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  1. (Preface: This is the wrong thread to discuss this particular matter) But with all due respect, is this really a winning concept? It's great that a single person has been able to scale the website to this point (mind you with a lot of help from staff and being fortunate to beat others to the punch and thus cultivating an active community that generate high-quality content like trophy guides for free), but I think it's worth having a discussion whether this will hold. A single point of failure is never a good idea, much less so when there's a community that wants to excert more influence over the content and direction of this website. Why suffocate the community with a top-down hierarchy when it can be flattened and made more inclusive, I know it's not an easy thing done over night but definitely should be up for discussion. There's tons of good examples of this working out, look at how the Stackoverflow or Python community is run, or Reddit. I just fail to see the importance of upholding a monolithic structure of governance, clearly this community is passionate and some members have even taken it upon themselves to improve functionality of PSNP through browser plugins. Others have built bots or applications that are built on top of PSNP, it seems precarious and uncertain to have only a handful of people deciding over these matters. (Again, this is quite a tangent in this thread) There's tons of talented people that would love to chip in. Some concrete examples of great things to have would be an API for consuming PSNP data for developers. And perhaps Reddit like voting system for approving custom servers and other matters. I can't see how these changes come about on the back of a single admin, admirable as it's been thus far I think relinquishing control at least partially is necessary. Again, I'm confused about what the purpose of PSNProfiles is if it isn't to ultimately empower trophy hunters..
  2. Thanks for laying out the process of approving custom servers and clarifying the extent of how it affects our standings on this website. 👍 The point I was trying to make is that there does not seem to be enough urgency in green lighting custom servers. Those 4 servers currently approved are years old, I'm not sure if they're still maintained. Even so we can't be sure that players earning trophies in those games are not forking the project and changing parameters which is problematic from an enforcement point of view (this point has already been raised). The reason why greenlighting is urgent is because it potentially blocks a large numbers of users (who care about their leaderboards standings) for possibly a long period of time, within which the project might get taken down. That would kind of be like an official server went down, then back up some time later but now needs approval from PSNP before people feel safe earning trophies again. Anyway, your point about PSNP already having rules and guidelines, not bending over backwards to other inofficial tools that pop up totally makes sense. You guys make the rules top-down that the rest of us have to abide by. I guess most of us are just hoping that PSNP is a bit more flexible and accommodating in this manner, maybe with some policy changes the way these revival projects are reviewed, communicated and enforced can be a bit more streamlined and transparent for the betterment of this community, especially those that want to use these tools AND stay relevant in PSNP leaderboards.
  3. GameSpy server: PSNP thread (GoneSpy GitHub) Demon's Souls server: Yuvi (desse - GitHub) Saint's Row: The Third: Jumped In - PSNP thread (Simple DNS Plus) ModNation Racers: ModNationServer So these 4. May I ask what was the methodology of determining that they are "in accordance with PSNP guidelines"? And further, there is no mention of the exact version (or commit hash) of which version was approved, so if changes are made (new commits) then are those still valid, or does the project need to be re-checked. To my earlier question, I don't see any mention of the term "open source". How often is this list updated, how often does staff take time to "approve" new projects? How prioritized is this in the "todo list" pipeline? Effectively, what happens is, is that new revival projects pop up, but if they aren't quickly appraised by PSNP then it leaves community users (that are concerned about getting flagged) hanging and waiting for approval. These are just open questions that point to some of the problems arising from the current approach. I hope the process can be streamlined, perhaps a good first step is to "whitelist" uninvestigated projects and just blacklist them if any foul play surfaces (see my previous post with replies to @B1rvine)
