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  1. Depends what the challenges are, but looks pretty easy.
  2. Thanks guys, don't think I'll risk it.
  3. Any chance of getting the banhammer with this?
  4. OK, got the platinum medal trophy on the digital trophy. Just needed to win the last tourney. Won the first 4 races and the 5th race crashed on me, no platinum for me.
  5. Can confirm that the Lightspeed Edition comes with 1.03 unfortunately.
  6. Looks pretty easy. Reminds me of a game called Mad Bomber on the Amiga 500. Man, I was the king of that game!
  7. That parts further into the game. For the Poltergeist trophy, you need to visit the house AFTER the incident with Quincy in the cemetery, which is Chapter 2 I believe.
  8. Saw the same thing. Have requested a refund from Sony.
  9. Any tips for Time Attack? Tried the first level and it seems impossible to do in 3 seconds. Are there other abilities that you unlock later on to make these easier? That is, of course, if you have done or tried them.
  10. Honestly though, the trophies tell you what you need to do. All you need to do is reach Level 25 in Invasion and Linear mode, and Level 30 in Endless. There, guide and platinum done!
  11. If there was one game that doesn't need a guide, it's this one.
  12. Nah, I knew you could use rest mode, but even still, my game time is limited to maybe 2 hours a day, so leaving mine on for a week sin't really an option. Plus, what about power cuts or crashes? That would suck.
  13. It's nothing to do with skill though, more the fact that you have to sit for 10-12 hours to get it. I didn't sign the petition, and won't, but it is a pretty crazy trophy.
  14. I found a guard sleeping on a bed, I believe it was the first level, it was the last one I needed.