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  1. Still at version 1.00 for me
  2. Good question. I'll jump on after work and check
  3. Easiest solution is to just give the shovelware all bronze trophies, with no plat.
  4. I like it
  5. I'm picking similar to Hardcore on DS2. Looks to be the only potentially challenging trophy
  6. Oh? Was looking at this as it's on sale. Which DLC specifically?
  7. Ahhh right, seems like you're good then
  8. The only ones you keep with an active sub are the monthly Essential games. Games that leave the serive on Extra or Premium tiers can't be played again.
  9. Some of the challeneges are next level, congrats
  10. Yeah!
  11. Game cancelled in Japan. Odd considering what other media that have that is far worse.
  12. A few trophies are particularly annoying, like Who you gonna call? and Gold Digger. The ghost won't show up for me, despite being able to talk to ghosts, and mound caches also appear to be in random places. Any tips?
  13. All good, thanks guys
  14. Pretty sure the OG game servers shut many years agi
  15. Servers shutting in Jan apparently