  4. If that's the case, then that's fair enough. It should be a mostly automated job and a crowd sourced low-effort task. As long as it's non-invasive and doesn't require members to submit their passport information or have a screen capture card set up and have every trophy pop verified by a staff member it should be fine. I jest, but yeah I don't see it as a problem unless it's invasive. There's no way to verify or validate this unless assumptions are made based on trophy timestamps. If an account earns trophies around the clock it could be eg. a couple that are working shifts that don't overlap and play on the same account, or a college dorm that plays on the same console on the same account. I don't know of any methods to consistently determine the difference unless you chew through a lot of data with a neural net.. If you have any special "methods" in mind, please do elaborate. This goes back to my earlier point about PSNProfiles probably should be more transparent and disclose how things work "behind the scenes" if they expect the same to be upheld by these revival projects. If the heuristics and automation is sophisticated enough, it will solve an adequate amount of the problems and get better over time seeing as how there's more data being generated on this website over time and neural net models get more efficient (if that's not the case, hire more developers). If the problem is too hard to solve at the moment, then just collect the data and don't bother pouring in manual work into it, not worth the time. In fact I'm not sure that this endeavor of chasing down edge cases is worth it at all. Back to my earlier point, simply flag the low hanging fruit. As long as regular trophy hunters don't feel like they are getting robbed of their leaderboard spots and the boards are not saturated with cheaters then all should be good. Now would be a good time to share, transparency and disclosure. I can't see why there's gotta be smoke and mirrors around things like this, it actually makes PSNP look more untrustworthy and opaque. If I cared enough and had time I'd look into what data can be scraped from PSN user accounts: https://www.psnleaderboard.com/api/ https://github.com/mgp25/psn-api If PSNP is somehow privy to more information like that, for example if PlayStation officially exposes additional user information to their "partners" then it'd be pretty good to know. I mean if someone is flagged on this website for whatever reason, a claim needs to be made by PSNP against the alleged offender and a chance for rebuttal needs to be given. All this assuming people don't just get kicked off this platform or shadow banned without much to say. My head hurts just thinking about all the effort that possibly goes into this because it's certainly not a simple problem to deal with, and the complex becomes complicated.. at the end of the day we're just here because we like to play videogames. 😂 Agreed, there are so many things into which PSNP doesn't have insight into and which can be manipulated on the client side (file saves, all kinds of network magic to manipulate client-server requests/responses, downgrading application version, etc.).. it's basically impossible to determine foul play outside of some very obvious tells.. so why bother at all.. This has to be the definition of "turning a blind eye" and letting things slide. I can tell you for a fact that every session labeled "boosting" that I've been in, mostly organized through this website is people making it easier for each other popping trophies. Those sessions don't even remotely resemble "the way the game was meant to be played", it's all about spawning, trading kills or wins, taking turns, rinse and repeat. With the exception of PvE related stuff where you just gotta "get good and beat the raid boss" or whatever, for those sessions you might say that it's not as much boosting as teaming up and taking up a challenge together. This is just arbitrarily letting people "cheat" because someone some time ago said it was fine. Open source doesn't even ensure decentralized control or anything of that sort. Open source literally has nothing to do with anything in regards to control, security, safety or integrity of the source code presented vs. what is actually running once your compile. Like I said and other have mentioned, "open source" means there's a public recipe for chocolate cake. Now if you want to sprinkle chili flakes on top of that chocolate cake and claim that you used the "original recipe", that can be done as long as you hide the chili flakes cleverly, perhaps by baking it into the dough and masking the flavor. The ONLY way we would know that we're eating the original recipe is if McPSNP personally prepares and serves the cake for us in their authorized locations (servers), and even then there might be nefarious actors either working from inside PSNProfiles or otherwise spoofing PSNP and falsely identifying as PSNP clerks. And again my opinion is that because all of this is such a headache, why not just assume that people are eating chocolate cake made according to the original recipe and just do an extra pass of monitoring timestamps of games that have been revived. If obvious foul play is done, that's when you should question the