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  1. Probably unnecessary at this point but here's a visual confirmation of NFS Shift 2 servers being shut off:
  2. Nope I gave up and moved on
  3. Well at least none needs to panic about them being unobtainable, but if you want the Stranger Things DLC characters, get them before November 17th!
  4. As "Upcoming Server Shutdowns & Delistings" was renamed I just wanted to bump this and ask again if this thread title can be streamlined? @EdinhoN
  5. Are you sure? Because I tried a lot of times.. Has this happened to you personally, and if yes how many times did you try before it let you in? I just want to know if you're speaking from personal experience or if you're just trying to encourage me. 😄 I hope it's the former, I just want to know if this is fixable or not.
  6. Isn't it better that we just assume AirMech Arena to be "in limbo" for the time being, and check back every month or so to confirm its definite state? I feel like the discussion and updates on AirMech has been kinda dragged out here, perhaps it can be placed into a separate thread on the AirMech subforum? It would be nice if this thread returned to being a bit less verbose and only contain news on server shutdowns (I know I'm going against my word with my post, lol)
  7. Cuisine Royale changed name and game banner/icon to CRSED. Would need a rescan/rename I suppose. Is this the first of a kind, a game that just straight up changes name? source: https://wccftech.com/cuisine-royale-undergoes-name-change-to-crsed-f-o-a-d/
  8. That's a great idea actually.
  9. Thanks 👍 But please dont put the whole guide in quotes, if you can do me a favor and edit that out, would be great 😄
  10. If you read my post it says it's available in UK..
  11. Midnight Series shows Birthday of Midnight • EU as completed for me: https://i.ibb.co/yRy4V95/midnigh-series-incorrectly-complete.png Can this be adressed @Dreggit ? EDIT: Sorry just noticed I was looking at OpenScars view of the series, delete this thread please.
  12. I would say a match can be completed even faster, under 90 seconds. My mini-guide for the game: https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/91753-airmech-arena-resource-dump-mini-guide/ PvP victory against AI in 1:18 (1 min, 18 secs): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7DGKN5ShNY
  13. lol they couldn't wait 3 days until it was Friday the 13th of November to release that patch..