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  1. Πώς είναι στην Ελλάδα αυτή τη στιγμή? Και είμαι 27
  2. MindJack is the biggest piece of shite ever to be created in the universe. Fin Remember unofficial of course
  3. So that's why my PS4 itches so much.
  4. Picked up mine from a strip club.
  5. It's all those sheep there in NZ buying the PS4.
  6. Ok should i make this an international PSNP party chat? Still no tea and biscuits though.
  7. Awesome. Will do the add's once more ppl are interested in doing this.
  8. I thought it would be a bit of a novelty if us Brits who now have the PS4 do a party chat. We waited this long for it so why don't we to celebrate this by having a nice wee chat. First let's set a day and time. PS Tea and biscuits won't be provided.
  9. I became aware of few of these topics on the go here. Being Scottish i rather like our good drunken womanising farmer, Burns. I also write lyrics so guess i will post one here. Excuse any spelling mistakes. Come now dear children Praise the saviour To western civilization Mother laissez faire Here's a brand new plastic bag To replace your worn out flag Pledge allegiance to designer slavery And give thanks for this time Where life is only getting better When all your dream's are Chinese made Oh the sun is rising As the sun is setting Welcome to the 21st Century Welcome To the final day's Of industrial decay A wave of false prosperity Iron and steel carried over sea Our town's overstocked in supermarket chain's The street's stained in disdain that never change Now filled with passive consumer revolutionary's Armed by the warmth of a familiar coffee shop Ushering in a new age of bourgeois anarchy Trading their democracy for commodity To bring extinction to century's of necessity Now are a perfect society of social survival Oh the sun is rising As the sun is setting Welcome to the 21st Century
  10. To an unoriginal mind numbingly dull thread, it's a very warranted reply. Now go play with the traffic.
  11. I asked Sly if i could make this thread and he said ok. But if nobody has any use for it then fine.
  12. Please use this thread for any questions for help in GTA V.
  13. I feel rewarded if the OP watched this a couple of hundred times