holders of those accounts. I think a simple disclaimer, maybe a header with a warning text above revived games trophy list would suffice: ("Warning: This game is under heightened surveillance by the CRT, earning trophies in irregular patterns might lead to flags and penalties.") Flat out giving most survival projects an unapproval stamp (again, because currently there are not enough resources to either host these servers or setting up infrastructure to run automated tests on the source code, even though that is far from sufficient to determine integrity) is hurting the community more than it helps, and I think people will decide for themselves what they wanna do anyway. At heart, members of PSNP and other trophy hunting communities are here to earn trophies, one way or another. We aren't here because we can easily do everything by ourselves, rather we find creative ways of reaching our goals (like teaming up or looking online for information, even some going as far as downgrading application versions or using revival servers). I don't think most trophy hunters that care more about their hunting journey rather than their standing in a community are gonna be dissuaded. I don't see why anyone would bother with that. Alternatively put the top 100 on the leaderboards on a higher scrutiny and don't waste effort on smaller fish.. Closing thoughts Like @Long-Ryde said, who really cares? And if PSNP staff and the greater PSNP community cares, why? Is there a manifesto or something I can read where PSNP goals and aims are outlined. Like, this is a serious question.. what is this website about? Because in my mind it's only been a comprehensive database, a host of trophy guides and tips, a way to share my own trophy tips, and a way to connect to people through sessions, (and occasionally read about peoples shit takes in the forums 😂). It's been this way since more than 12 years back, but seems it has morphed into something else over time. Genuinely curious about what direction this website aims to take and maybe a chronicle of how CRT formed, why, how was that decision taken and what perceived issue it aims to solve. As I see it, there's just too many inconsistencies at this point and it's a tall order.. no actually an impossible task of working out who to flag when the variables are simply outside of PSNProfiles control, so why not take a "good faith" simplistic approach and just flag the most obvious offender and let the rest of the community enjoy their revived games. I think @xXRathlosXx made a point in that just because something CAN happen, doesn't mean its likely to happen. And a manual approval process for revived servers that change from patch to patch and can anyway have users run the code with arbitrary injections (or just fork the project and add some extra lines of code), literally makes no sense. I really appreciate that a discourse can be held but I think minds are made up and the boat has sailed on public discourse of this matter for the most part as it stands today. =/ What has needed to be said from a factual point of view has been presented from all sides, what remains is an opinionated discourse on how to move forward and what core values staff and the community strive to instantiate with possible policy changes. Thanks for letting me express what I had to say, I'll monitor this thread and hopefully will not feel the need to chip in with more thoughts. I really wish the best for this website, been using it for years and it'd be great to see it become less involved in these types of regulations and just be a more agnostic meeting point for trophy hunters of all kinds so we can enjoy what we enjoy most, playing games and earning trophies. Best of luck to the staff, you're doing a great job but I seriously question the commitments that you're taking upon your shoulders sometimes, and feels like some things can just get over complicated very quickly, especially things that involve subjective judgement and where there is lacking evidence.. I think such things are best left aside, or at most that they are handled in a very straight-forward way with super clear rules and not overly committed manner.To all trophy hunters, keep enjoying your games no matter what anyone says. If there's a fun game on a revived server and you're itching to play, go do it and don't let anyone persuade you or inhibit you in any way other than how you enjoy yourself. I hope that honesty will prevail in the end and instead of having restrictions and limitations we can just enjoy things together and trust each other in good faith.
  5. Care to elaborate on what the requirements are? https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/52663-what-constitutes-a-flag/ Can't find any mention of "open source", maybe I'm looking in the wrong post.. A friend of mine has the following concern: "Anyone who uses an unapproved server deserves to be flagged, even if it meets all the criteria and/or is approved later. That should be stated explicitly in the post, but it's not."
