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  1. Yeah, game looks fun, I stumbled upon it last week too randomly on YT. I do like deck building style games, so I'll give this a jam. Looks like there might be some tricky trophies.
  2. Yeah, I sent them a Tweet the other day, never got reply though. Good to know they're working on it.
  3. I think Choose Your Own Adventure is glitched. I've got the trophies for the 3 alternate endings, but this is still at 0% and hasn't unlocked
  4. Yeah I started on Heroic. Early game was rough, but as long as you keep upgrading your gear + enchants it makes it more manageable. Without any spoilers, 2 characters really helped me, in the sense that they did insane damage over time. I rated it a 5/10 for difficulty early to mid game, then a 3/10 after that. There are a few puzzles that I looked a guide up for, but a guide isn't needed for general gameplay. There;s no missable trophies in the PS5 version
  5. Yeah, I'd forgotten about the rewind feature actually, might have to change my plat rating lol
  6. Does it block trophies?
  7. Don't forget to change the steering to analog, and accelerate /brake to r1 and l1, found it much easier
  8. Been many moons since I played it, but probably a 6-7
  9. Probably my fave PSP game, so happy it has a plat. But yeah, the PSP version was super tough, looking forward to it though.
  10. Yeah cool, just popped the plat yesterday
  11. No plat means no buy. Shame, because it looks cool
  12. So, the space for him is still there, it's just that he's not needed now?
  13. Yeah, I literally just checked heir Twitter, nothing since that.
  14. Same lol
  15. Hey, thanks for that. Sadly I have the digital edition, so reinstalling without the patch isn't an option. I did delete my save data and play through again on easy, they still didn't unlock haha