one. I know I know why am I worried about the cutscenes made by Studio Ghibli? Those studdio ghibli style cutscenes in Ni No Kuni were the reason's I stuck to the game AND the story is beautiful. Better have a box of tissues on you when you play this game.
  2. I'm keeping my copy but not touching until I know enough patches are out to enjoy it completely. As someone who had to start over because a game breaking bug that kept me from progressing the main story I stopped playing. I'm on a PS4 Pro and the frame rate and pop in texture is just unbearable to play for me. I love the game but I have no respect for CDProjekt Red and will never buy a game from them ever again. The stained blood on their hands will never be forgotten in videogame history.
  3. People shitting on Sony on a playstation forum website is Hypocrisy at it's best.
  4. Good for you Sony! Why support a game where they never gave us console gameplay before release. Seem's sus to me.
  5. I really want to enjoy this game but I just can't with the constant crashes and texture and bugs even on a PS4 Pro. I've bought some pretty bad games this year I regret buying and this had to be the icing on the cake. I mean I got the necklace as a pre-order at gamestop which probably cuts the price by 25% so there's that. Either than that I can't enjoy this game with the state it's in. The story is so good but I want to enjoy it when it's in a better state and patched well. I think me and the majority of people will be stuck a that 4% with this game or maybe just started act 2 and wait from there. Props to you if you decide to tough it out and go for the story trophy but I just can't. It's not enjoyable for me right now.
  6. It's not that good. It's a shame because I'm enjoying the story so much but everything else is a complete mess. I just want to beat the story and tuck this game away and go back and get the platinum later down the road when it's ready. I refuse to do the side missions or anything else. I've set this game on easy because as of right now I'm playing for the entertainment of the story not the gameplay or anything else. So if your on a PS4/PS4 Pro like me and trying to atleast complete the story. Do it! And if you already completed the story on last gen you are a warrior that stuck through all this mess of a game.
  7. If your in it for the platinum it will get tedious and super boring in time. I thought it was fun but yeah they really made this game feel like butter that has been scraped over too much bread.
  8. When a game is delayed multiple times that is not a good thing at all. I'll know now not to give in unless it's Rockstar games. Period.
  9. The Sims 4 has more character customization than this game.
  10. Like I said don't get your hopes up for future games for now on. I'm never trusting in a game that releases a trailer no more than 2 years from release date.
  11. Love how me including the 8 million people who pre-ordered this game became the beta testers 😂
  12. I get the crunch time and delaying it over and over again yet they still manage to ruin a release. I love the game and story so far but jesus! I thought those extra months were to focus on polishing the game. I felt like the 8 million people who bought this game (including me) became the game tester for CyberPunk 2077.
  13. It took Rockstar like what 4 years to make RDR2 and there were minor bugs and glitches on that but weren't even noticeable and this game that took 8 years (4 more years than RDR2) and the moment i play i get bugs and t-poses and a crash. They should just call it Bug City not night city am I right? I'm done getting my hopes up for games. Literally.
  14. And this is why I only trust Rockstar as my open world game day one purchase.
  15. What's even worst is that people upvoted it too. sickos