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  1. I found a guard sleeping on a bed, I believe it was the first level, it was the last one I needed.
  2. That's the wrong game man, this is about Eliosi's Hunt, not We Happy Few.
  3. How is it roguelike? The levels aren't procedurally generated, they're the same every time.
  4. Hey, no, I wasn't, I'm terrible at the game lol Seems to me that you just have to be on the winning team, but the actual amount you have to win for the trophy to unlock appears to be random.
  5. My team won 4 TDM games, and lost the fifth, and the trophy popped. Seems to be random.
  6. Hey! No worries! I was watching it, and thought it would be a good idea to show it here! I would have mentioned your name, but wasn't actually too sure if you frequented this site, sorry about that.
  7. Enemies still don't make noise when walking, but the lag at the end of the level is still there, sounds are better too
  8. It's been patched for PC, PS4 shouldn't be far off.
  9. Legend! Yeah, all back to normal now, appreciate it
  10. They update on True Trophies, just not on this site.
  11. Weird, the site now says that I have no trophies, and my trophies might be set to private, but they're not.
  12. Yeah, Ironic alright The trophy eventually popped, but I never got a notification for it, which was weird. I had the same enemies left as you to grind out for Lulszec as well.
  13. I never had "Break the internet" pop, despite collecting all of the audio logs for Catalyst. I tried what you suggested, but nothing. Hope it's not glitched.
  14. Hey man, I made a guide on regarding the Biohazard missions, as that was the one that was the longer grind. Yes, you can keep doing the same one over and over. Max level is 20. Which trophies are you having trouble with? Here's the guide