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  1. I personally had more success removing the silencers so everything dies as fast as IADI training, because in that you probably already have many maxed perks, including the one that increases damage for supressed weapons...
  2. Finally got around to do a small video to explain some of the strats I used for my Wyatt timeline run with Dieselkraftwerk. I show a best and worst case (yet successful) scenario for the Roswell Oberkommando Zitadelle. You'll most likely get something between those two. Hope it's useful for anyone who might want to try something different or is simply crazy like me and decided to keep at it with the Diesel, despite all videos recommending the Laserkraftwerk/Fergus timeline. Never got tired of Wyatt's hallucination antics (I had chosen Wyatt on New Order when I played it on PC and I usually don't do re-runs with different decisions, unless it's the focus of gameplay or the game explicitly tells you to do so.)
  3. If you mean the other that also plays in the courtroom I'll have to heavily disagree, it feels 10 times worse to hear it play there. It's the track I mentioned that kept playing for me (Panzerhund theme). It just wasn't doing it for me, if anything it was making me more nervous/less concentrated for some reason... 😓 I'll take the different song for its appropriate setting any time and leave the other for the actual Panzerhund section (which isn't bad, mind you, but it just doesn't fit into the overall Courtroom battle feeling so well IMO).
  4. Ugh, that sucks, I almost died there too today as well... I looked at my HP: 25. I also had the same ammo bug happen with Dieselkraft in some saves, had to rollback some. I actually did IADI with same timeline as previous playthrough, Wyatt, before watching "Mein Leben" tactics. I thought I was screwed with no way to train with Laser, except for starting a new game... I settled with experimenting and finding some consistent distraction and trap tactics with Diesel for Zitadelle in Oberkommando and the 1st Zerstörer. You can pratically spawn-kill him with 10+ Diesel bombs. If I had to sum up my experience with this trophy using a couple of quotes, it'd be from the start and end of the game: "It's agony. It's agony. It's agony. It's agony. IT'S AGONY. IT'S-We're not gonna take it ANYMORE!". You'll be dancing to the credits song when you finally get it. Good luck! Speaking of songs... for some reason the epic courtroom music always refused to play for me in ML, when it did in previous playthroughs. I was so used to its motivation/concentration-inducing rhythm in IADI I only managed to do it right in ML too by muting the alternate song and playing the good one over the local network in PS4's Media Player. P.S. Apparently, 1st post after 4 years lurking (somehow).