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  1. I don't see how it could be, Wolfy 2 has permadeath
  2. When is this being announced? Would have assumed it was done by now?
  3. Literally last month, 2 sims
  4. Not necessarily, not everyone would have chosen, or have played Spiderman. I have, so I'm not bothered.
  5. Saves are region locked, so you'd be out of luck there.
  6. Forget the trophies, let's talk about how bad the game looks. It's going to give Life of Black Tiger a run for it's money for worst game on PS4.
  7. Non-VR patch is live, as well as 4K 60FPS and various graphical adjustments
  8. Definitive Editions comes with all the DLC
  9. Oh for sure, there are some extremely cheap enemies
  10. My problem is, I used multiple characters for the S ranks on hard, as I found some characters better for certain situations.
  11. Congrats I got all of the hard S ranks last night. Never thought I would. Even though I loved the earlier games, I'm by no means good lol. Was 1CC difficult on hard if you've already done S ranks?
  12. An easier way is to farm the boss on The High-Spirited Demon. Just keep hitting his fingers, die, then repeat. There's a shrine super close by, so makes it quicker.
  13. Yeah, same here. Gae looks cool, but will wait for a sale.
  14. Yep, the Triangle attack will negate all incoming damage, and you can get your health back by damaging enemies. It's a nice risk/reward system that wasn't in previous titles, but does make bosses easier.
  15. It's also free if that helps