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  1. resident evil revelation 2
  2. Madden NFL 12 because i want to start some sport games for sure
  3. you mean "my kung fu is stronger"? i know, it's just a looooong grind. but i don't have a life so i platinumed it XDDD that doesn't mean no one has a life who plated it. just in case 😁
  4. far cry 4 because the dlc is not too long and has a nice story
  5. Loadout because i don't want to spend 100 hours for the gold trophy
  6. #202 Gran Turismo 5 Difficulty: 9,29 Hard to the Core to the MAX XDDD
  7. killzone mercenary
  8. #201 Top Spin 4 Platinum Unlock all the trophies in the game. OMG, I HATE this game, and I'm so happy that i platinumed it. I don't recommend that game because online for the "grand slam" trophy is dead. 😡
  9. gran turismo 5 because the server are closed since 2014 and platinum is impossible to get now
  10. hotline miami because the platinum name is cool, i think