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  1. Did you guys know gay men can't donate blood? I guess straight people having anal sex is impervious to STDs? I dunno.

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    2. Alternatewarning


      When I was reading the pamphlet at work I noticed that and it was rather upsetting.  I also waited in line for over an hour and couldn't donate because I couldn't give them any family history.  So I understand being peeved, although yours was a lot worse!

    3. Vanilla


      It’s kinda ridiculous. As a trans woman that isn’t sexually active I’m not able to donate blood either 

    4. Spaz


      It's no different from black people that got discriminated decades ago, and then after they finally got the rights and freedoms they worked so hard for other ethnic groups got the criticism.


      The American South still can't accept gay couples getting married, so doesn't surprise me that a lot of gays can't donate blood.


      Transgenders are the new target for racists and prestigious people. It's just another form of racism that has evolved over time. I'm sorry that you transgenders get a lot of shit thrown your way, but you just have to pull through.