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  1. Sorry, i cant solve your question. However i must ask because im really interested in those games as well; are you sure these are on sale? I'm checking the store but the trilogy is still at full price.. However as far as i know, they come close to the Jak & Daxter games in terms of plat difficulty.
  2. I'm gonna quit trophy hunting. Just realized i spent more time playing for "trophies" than for fun. Maybe in a year or two i'll come back to it though. But man my backlog is huge.

    1. CrimsonMars


      I was never in it for the trophies myself. It's all about the quality of the game!

    2. Makeehj


      Definitely. It didnt start like that though, i just got like..absorbed by it, but just realized how much of a chore it became to play games, and thats not the idea. I actually got to the point where i'd say "damn i gotta plat this game as soon as possible" and even restricted myself from playing other games until i platted the one i was playing before.

    3. DK_Scuba


      Yeah i felt the same way and quit going for trophies last spring. Still get an occasional plat in a game I love but gaming is definitely funner now ;)

  3. These christmas sales have been nothing but disappointing...

    1. D-Tron


      Your avatar just fits perfectly with this statement! xD

    2. Ruhkillmeez


      Your avy also seems to agree with your statement.

    3. Makeehj


      Hahahahaahha i know right? I love it.

  4. Pulp Fiction, cant get tired of it.
  5. Plat #13 Naruto Shippuden UNS Revolution - I dont wanna play Nardo ever again. For real.

  6. Finally started playing Uncharted for the first time. Already on chapter 11, this game rules and ive heard UC2 and UC3 are way better, bring it!

    1. Vanilla


      i can confirm uc2 is way better

    2. Precision-Playyy


      I can confirm they are a completionists nightmare also ;)

  7. Definitely makes sense to call Ezio boring while talking about Connor maaaan AC3 felt like a drag to me, didnt like it at all and Connor didnt help either. He was just plain boring and had no personality. However Edward turned out to be waaaay better. Of course, i must go with Young Ezio and Altair. Both are the shit. But meh i dont even bother playing AC anymore, all this "one entry per year" thing killed the game for me. AC 2 forever.
  8. Spent the whole day playing Diablo 3 and i almost forgot i had an exam tomorrow. Yolo.

  9. I really want to play some Fight Night Champion online and the EA servers are down :(

  10. I'm REALLY excited for Deadly Premonition and Hitman HD !!!
  11. Definitely Michael, i really dig his personality and overall his missions were the ones i enjoyed the most, maybe because i can feel kind of identified with him. Whenever i could use all three characters/free roam i'd pick Michael. His family is also hilarious as hell. Btw i really, REALLY enjoyed tattooing Lazlow. Right behind is Trevor, he's one crazy fucker and while most of the time he had me laughing like crazy, sometimes i'd find myself staring at the screen with a huge "what the hell" face on, like that one time where stuff got a little bit too crazy with Floyd and Debra. (spoiler alert) I still laughed at that though. A lot. And last there's Franklin, while he was really likeable in the beginning, eventually he became just a "filler" character; i mean, he was there because he could drive and thats it. He felt to me like one of these characters you could hire for the Heists, but a playable one. He had no purpose, no background, nothing at all. Even that thing with this girl he wanted to be with, whatever she's called, didnt come to a close. I mean, one day shes at yo door askin' to pop some ballas and then you never hear again from her...or did you? I don't know, for me, the most forgettable character/story line/whatever. Eventually playing like him felt like a chore to me, but of course i enjoyed the driving. Ironically, it is him who decides the outcome of all this madness. Honorable Mention: Chop. What a good boy. Damn, now i feel like replaying GTAV.
  12. PSN ID Makeehj PS Systems: PS3 Accepts Blank Friend Requests: Sure, why not. Or at least try to say that you're from psnprofiles or hi or something.
  13. This is really disappointing, i got Diablo 3:UED so i could play with a friend, but meh i just hope more deals show up tomorrow (right)
  14. Venezuela needs help!
  15. New devaluation in Venezuela, my country - Now we are only able to use $300 dollars yearly and they are more expensive now.

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. rhyperiorx


      Power rules everything, my friend. If you want to survive in countries like that now you'll need it.

    3. Makeehj


      Yup, i know. But it's depressing to see your country, which was once a great country, turn into shit.

    4. rhyperiorx


      Yep, just like Poland and Africa. They were great places and could have been at the top their classes but problems start to happen now they ain't anywhere near the top.