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  1. Did you guys know gay men can't donate blood? I guess straight people having anal sex is impervious to STDs? I dunno.

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    2. prarpin


      Plus, who wants to catch the gay, right?

      @damon8r351 Im actually old enough to remember the 80s aids scare. Even remember that 21 Jump Street episode that tried to educate an 80s sort of way.

    3. Dr_Mayus


      Our office organized a blood drive and I got a bunch of my coworkers to go. My friend (who has been in Canada for the last 6 years) was denied because he was born in Nigeria. 


      We are so desperate for blood but even if someone is clean they will be denied. 


      I am sorry that happened to you guys :(


    4. Dr_Mayus


      Well it makes complete sense when you have the mindset of "gay people are icky" 


      Seriously I hate using the "in 2018" but now we are in 2019 and this is still happening. It is completely ridiculous how backwards some people can be.

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