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  1. I unlocked Richtofen in Blackout. Here's what I did: 1. Obtained "Note from Emperor" (Takeo's item) by pressing square on the typewriter in the west room of asylum. 2. Press square on the blood fountain in asylum, this will get rid of the note from emperor 3. Pick up the blood vials which spawn next to you 4. Place top 3 in duos and finish with the blood vials in your inventory. (I believe this is top 2 in quads or top 5 in solo) NOTE: I was playing Dempsey when I unlocked Richtofen (Unsure if specific characters are needed)
  2. Just wondering if buying the DLC for this game affects the "Real Platinum God" trophy in the base game. Does anyone know?
  3. Just to clear things up, this thread was for discussion of Permanent account sharing. I'm not talking about friends which play on your account once in a blue moon:P i'm talking about people who consistently share accounts to get lots of trophies. Also, this topic isn't to do with accounts sharing games together. The way i generally recognize account sharing is using the PSNProfiles stats: times of the day which trophies are earned, if the bars are consistent, then theyre possibly account sharing:p
  4. :/ Is it even legal to account share?o.O
  5. Hey, recently i discovered that lots of top players share accounts, I personally found this disappointing, and was wondering other peoples opinions. This may be in the wrong forum section, i'm sorry if so. But please leave your opinions on account sharers (such as duck360) and if they should be allowed on the leader boards NOTE: I'm not talking about people who share games, i'm talking about people who share one account, and 2-3 people gain trophies on that single account.
  6. How can that be if people are getting this trophy every day?>.< EDIT: Oh, right
  7. Okay, i'm closing in on the plat, with only a few sequences left - I've defeated all legendary ships, all forts, discovered every location in my journies, but haven't found one of the three "discoveries" for this trophy. I decided to look on online forums for guidance, with many results, posted an hour or so before i look, but i go to the specified co-ordinates, NOTHING. Other people claim to find these treasure in those locations too. I've signed up to UPlay, and im always online when playing AC4 anyway, anybody know what im doing wrong 37 Hours played - No Discoveries found. '
  8. Hey, I and many others are struggling to find dungeons with saddles, and strongholds. If you have found either of these, please reply with the world seed and the co-ordinates this'll help many others find these items
  9. Nice one Should take a few days to do everything again I quite enjoyed it so not a problem for me
  10. I got the platinum on Ghosts for my Ps3, i know that i can pay £10 to transfer my game to the Ps4, does anyone know if it'll come with a second trophy list? i'd love to plat it twice
  11. Shouldn't be a problem for me, as i used my real name >.< I'm unsure whether that's a good or bad thing o.O