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  1. I never knew there was a statistics page. Should be visible on the front page. The average rarity that is.
  2. I don't see a reason to remove the average rarity, as it is a measure to work towards. However inaccurate, it is still something besides amount of trophies, platinums and trophies a day. I acknowledge the fact that there is no way to do it accurately, and if people abuse the system, so be it. Still it's somewhat a measure of completed difficult games.
  3. A you allready know now, this is because the game will only let you play those modes until its fully downloaded. The whole game is 18.37GB but you can start the game with just 3.5GB downloaded. Just an FYI to other wondering.
  4. Everybodys Golf 6 on the PS3, Man what a grind...
  5. If you do, you won't be able to import the tables on your PS3 or PS Vita, despite the "crossbuy"-descripition! Juust a heads up.
  6. Uncharted 3 - Master Ninja
  7. Just play it on a dummy account to see if you like it first.
  8. I had an issue with not being able to reload a certain memory, what fixed it was to delete the gamedata and gameprofile (NOT THE GAMESAVE!) and install the game again while offline. Then when you have installed and started the game you can quit the game, turn off the PS4 and reconnect online. Worth a shot. And as Darkstar said, Sharing is caring is just majorly luck-based and glitched. I played over 75 hours before it popped.
  9. The second challenge also failed. Plundering warehouses this time. Wonder how many millions of what the next challenge will be.
  10. The unlinking part is unneccessary, I just got the trophy today after 75+ hours of gameplay. Just do the part of going into MP and back to SP and see if you can compare against friends under statistics. If not, quit SP, go back to MP then back to SP again. Took me six reloads for the game to recognize my friends. Then I went to the latest coordinates posted and found my missing social convoy. (Also got a 2nd chest and a 2nd whale before I quit out of the correct server.)
  11. Would it be possible to implement a sorting option for how long a game took to complete/plat?
  12. I don't give up on games per se. Unless they shut down the server. Most of my games are still in my backlog unless the MP servers are shut down. I haven't sold a single PS3 game that I'm close to plat yet.
  13. For what it's worth, my profile still follows my friends. Even deleted ones. When I enter a game on my PSNP profile, there's a listing to the right of which of my friends who also has it in their listings. But a more extensive feature would be what knocks the opposition down forever.
  14. That's awesome. The "Platinum, not 100%" was what I was missing. Good going.
  15. For me, the most interesting rarity stat is that amongst trophy hunters (allthough, not all of the people in the PSNP database are trophy hunters). But if it's an easy implentation I'd rather use PSNP than an app/Vita/PS4 to search for official rarities.