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  1. dragon ball xenoverse i love dragon ball and definitely want to play all of them
  2. first driveclub, second payday 2 crimewave edition, third dc universe online
  3. nidhogg of course, didn't played it but i seems like fun XDD *joke*
  4. #205 Magicka 2 You Are The Special Get all other Trophies.
  5. driveclub because you can get 128 trophies from that game :DD so much gold trophies
  6. i doesn't care if you complete just easy games that you don't like, i mostly respect people who has a high completion percentage rate on games that he enjoys to play
  7. #204 Trials of the Blood Dragon Part Blood Dragon, Part Machine, All Cybercommando Unlock all trophies
  8. resident evil revelation 2
  9. Madden NFL 12 because i want to start some sport games for sure
  10. you mean "my kung fu is stronger"? i know, it's just a looooong grind. but i don't have a life so i platinumed it XDDD that doesn't mean no one has a life who plated it. just in case 😁
  11. far cry 4 because the dlc is not too long and has a nice story