  6. I'll have to agree with @mekktor and @diskdocx here. The problem First of all, the approach that CRT is going by is lackluster to say the least. From what I understand it relies on crowd sourcing reports of foul play in the leaderboards, which is probably very time consuming. That time could be spent in other ways.. say correcting stacks metadata, administration of series or reviewing pending trophy guides.. Aside from that, it's not even a watertight approach, there's tons of false negatives in the leaderboards, accounts that should be banned but aren't: team (shared) accounts pushing their way to the very top, pardoned accounts, people using save file modification/resign tools cleverly, etc. It's just a battle that can't be won in the long run with the limited resources of manual review and flagging, not unless PSNProfiles deploys a state of the art neural net to process and classify all that data. 🤣 Not to mention that there is a single data point to go off, the trophy earned date timestamp. There is no information about HOW that timestamp was generated, whether the save file was modified, a custom server facilitated easier unlock conditions or whether someone got paid to work on unlocking trophies either singlehandedly or as a team (boosted accounts). Interestingly enough PSNProfiles DOES allow cheating, it just goes under a different name like "forming a boosting session", getting help through "share play" or using trophy guides to deploy or encourage techniques like downgrading application software version, using turbo controllers or in-game cheat codes. These are all considered "legal ways to cheat" by PSNProfiles standards, it's all about where the line is drawn. 😝 Double standards. Let's talk a bit about what open source is and isn't, and how it is in no way indicative of "fair play" when earning trophies. Open source simply means that the source code is accessible, viewable and forkable (you can copy the code, work on it, edit it and publish as your own variant if the original license allows it, or submit it to the original authors and ask them to "merge in" your changes) in a public code repository such as SourceForge or GitHub. Open source is great.. but there's no way for a stakeholder like PSNProfiles to actually tell whether a trophy was unlocked running on a server that runs "as intended" or whether it has been tinkered with. It's a bit technical to explain but those that know will know, I'll try to break it down anyway. Let's take Chromium browser for example, it's the "base" of the Chrome browser. Chromium is open source and anyone can use it as their "base template" for example Brave browser builds on top of Chromium if I'm not mistaken. But Chrome browser, the proprietary Google browser that you might be using is "closed source" with a bunch of Google stuff slapped on top of it. So you got a "open and public" recipe in Chromium browser, but then you can sprinkle on whatever the hell layers of spice and ingredients that you want on top of it. The ONLY way for PSNProfiles to actually "know" that trophies were earned on "legit servers" is if PSNProfiles staff themselves did an extensive code review and upon approval compiled binaries from the source code and ran the servers themselves through this website, which not only requires an amount of effort and man hours but also dedicated hardware. Probably not that expensive in low scale but again it adds to the burden of upkeep that this site is already under. There is literally no other way to verify the legitimacy of revived servers, you can mess around with checksums and image/video proof but all of that can be spoofed and circumvented easily. It should be clear to everyone that under the guise of "verified open source" PSNProfiles is just casting a smokescreen or making up an excuse that doesn't hold ground, open source or not doesn't actually indicate fair play, any server that runs outside of PSNProfiles premises is potentially compromised. Another funny thing to add that despite setting these custom servers to a very high standard in regards to transparency, PSNProfiles is itself very closed. It's a single developer working on the entire infrastructure, the code is closed off from public eyes. The only communication we get is in write-locked posts from the staff. How about opening up PSNProfiles a bit more, make the code public with possibility of submitting issue reports and pull requests, make internal memos open to the public and open for review so that we can together as a community decide where things are heading. Lead by the example you want to see around you. Let's highlight another inconsistency: Compromised "official servers" and application patches that allow players to earn trophies in an easier manner. Examples of compromised official servers and lobbies would be Rockstar servers (GTA IV, RDR), LittleBigPlanet(?), Black Ops 2. I've heard about people earning trophies in those games and if too many were popped too quickly then unplug ethernet cable, format drive to wipe the local trophy cache and retry. These are OFFICIAL SERVERS yet they are in clear violation of PSNP principle of "don't take advantage of compromised servers to pop trophies with greater ease". What about certain application versions? Fall Guys, Dead by Daylight, Destiny 2, probably many other games have had patches where you can enter custom lobbies and earn trophies WAY easier. In some games like Destiny 2 they even handed out trophies for just creating a new class of character, the same trophy would require a playthrough with said character in the first patches of the game. But hey, that's all fine cause it's official servers so I guess all rules go out the window on that one. I'm not even advocating people getting