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  1. Anyone else have any tips on beating the evil as hell game??
  2. I wouldn't mess with this haha 😂😂
  3. More backlog for me
  4. Toe Jam and Earl - No Platinum Steins;Gate- w/Platinum
  5. Platinum #34: Sky Clad Observer Unlock all trophies
  6. Platinum #28: Borderland Defender Round 1.5 Unlocked all Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel trophies.
  7. I grabbed Dark Souls III, Nights of Azure, and Tales Series: Borderlands.
  8. Dynasty warriors 7 Quizmaster Answered all of the Scholar's quiz questions correctly in Conquest Mode.
  9. Dynasty warriors 7 Animal Collector - Collect all Guardian Animals
  10. Hatsune Miku Project Diva f 2nd
  11. Shock and Crossbow . Pew pew
  12. I have quite a few actually I don't want to fill up the whole page I'll try and keep it with my main ones. My whole left arm is game related, Custom bioshock design by my dad, Aku aku from crash, Ratchet and clank, marker from deadspace (the script around it says 'make us whole again'), spyro the dragon, tails and sonic, a heartless from Kingdom hearts, Sub zero from MK, fallout boy with mini nuke, and a moxxi pinup style with claptrap and bloodwing, i have script on each wrist 'one sky, one destiny' from KH. My right arm is movies mostly, I have a flash tattoo of an apple with script ' what about second breakfast' (LOTR), Chappie, and a prawn from District 9 with one yellow and one blue eye. My stomach is wolf link from twilight princess, chest piece is a three eyed wolf custom art from my tattoo artist. Two main thigh pieces one from bloodborne, the doll. and the other is a mash up of characters from Death parade. I have small misc art on my shins that aren't game related.
  13. Harvest moon save the homeland (:
  14. I guess it is kinda pointless to do so with my avi but what the heck
  15. WELCOME ! Nice choice in games, Ratchet and Clank is very nostalgic for me, I have a tattoo of it as well .
  16. Sup

    Welcome welcome It's a great site with great resources on games. ENJOY! Nice choice on console switching
  17. Amnesia
  18. Jumpscares really 7/10
  19. Only would consider getting the Raiju, I love Razer products. Pretty sick they got them to make a controller. I usually stick with Sony controllers but might scoop the Razer one up
  20. - Legend of Dragoon. -Final Fantasy X and X-2 -Dark Cloud series
  21. Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  22. Renowned Warrior Increased your fame to 500,000 or more in Conquest Mode. Renowned Warrior Increased your fame to 500,000 or more in Conquest Mode.
  23. I have so many on my wishlist on Amazon I need to get on that but the newest is Hatsune Miku X