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  1. Do not fast travel out of the new private areas it can put you on a permanent loading screen. I have had it happen a few times have had to close and reboot game. If you are in a team it will keep trying to join the same sever and not load either I am currently in a team with 3 others that I don't know so I can't ask them to kick me and cant leave my self
  2. Shouldn't do it even if he offered you a grand u earn your own trophies or what's the point
  3. For some reason my first two years of trophies are hidden on this site at first it said they were all hidden so I updated profile and it put most back have tryed updating again but did nothing I haven't ever hidden any trophies anyone know why this happened
  4. Only had to wait 12 months for mine better late than never I suppose
  5. I got the scholar trophy with 2 scrolls
  6. Just tag them to make sure that they are 100+ and make sure that you use a basic arrow
  7. Caramel creek hole 13 sand iron beginner not that I have been able to do it since
  8. I tryed using 4 players to increase my odds and got one with a guest player bud it didn't count
  9. Don't worry about it realised I can skip sponsors and still get trophy
  10. 900 fedex cup points not registering on vice sponsor last one needed to move to last sponsor points are registering on statistics can anyone help
  11. Played it on PS3 and ps4 didn't even notice that the controls were different
  12. I got it after 14 locks on a new game so they roll over