flagged for that, just highlighting the inconsistency in judgement here from PSNP CRT.. The remedy The flagging process is riddled with inconsistencies and unfortunately all the bugs don't get caught in the net. I completely understand why people don't want to see the leaderboards riddled with 1 second clears, but I feel like there's an easier way around for this. Currently the process is high-effort (manual work), high-ambition and in my opinion low-efficiency in the sense that there are probably a ton of false negatives and positives being flagged. How about PSNP CRT takes a step back. Is there a mission statement written down anywhere on this website or is effort and priorities just directed into whatever is the trend in any given time? What are the expressed CORE VALUES of PSNProfiles actually, has anyone verbalized them and made them explicit? I remember years ago in the early 2010s this used to be a website to assist trophy hunters in their journey of earning trophies, cooperating and sharing tips. But over time it has become more of a bigoted community (not only staff, regular users fueling the flame too) in which a certain type of games and content is preferred over other, and to the point of this thread, a community that doesn't incentives people to have fun with games but instead it's about regular users snooping around on others profiles and CRT acting as a supreme authority that polices and shuts people down with the current flag system. Maybe it's just me but I don't really care what others do as long as everyone is enjoying it at their own pace and mind their own business. On to the actual suggestions: - dismantle CRT - implement some simple heuristics to detect cheaters in leaderboards, it's very simple to program cutoff values (eg. if game X was 100% in less than 30 min, raise a review flag) (eg. if trophy X was earned before a certain date and it's known to take longer [example: Genshin Impact reach reputation 10], raise a review flag) - keep everything to a bare minimum in terms of manpower and effort spent chasing down cheaters, I think most people here will be fine just boxing in the obvious cases. stop giving yourself a headache running after this wild goose hunt.. - leave people alone that are obviously not cheaters, either verify the code and host custom servers through PSNP or ASSUME THE BEST out of these amazing revival projects It should ALWAYS be that someone is innocent unless proven guilty, sadly that isn't the case here but maybe it can change. I think it'd be great if we left trophy hunters alone, we're all just here to have fun and not be stressed out about these arbitrary rulings. And I would say to those of you that want to enjoy these revived games again to either do it on an alt account or do it on your main account anyway. There's no reason to let a website that's supposedly IN YOUR INTEREST as a trophy hunter to hamper or alter your experience and what you want to enjoy. I don't have any games right now that have been revived but speaking for myself I won't give a damn how I'm flagged or judged by PSNProfiles standards, they're flawed as they are right now. There are other trophy hunting websites that people might turn to if they kept getting stressed out here, just saying. Let's celebrate these custom servers, there's great talent out there brining back some beloved (and not so beloved) games back. As game enjoyers and trophy hunters we should take full advantage, and anything that doesn't break PlayStation's PSN TOS should be fair game. 👍 Thanks for letting me exercise my right to express myself freely, looking forward to all the hate and apologists. In regione caecorum rex est luscus. 😂🙏
  7. Point taken, I suppose. Amazing how many people actually use the front page other than as a landing page. Fair enough, although I'd like to point out there are probably more effective ways to explore new games other than refreshing a tiny box that fits 10 items. To each their own I suppose, I'm glad some of you have use out of the front page. EDIT: My question remains to management, what is the exact definition of shovelware.. there's too many games that are in a grey zone. And it seems some visitors here will miss out on finding out about these games if they are by mistake hidden by the "spam filter".
  8. Define "actual gameplay".. So games like Punch Line and Steins;Gate are shovelware because they're visual novels and you just need to press X to progress? 🤔 Never used that section to explore, but it's a fair point I suppose. I'm not sure why that feed is exposed on the front page, but perhaps it can remain unfiltered as default and have a toggle button attached to it for those that prefer your use case. It might even be better to add an "explore" section (eg. https://psnprofiles.com/explore) where games are listed and displayed based on recently published, genres or whatever else to help visitors find new stuff.. if that's what people want and if it's enough of an incentive to implement it.. PS Store has something similar called "collections", you should check it out. I still think "new trophy lists" should stay true to its name and display ALL new trophy lists, not just "some". In 1900 there were barely 2 billion people on this planet, today there are 7.88 billion people. Things change, so I'm not sure if I get your point. Change is good, I think it's time people here grow up and deal with it. Not every restaurant is gonna be a 5-star Michelin restaurant, most joints will be fast food joints because people are pigs and like to eat crappy fast food. And while many enjoy AAA polished games, an equal amount might enjoy crappy indies and shovelware, otherwise those publishers and devs would not be around to serve us that content. Deal with it.
