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  1. Have just bought the seasons pass for Assassins Creed 3 for £24.99 consisting of 4 DLCs. Would have like it a bit cheaper but not too bad considering the quality of the game and it also has 13 nice shiny silver trophies.
  2. Turned out alright in the end, I think.
  3. Not many people have an Imagination like you it would seem...
  4. Still must be a nice chunk......
  5. Maybe I should leave you alone........
  6. No. Slowly walks towards You...
  7. A knife wielding 9.
  8. Must be something with over 110,000 paying members. However you have taught me things about PSN Profiles I would have never known. Just change it back is all I ask.....
  9. Now that's a reply! We'll written and thought out. Nice to see the old look via the link. You should be promoted sir! One question though, you say it mostly voluntary and that's fair enough. However I paid £14.99 to become a premium member. So where does that go?
  10. Would have liked to have seen that layout, bet it was even better. But unable to comment as never seen it. Don't understand how you could think this layout is better than the previous one. Makes me wonder what kind of development team you have because I would change them quickly. Nice to get a message from You. Hope to see you again real soon....
  11. If it's not broke, then leave it the hell alone. Hope you haven't got ideas to change our personal profile/pages. More to the point hope no one got a nice wage increase for this abomination.
  12. No I got this from the Liverpool Echo Newspaper. Yes Daily Mail is a tabloid, well done you. Sorry if this is difficult for you to accept. Your right it's absolute bollocks and a ruse. Thank you for your input.
  13. What difference does it make? You obviously read the paragraph and understood it. So if I used 1 capital or 100 capitals is irrelevant. Im so sorry if I offended your impeccable writing skills. I'm writing these sentences without capitals so you don't have anything to cry about. Have a nice day.
  14. Maybe The Greatest Killer Of All Time. Arguably One Of The Most Intriguing Mysteries Of Our Time... Dr. Jari Louhelainen Of Liverpool John Moores University (UK) Has Possibly Made The Biggest Announcement Of Criminal History By Naming Jack The Ripper As Aaron Kosminski. Backed Up With A 100% DNA Match Found On One Of The Ripper's Victims. Kosminski Has Evaded Detection For Over A 125 Years. Already A Suspect, Kosminski Will Now Become Infamous As Possibly The Most Revered Serial Killer Of All Time.... Now Let's Get The Zodiac...
  15. Under Construction.

    1. SergeantMalon


      What's under construction?

    2. Pureproteinman


      I hope your building big bro :)

    3. Cold_Indrid