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  1. Just got it. Played the auto save by defeating the encounters whatever they’re called. Lucky only had to clear one map before going to the other to face gotenks and vegito and after beating them you go to the Kai world to face Mira. Not sure what made it pop this time, but I guess 5th times the charm. Good luck to you to unlock the plat!
  2. Only trophy that didn't pop for me was down with the demon realm. Not sure what to do as i have tried beating Mira multiple times on the auto save and my manual save.Tried deleting and re downloading from the cloud. Any other suggestions anyone can think of?
  3. This is what I'm hoping for. Yeah the steam achievements have a lot of copy and paste of certain ones, like gil, bestiary, and named locations, but I am looking forward to the collection. IV is my favorite FF and it will give me a reason to play v and vi the only numbered FF I haven't played.
  4. Didn’t they say you can buy them separately? If anything they’ll give us 6 100% 🤣
  5. Also doesn’t come with the free personal pan pizza. No buy. Just kidding, already bought the physical ps4 and haven’t gotten to playing it yet. Bummer on the free upgrade, but honestly most of the time I don’t play the ps5 version of many games anyway right away.
  6. You have to indeed buy it again. Gotta make their money lol
  7. Exactly what I’m afraid of too. Doesn’t seem very many people care about this game. I’m hoping getting a group together will be possible. If not it won’t be a big deal.
  8. Been looking forward to this game. This will definitely come in handy. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Wondering if it will have save transfer for an auto plat. Doesn’t matter to me personally as I enjoyed it enough that I’d play it again.
  11. I have never played the last of us before and would like to get this game, but not at the price they are asking. Should have been like $40 and then I might have gotten it. Will wait for a sale for this one and hopefully will be able to get part 2 on the cheap soon. I really dislike collectible trophies though, but we’ll see. 😂
  12. Good to know, Unfortunately mine didn't come today as there was a "delay" with fedex. Looking forward to starting it tomorrow though (Hopefully).
  13. I like the trophy icons that’s about it. Didn’t know it wasn’t a f2p so will be passing unless there’s a sale.
  14. Does anyone know if it comes with the ps5 upgrade? Couldn’t find a definitive answer. Would gladly play the collection again on ps5 if it the ps4 version does.
  15. You just have to play the final level on hell to get the trophy, however you have to first beat the game on revenge difficulty to unlock hell.