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  1. Wonderful, thanks for the confirmation!
  2. The digital version does, unsure about physical
  3. Mass Effect Trilogy was a remaster, Dead Space is a remake in the vein of RE2, RE3
  4. Love to see it It's coming Rome!
  5. Knight in Shining White Armor Vanquish
  6. I agree, it's a great game, just not a good RE game, if that makes sense. I've still played it through multiple times though.
  7. Ha, you were saying? Blatant dive against Denmark
  8. Damn, there's been a slew of garbage lately
  9. Isn't that a prerequisite for a soccer game though?
  10. Yeah bud, no messing around haha! Going to work on the second version of each now, cheers!
  11. Legendary, did The Factory with SSS rank first time! Awesome guides, appreciate the pausing, will go onto the rest!
  12. True, but SR3 had a separate PS5 list at least
  13. Separate list for Plague Tale?
  14. Technically, the PS Plus games are a bonus, you pay for MP and cloud save -E- Beaten by the Turnip
  15. I gave up on these last night, The Factory would always have an enemy left, annoyed me so I deleted it lol. Maybe I'll try these out