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    I have a huge back log.... have most the games from ps + the past 2 years on my list. If ya wanna help grind some add me!!! lol

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  1. Ska/ west coast punk
  2. Bioshock, Duke Nukem, and Resident Evil 5. lol I could probably name more but taking baby steps!!!
  3. Trying to focus on few games as possible... my Back Log is over 60...

  4. At this moment 1. Streetlight Manifesto 2. Nofx 3.Lagwagon 4.Guttermouth 5. Green Day (92-99)
  5. It just seems time consuming. If anyone played it and accomplished 100% completion before the challenge will be to do it again
  6. I have thought about getting it but not sure, I'm also really back logged
  7. That's strange.... It worked like a plat for me. maybe delete your save data and try again? I haven't seen that on this one
  8. Damn!!! I forgot about some of those!!
  9. Just got Remember Me maybe 15 minutes ago
  10. I am working on my last trophy for Remember Me (it's glitched twice) then I am going for Resistance 3 My favorite Plat: Bioshock Infinite
  11. I am going to focus on getting my avg up. Aiming to get atleast 70% avg
  12. I'm REALLY close to lvl 20. 98% through 19
  13. Trophies add a bigger feeling of accomplishment for me. Sadly, I get to many games and get behind now.
  14. I suppose I need to finish Resistance 3 up soon!!!!