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  1. Could be VR related?
  2. Didnt want to risk it, but I suppose I could save in another slot just in case and poat my findings.
  3. Yes, im currently at 96 citizens. I hope when and if it gets fixed I wont have to start over.
  4. Bought mania on all 3 consoles. Def getting it again, but probably just on ps4.
  5. I'm shocked that there isn't Sonic 3 and Knuckles. May get it still though.
  6. Im to lazy to check but which games for ps4 are easy or quick plats? Thanks to anyone who can tell me!
  7. For dragon ball xenoverse i yelled finally when i got the last move i needed. I am a rng survivor dang it!
  8. I almost cried when i finally got the mile high achievement.
  9. Not in order at all but... Dragon quest builders Dragonball xenoverse 2 collectors edition Wwe 2k17 nxt edition Pokemon sun Pokemon moon Dragon quest vii Dragon quest viii Horizon zero dawn collectors edition I think thats it.
  10.'s my level. i work a lot so please be patient with me.
  11. In a way I agree with you. The beta was good but I felt like it was simply battlefield with star wars skins. Idk I'll definitely wait for some reviews to see if everything is running great. I don't want to be buying another bf4 :/
  12. Comments concerns?
  13. Bunch of nep nep weirdos...(kidding) I'm waiting on a sale to start these games.