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  1. i did all the online trophies with friends
  2. ea sports ufc 2
  3. he should be a tank, has a nice attack.....is available on the test servers right now could be available on August 12th. if it follows the current release cycle he has 400 hp, a shield with 1500hp (that could be thrown in the air) his 2 shots will deal ~120 damage (as far as i know) i think it depends on the traveltime what do you think about Sigma? 🤔
  4. mortal kombat 11
  5. street fighter v for sure respect 👍🙂
  6. velocity 2x want to start that game in the future
  7. killzone 3 because i can't achieve it anymore 🙂
  8. final fantasy xii because i love final fantasy and want to complete all games