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  1. We're not tools of the gaming companies, or anyone else. Gaming is the only thing I'm good at. But at least, I played games I believed in.

    1. Lord_of_Ra


      Tell that to the brainless fanboys.

  2. That's totally understandable, since you never played it before. And you're right about your assumption.
  3. I can only speak of the games I've played. So far, MGR: Revengeance (as a whole) and Battle Fantasia's "You Want Me to What???". But for some of the most difficult ones, I think all we need is time and concentration (no sidequests with backlogs while trying to get the trophies, etc.)
  4. So long as I have 100% in-game achievements, I couldn't care less about getting 100% trophy completion. And if I really need to, I'd buy the DLC.
  5. Yes I am. Open UPnP, no Media Server connections..everything's good. I use the 222's and 220's as DNS servers. I guess you might be right...but I'm hoping for any workarounds since I believe there's still a chance to avoid getting dropped out.
  6. Okay, this doesn't happen if I'm just logged in or if i'm waiting on a lobby. This doesn't also happen with my other devices. And my download doesn't stop at anytime. This only happens when a. I create a room and wait for other players to come in, or while being a spectator during fighting games b. I visit a room while waiting for host/other players to get ready c.I'm actually playing the game itself with other players It happens randomly. Can happens a minute after setting up the room, or can be 5 minutes in through a round. This really sucks because I plan to host rooms and lobbies. Are there any known solutions from people who have experienced this? I'm using a wired connection and I have not changed anything from my router settings. This hasn't happened before.
  7. Deadly Premonition Elemental Monster Online Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma And a few more.
  8. Well, for someone who got this as a gift...although it may be a bit late, I say that if i bought this, I would've gotten my money's worth. I tend to explore environments, so this one already satisfies me to the core. Especially with differences in soldier locations with every mission. I also love the in-game trials. The added cassette tapes with voice acting are much appreciated as well. The only thing i didn't really like was the other options commonly available from other MGS games to be non-existent in this game. Still forgivable anyway.
  9. I have to go with Deja Vu because aside from the exploration part which can only be thrilling during the first time, the combination of that along with a casual map with not so many soldiers and the trials make it more fun for me. I enjoyed every bit of Jamais Vu but it felt small after you killed the first 10 soldiers. i guess.
  10. I'm asking because from what I read, nothing fixed it. He just switched the 2nd replacement deck that also did not work with the original deck, and it somehow worked again.
  11. I know that this is almost a one year old topic but... What exactly fixed the PS3? I'm sorry if it's somewhere written but I can't find it.
  12. Fatal Frame 3 for me. I don't like random ghosts or apparitions in my modern day apartment.
  13. Does anyone know why this wasn't released last December?
  14. Post the problem here.
  15. This person is the answer.