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  1. When the DLC cost more than the ACTUAL game 😂
  2. Trust me save your money and wait for this to go down (hopefully). It took me a couple hours to finish the story dlc then they added the data bosses and now I'm at the secret ending boss. It's good shit but def not worth the $30. With this type of content it should've been atleast 10-15 maybe 10 being the best reasonable price. Why do I feel like they purposely did this instead of keeping all this in the game on release. SE is a scummy company and they know how to lure in the fans like myself into this greed. *sigh
  3. I have over 60gb of capture gallery. Yes I do like to record all my Overwatch plays. Don't hate me.
  4. Recently got back (after 3 years) into the game after the new Netflix series and by god I'm so confused and there's just too much going on but that didn't stop me from learning the basics and decided to lower the difficulty to easy mode since I passed the point of not earning those two difficulty trophies while I had it on medium since the beginning. I'm here to enjoy the story and I forgot how much I love it. Hopefully since I'm now on easy mode I can just keep my original outfit on because the armour is just god awful looking in this game. I don't plan on getting the platinum since I'm now retired from trophy hunting and casually playing games for awhile now. I do want to really invest in this story while also watching the new Netflix series. I miss this game. Why I set aside this game in the dust for so long I'll never know.
  5. wow $70 for standard game. Thats pretty pricey. Yeah def would wait for a price drop on this game.
  6. Haven't played a Gundam game in a very long time. Looks like the trophies may be grindy and time consuming. We'll just have to see
  7. The Smash Ball from Super Smash bros. Having the ability to use that in the real world you would become a god. But I'd use it for good. To stop wars and crime alike. What a powerful weapon that would in be in real life.
  8. People want to be the first person to start a thread on "Trophy thoughts" without even knowing what the game is about. I laughed when he said "easy or medium trophy's" watch them be insanely difficult lmao
  9. 100% Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep. Well worth the entire completion.
  10. Look at the reviews for Days Gone. Then look at the user's reviews. It's a really fun game and yet critic's still shat on it. So I'm still going to get Death Stranding no matter what the critics say. Sometime's it's good to have a better story than gameplay imo. There's no such thing as a perfect game. Heck, even a few of my friends HATED Ocarina of Time and that has the highest score on metacritic.
  11. Not gonna even bother getting this game with those trophy artwork 💩
  12. The reason why there's more Aladdin focused trophies is because that game was AMAZING on the SNES. The Lion King was shit.
  13. hahaha this is gold!
  14. Claim to Fame : Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (PSVita) 1.25 % (Never play a racing game on a VIta, your fingers will not be happy with it lol) Walk of Shame: My Name is Mayo 96.38% (I'm honestly not proud of me playing this game for Platinum trophies) Fectors Challenge is the root of all evil. One day i'll get that trophy. One day..
  15. As a veteran Harvest Moon player. This is something you should stray away from. Don't let Natsume take your money by buying these trashy games. Yes, I played the Harvest Moon Light of Hope and beat it and it was lacking so much! It was awful! Sold that game to get Story of Seasons instead. Marvelous are the true company that actually built these Harvest Moon games and go by Story of Season's now. In fact Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town will be coming out in the west on the Switch very soon (already released in Japan). Don't be fooled by the name Harvest Moon because it's not made by the same developers anymore. Stick with Story of Seasons. Yes, the games may not be on Playstation but those are the newer farming games in the series or you can always buy the old PS2 Harvest Moon games on the Playstation Store. But stay away from any new "Harvest Moon" games to date. If you give them your money they'll just keep making these trashy mobile like games for you that aren't worth $50. Really it's not worth spending that much on shitty mobile like games. You'll be bored and find it uninterested within an hour, trust me.