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  1. This is good to know!
  2. Maybe some are glitched, but I hope not.
  3. Gah, nevermind. According to their Twitter, multiple people have asked, and it's not coming here for whatever reason....
  4. I'm in New Zealand, but still not seeing this on my store. Anyone here from Aus or NZ?
  5. I'm still not seeing it on the store -e- It's there now, weird
  6. Maybe the endings, who knows what the requirements are.
  7. Legend, thanks, will get onto that
  8. Thanks mate, sorry, I wasn't sure of the correct procedure.
  9. Hey, Was going through this account, and it looks dodgy. Don't see any platinums over a minute long. The Dragon Fin Soup one especially, as I've heard that's glitched an no-one can get it.
  10. Are you playing VR or standard?
  11. I liked Corbin in NXT, but he's been average since being promoted.
  12. I assume this can be plat solo? I don't see any trophies pertaining to MP
  13. Doom 3 makes sense, as the PS3 version had a plat, but yeah, surprised Doom 1 and 2 do.
  14. Someone on Reddit says steady 60FPS on PS4
  15. Yeah, exactly mate. I've got the PS3 version, but would grab this if it was 60FPS