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  1. Nice, will give it a try, game is pretty fun regardless
  2. Cool, I've just been unlocking EX moves, might start again and get some characters. Thanks!
  3. I can't even get past level 5-2, the sewer level with those wind-up frogs. They just keep spamming them out to the point where you can't even get up off the ground. Any tips?
  4. Hakoom posted a fairly detailed way, as well as a Youtube video I believe.
  5. How long does the 5th Pantheon take? About an hour?
  6. Yeah, that's exactly what happened. DLC looks good though, and cheap!
  7. Hey guys, I Looks like the trophies for the DLC characters have been added to the base game liat, so if you haven't got the plat, don't update. Scratch that, my game was just being stuood, it's showing as separate now.
  8. I hear there's going to be a Battle Royale mode soon.
  9. Just wanted to say this happened to me too. I found it was because I was shooting the helicopter before it took off. Hope that helps.
  10. Game looks good, no doubt. Didn't really get a SoR vibe from it though.
  11. Just curious, because looking at some of the video's, it looks like a Trials type game? In that sense, it's kind of hard to determine how hard the plat might be.
  12. Haha yeah, It was said in jest
  13. So strange, everyone I've asked never got it. Anyway, here's a pic
  14. Cool, cheers. Wouldn't mind getting this for Titan Quest. I have a hard copy of Battle Chasers: Nightwar, so can probably flick that off
  15. I wonder, can you still redeem the code if you already own some of the games? A few of them were in the previous bundle.