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  1. Can confirm it can be done in race creator, that's where I did it
  2. Even if this were true, all it means is the XSX is more readily available.
  3. At least they are now backtracking, new patch incoming
  4. Not only super tough, but impossible
  5. If the PS5 version has separate online, and hopefully no online trophies, I may get it
  6. The ball is still the best, and most efficient. It hasn't been patched, I was doing it a few hours ago
  7. Awesome, had no interest in this game till now lol
  8. Awesome, thanks for that
  9. How many people required to boost?
  10. Jesus! Thanks for this write up, might jump back in
  11. Plus you need a group of 4 for some trophies
  12. It's easy, just boring as hell. Hardest part was staying awake.
  13. Yeah, it's a no from me