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  1. Awww....Mean Gene Okerlund passed away.  For those of us who grew up watching WWF in the 80s, he was the man.  The ultimate announcer.  How sad.  He was 76 years old.

    1. Spaz


      All the greats are leaving us.


      I can't say the same for our current generation of stars. Mediocrity is king it seems.

    2. prarpin


      I dunno what you're talking about. I'd be devastated if we lost Lil' Pump.

    3. Spaz


      A sport that has lost a lot of great stars and has had stars like Hulk Hogan disgraced has made me disrespect WWE in recent years.


      Vince McMahon is a tool but I just can't real feel for the new guys in WWE. John Cena and Brock Lesnar are still mainstays but they're just boring to watch. I respect Undertaker for his longevity and dedication to WWE, but it's only a matter of time.


      I absolutely loved the Attitude Era, and it's a shame that over half the stuff that was said in that time probably couldn't be said on the air today.

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