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  1. Yeah, I don't see it there now either.
  2. Good to know about the retroactive trophies, at least that's something. Has the game improved much since launch? I heard the AI was pretty intense. The reason I ask is, it's pretty cheap on the PSN Store at the moment, and was thinking of grabbing it.
  3. New patch should be live, might buy this game now, it's cheap on the PSN Store
  4. Out on the US Store, $19.99
  5. Sorry If I came across as a dick, wasn't intended. It has local co-op on the Switch, I'm just wondering if you could do these solo, just leave P2 idle.
  6. There are co-op trophies, so one would assume it has co-op.
  7. Sweet, good to know On the NA Store it came up under New Releases this week, on the EU store it didn't, I probably should have searched manually.
  8. Hey guys, Wasn't too sure where else to post, looks pretty cool!
  9. Powerpyx has already had one up for a few days.
  10. Started it last night, loving it. Only played for about 30 minutes due to working 12 hours shifts, so most likely won't get back into it until Tuesday.
  11. Fingers crossed EDIT : Delayed for unknown reasons, devs say before the 31st
  12. Yeah, you could be right. I'm in the EU, but have a US account, games are usually cheaper in the US haha.
  13. I don't see this on the US Store?
  14. Certainly won't be getting the 14,000 step trophy on my first playthrough. I wonder if the game tracks steps?
  15. Yeah, will be waiting for a sale