  9. That definition needs further elaboration. Are the Persona games or Yakuza shovelware due to "asset flips"? https://psnprofiles.com/series/70-persona https://psnprofiles.com/series/127-yakuza How can anyone judge if someone "buys games for the trophies", there are games that have multiple stacks and are easy to complete but nevertheless contain content which owners are free to explore beyond trophy completion. https://psnprofiles.com/series/1065-metagal https://psnprofiles.com/search/games?q=daggerhood I feel like there is an inherent and implied bias against shovelware on this website, not only by self-asserting purist "hardcore gamers" but also by the staff.. Probably no point in reasoning cause most of your minds are already made up, but isn't it easier to just let people enjoy what they wanna enjoy, spend their money and time on what they want to spend it on. Not everyone is thrilled to jump into the latest God of War game or whatever. 😂 But more importantly, isn't a website like PSNProfiles supposed to catalog ALL games that support trophies in a neutral way.. more specifically my question is: what is the point of marking games as shovelware? Does it actually fill a function? 🤔 It seems to me like just another meaningless initiative that will just increase administrative burden and produce false positives anyway... what is the point? To pacify purist gamers? To let visitors hide certain games that have been deemed "shovelware"? In that case can we also have a toggle for hiding "war shooters", or sports games?
  10. This was never addressed btw.
  11. Ok, thanks for the update. So shovelware will no longer be grouped on PSNProfiles? Is there a forum post that specifies what is defined as shovelware because I'm a bit confused as to what games to request series for now.. What qualifies as shovelware and thereby will not be grouped in series? Is it the average completion time? The number of stacks? Multiple releases of the same game on various platforms? Is there a threshold as to when a non-shovelware game becomes classified as shovelware, in other words can a franchise of be supported as a "series" here but later on fall out of favor, how is the line of demarcation defined? Just a personal opinion, but I find it ridiculous that a website like PSNProfiles which in part aims to index and catalog the entire library of trophy-supported games is opinionated when it comes to what should be cataloged. I understand that shovelware have become an increasing headache due to the sheer volume and output but nevertheless an indexing website should remain true to its core task and remain agnostic and comprehensive. Perhaps a better set of tools and an improved workflow can be implemented to alleviate some of the burden, anything else would just compromise what this website aims to be. I would say that series are way more useful for consumers of shovelware than they are for those that don't. Example: If you're aiming to complete all games in the following 2 series and one of them had to be removed or not created in the first place, which one would you choose: "regular" series: https://psnprofiles.com/series/370-ape-escape "shovelware" series: https://psnprofiles.com/series/839-pretty-girls
  12. Stroke series https://psnprofiles.com/search?q=stroke AND the Won't list all due to there being a little more than 4 full result pages of these games, lovely shovelware. 😍 Also might point out that despite the developer/publisher being correctly added to the metadata of the stacks, these queries return empty results: https://psnprofiles.com/games?developer=43756-game-achievements-ltd https://psnprofiles.com/games?publisher=43756-game-achievements-ltd
  13. Use https://platprices.com/ for that, create an account and in the settings: https://platprices.com/settings.php Select only Asian storefronts as "regions of interest". Then browse to any game or DLC. Unfortunately as PS Store doesn't list PS3 or Vita games anymore (maybe Vita in some AS storefronts), you will only find PS4 and PS5 prices, but it will tell you the cheapest. Never worked for me, Conotoxia still works though. 👍 I wonder why it doesn't work for some, maybe you're issued a different type of virtual card depending on nationality, it could be a "safety measure" on their end..
  14. Can trophies be earned in private lobbies? Or only public?
  15. Super Chicken Jumper There's currently 2 unlabeled stacks that I'm fairly certain should be tagged as NA. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/19277-super-chicken-jumper https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/19278-super-chicken-jumper Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2pCcALw8hg EDIT: Another reason why this is fairly likely, look at the SKU code for the items in the AS and JP stores: https://store.playstation.com/en-hk/product/UP2005-PPSA08296_00-SUPERCHICKENJUMP https://store.playstation.com/ja-jp/product/UP2005-PPSA08296_00-SUPERCHICKENJUMP Notice the "UPxxxx" part in the beginning of the SKU, that means it points to the NA version (EP is Europe, UP is Americas, HP is Asia, JP is Japan)