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  1. It's a glitch in the matrix. Be prepared for Morpheus to confront you with a red or blue pill.
  2. I suspect that you and I are close in age. Bro, we aren't living in the prosperous 90s anymore. This is the age of outrage culture. You can't just have fun. You need to take everything super serious and to the nth degree.
  3. They're a drm launcher. They started just like Steam did. Steam and started their services with only their ips. being Blizzard and Steam being Valve. Steam just surpassed them because they had a better model and idea. You may not like Steam personally, but they are the best drm launcher out there. They got there real fast too. I don't see Steam being knocked off their spot any time soon. Apparently, they agree, because Epic's model didn't force Steam to change their's at all.
  4. Oh contrare monsier. is 7 or 8 years older than Steam. Diablo is older than most forum users on this ste. I personally have no dog in this race, however, as it is, maybe Epic should be putting money into their launcher and support team instead of buying up ips for timed exclusives. Both their support and ui are shit. Nobody is going to take Steam down, especially when their "competition" are conpanies like Epic.
  5. Just message the site owner. MMDE just handles the dispute subforum and didn't have anything to do with removing accounts back then. Sly will be able to put your profile back in rotation.
  6. I like to use the acronym for Limited Run Games instead of spelling the full thing out: AIDS
  7. If anybody has SSF4 on PS4 and can help out today with the 8p trophy that would be awesome. 

    1. alicexshy


      Yes man! I can guarantee you good boost! Add me! 😜👍

    2. prarpin


      I'm actually not boosting this game. Team lobby is a dead mode in this game. It's the only trophy I'll need outside help in. There seems to be a lot of activity online in ranked matches. You don't have this game anyways.

  8. This is a non-issue for me. I have both. It's not really a big deal to have more than one launcher. If you only have the game digital, you don't really own it anyways. Doesn't matter if it's Steam or Epic or wherever.
  9. Is recaptcha freaking out for anybody else on mobile? 

    1. Metal Slime King

      Metal Slime King

      Have you check that you're not in fact a robot? :hmm:

  10. Preaching to the chior here. I'm mostly an indie guy. I find Nintendo ips just as bad as EA, Activision, Bethesda, et al realeases though. To me, Mario should have been murdered by Wario decades ago. I rarely play AAA games. The only series I keep coming back to is GoW since, other than Ascension, they've been stellar each time.
  11. Shhhhhhhhhh!
  12. How much you want for your vita? Hasn't this gen taught you anything? What's the most powerful system out there right now, console wise? It's not the Switch, Vita, PS4...It's the fucking Xbox1. How is the Xbox doing right now? It's not power that gets people to buy systems, it's games and freedom. Although, I'll never understand the appeal of Nintendont's IPs, they attract a wide demographic. A shit fuck ton of people buy into their crappy rehashed, ancient IP's like a crack fiend to rocks.
  13. Who da phuc pays for ps+ for the igc? Dude, it's been $3 on sale recently. What more do you want?
  14. I don't. I think @BlindMango does it? I dunno.
  15. That's messed up. Have you pm'ed any of the guide staff @RNumbers ? That's a huge oversight.