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  1. Has anyone asked for your hand in virtual marriage yet?
  2. That's because you bought and tried them on your account.
  3. Sorry. They get trapped in a VRMMOPRG Game and have to complete it without dieing. If they die in the game they die in real life.
  4. If Square Enix send you a Nerve Gear don't wear it, we all know what happened in Sword Art Online lol.
  5. Awesome! P.S. I'm buttman!
  6. Me love you long time.(LOL)
  7. My story. Hellhound is really Batwoman, She was born from a secret program to create the perfect woman version of batman. She was so happy that she could not contain this excitement. But to her dismay, she found out that Ben Affleck is now Batman. She then vowed to kill him. One night when she was sleeping, the windows open suddenly and there was a dark robed person at her window perch. "Who are you?" she screamed before reaching for the Batarang. At that moment the dark robed person said this "I'm the Batman".
  8. I can't give you any good reason for buying one at the moment. I would say buy one now if you like the current selection of games the Vita has to offer. One thing tho. "PS Vita worth? why the reason?" doesn't make any sense. "Is the PS Vita worth it? Can you give me a reason why?" would have been better.
  9. You're not Batman. You don't even have the platinum trophies for Asylum nor City. #uranewb

    1. CaptainHorakthy


      I'm waiting for Origins so I can show the world what I'm made of.

    2. McJacs2


      Im Batman, just incognito as a regular joe

  10. But she was no Ben Affleck, though!
  11. As Ben Affleck, I'll try my best to do my worst and overact in every scene. Get ready for some hipster shit. I love my fans. P.S I'm the Batman! Well, I did good in DareDevil.
  12. It's better than the wii u at the minute. With the Vita not generating any sales, I think this may be the end of handheld gaming or at a another Video Games Crash like in the 80's and 90's.
  13. Thanks for the info. Something wrong is going down at Nintendo man . I mean the game only came out March(5 months ago) and they are already putting out a HD version.
  14. Get ready to see Red stand on a mountain.
  15. Lol, you got me in a tight corner there. I meant that the Graphics Overhaul for H:CEA Edition was amazing. But while the graphics are amazing Kingdom Hearts still rules. The story is just amazing and bring back memories. Please don't kill me, I'm sorry.