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  1. Most of them are still normal price for me, I'm in New Zealand, so maybe the store hasn't fully updated yet.
  2. Thanks mate, yeah, I've done both of those tracks. For the shortcut thing, yeah, I didn't realise there were 2 fences that counted, I always took the first and not the second, so thanks, will try that!
  3. It doesn't help that the shortcut on that track seems random. I was lucky enough to hit it three times in the same race.
  4. Ok, so I've taken all the shortcuts on Blizzard Bluff in the same race multiple times, no trophy. So that's also stopping me from getting the "I know the way" trophy I've also gone through every race in Arcade Mode and finished first in all, and again, no trophy. Anyone else had any issues?
  5. 100% true, like I said though, this was n easy. He only got to drop 2 of his green vials before I passed him. Oh, and I used N.Gin
  6. You need to have his ghost active for the time to count
  7. I whooped his ass, passed him at the first corner and never saw him again, that was on my easy 100% file
  8. Yeah, I've done most of the time trials ( Only 4 Oxide ones left ) then decided to give Hard mode a blast. Definitely easier after the trials
  9. Yeah, I never played much of the original, let alone on hard, but Oxide was a nightmare, so cheap.
  10. Whoever thought the the bosses on hard need to spew out endless weapons needs a bullet, and shouldn't work on any game ever again. It's the most unbalanced thing I've ever seen in a game.
  11. Sewer Speedway shortcut is still messed af too
  12. Used it on the first only lap and beat him
  13. It's around the same, which is why I think it's recommended to save hard till after the trials.
  14. Just to confirm, you need the toys for the physical version only?
  15. Beat 4 of Oxides times tonight, took me around 2 hours of trying!