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  1. The game is full of glitches not sure if it’s related to trophies, one trophy is for flashing 5 manniquans with the camera, when I gather 5 in one place the flash only takes down 2-3 manniquans. I gave up on it.. the game is not easy to get use to, can’t even get through the tutorial lol
  2. Silent Hill 3 HD I’m a fan but the remaster is just unplayable for me.
  3. I currently have one shop I hope I can open another one soon as a plan b (other type of business). If you own a shop, what would you sell?
  4. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag My favorite, the platinum is not hard and it’s fun to play and you only have few trophies to get!
  5. Xblaze Memories I don’t even know this game.
  6. Darksiders III Much easier than the previous titles thanks to the pre-patch method for difficulty trophies (works with physical version only), collectibles wise also much easier than before. I’m a fan of this series, Fury is such a badass! I just didn’t like the fact that the abyssal armor and Wicked K are not in the base game (DLC). Can’t wait to play the newly announced title.
  7. BuJabra89 inFamous I was a child I just removed both games from my account just need to update my info, it’s not fair to ban me from the board for old mistakes.. sorry. LittleBigPlanet 2 I was a child I just removed both games from my account just need to update my info, it’s not fair to ban me from the board for old mistakes.. sorry.
  8. I have two save files, before and after learning the spell, hope they patch it soon.
  9. #97 Tekken 7 "I'll Get Everything Back!" You simply don't get enough of Tekken! Very enjoyable as usual, best fighting game for me. Nothing hard trophy wise or time consuming, you simply play some matches in story mode and treasure mode than grind some hit points in practice mode than win one match online and that's about it. Takes no less than 4 hours if you're good. #98 Batman "I'm Batman" Say what you say about telltale games, I enjoy good story telling and free plats! #99 Gravity Rush 2 "Ultimate Shifter" The tale of Kat, a girl with mysterious history, continues. The first game was my favorite on Vita, and this one really covers it all! Story wise, the game is so rich with main and side quests, and what I like the most is all of the DLC's are for free, even the extra chapter "Raven's choice" with extra 11 trophies is also for free! I really hope to see more of this, if you play games for story, music, art and style, this game is for you! It's like playing in a French graphic novel. If you got dizzy from the flying "shifting gravity" you can edit the camera from display options (in game) anytime. Trophy wise, the only trophy I had trouble with is the paranormal activity zone monsters, the only reason is they are luck based, but I got very lucky, just when I was ready to lose hope I found the last one I needed! One of my all time favorites, so beautiful 😻 Currently working on: My favorite game of all times: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Should be my 100th
  10. Got 99 Plats, #100 will be my favorite game of all times: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD

    1. evilartifact


      Congrats! Good luck on MGS!

    2. Deceptrox


      Nice choice!! Snake Eaten is set to be my plat #50, and is my favorite game ever as well.

  11. BuJabra89 Fuel Yes it is, I wanted to try the save file method back in the day but it was only one time.. sorry.
  12. Platinum #87 - Final Fantasy X "Completion" Back in the day, 2001-2002, I was only 11 years old so this kind of games was too much for me to handle, so I was stuck in a very early part of it "when Sin attacks the ship you take from Besaid to Killika". I used to watch my older brother back in PS1 times playing FFVIII and other RPG games, I was amazed that he can beat such games knowing that he can't understand English! So, for old times sake, I was determined this time to finish the game and know the whole story I -for years- always wanted to know. It was interesting, amazing, such a beautiful game this one is! Easily one of the most memorable soundtracks for any RPG gamer, creative gameplay and leveling system, tough boss battles.. though, I'm not sure if I will play X-2, it's too girly for me. The game offers so many optional boss battles, all are really tough, like Omega Weapon, Nemesis and the dark aeons, specially Dark Yojimbo and Dark Bahamut, also once you've defeated all of the dark aeons you can fight the final optional super boss, Penance, with 12,000,000 HP, THAT'S TWELVE MILLION HP! Trophy wise, platinum will not be a walk in the park , I've clock'd 135 hours, you'll have to do so many things post game, like completing the sphere grid "leveling up"the seven characters "Tidus, Yuna, Auron, Wakka, Lulu, Khimari and Rikku", that alone will take about 30+ hours, and you'll have to do some side activities to get the celestial weapons and farming rare materials. The most difficult trophy is the "Lightning Dancer", it's really tense, you have to dodge 200 lightning bolt IN A ROW, you can't save or quit the area or the counter will back to zero! It was my last trophy to platinum and I just did it after 15 failed attempt! Seriously, who thought this task is fun in Square Enix?! Damn, my hands are still sweaty A minimized picture of a complete sphere grid, just to give you an idea, you have to complete that 7 times! One last thing, I'm in love with Lulu She got wisdom, personality and beautiful eyes
  13. Platinum #87 - Final Fantasy X

  14. Platinum #86 - Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

  15. Platinum #86 - Saints Row: Gat out of Hell "Scorched Savior" I'm a big fan of Saints Row games, Johnny Gat is badass, but maybe this game best done as a DLC for the fourth game rather than making it a stand-alone game. You have a big map with little story missions, 20 hours of doing challenges and collecting 1000+ collectables, I didn't like this game not because of the trophy list at all but it's so.. quite! Come on, you're in hell and there's no soundtracks?! or any king of sounds at all in free play other than the voice of Gat/Kinzie, which made the game boring to me. I enjoyed co-op mode and the fallen angel wings ability plus the seven deadly sins weapons, other than that, nothing good to say. Worth saying: One trophy glitched on me, "complete all the challenges", the task "100% takeover downtown" stock at 22/23 so what I did is joining a random co-op game and finished an activity in the same district "downtown" and bingo! The problem is the game sometimes don't record completed activities and once you've collected/gold medal/cleared an activity you can't do it again, so either you start a new game or join another player on co-op that didn't yet cleared all activities "hopefully for you" in the glitched district. Time: 23h (20 single player - 3 co-op) This weapon "Seven Deadly Sins - Lust" Boom Chicka rifle is so funny! but still the Dubstep rifle from SR4 is my favorite