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  1. Hardest trophy is the Grand Prix trophy imo
  2. I've also run into no issues, although I haven't played much. Need to revert to version 1.00 and get 60FPS first.
  3. Well, never said it wouldn't work, just that it may have errors.
  4. Thank you, will give this a try
  5. So, I couldn't get the Boss Rush trick to work. I also finished the game with all characters and Happily Ever After didn't pop. What I ended up doing was, playing up to the last boss on my alt account, and backing that save onto a USB Drive. Backed up my primary account to the cloud, and deleted my save. Created a new character (5 total) on my primary. Loaded up my save on the alt, and connected my primary account with the first character. Loaded back to the hub after beating the boss, then exited the game and downloaded my alt save from the USB and did the last boss again, this time with the next character. Rinse and repeat, worked for me last night.
  6. For me, that goes to Rise
  7. I can't get this to work sadly
  8. I'm loving it, the hacking aspects are still fun and so are the new gadgets like the Spiderbot
  9. That's what I want to know too! I know you can't in DMC5SE. DMC5SE mentions this : Worthy of Legend Clear all missions with S rank on all difficulties as Nero, Dante, or V. (HoH, LDK excluded) DMC5 Standard just says S Rank all missions, no specific characters mentioned Have been doing some reading, apparently the only trophies you can unlock with Vergil are his specific ones.
  10. Ok, has a plat now, might get it!
  11. So, can you use him on every mission?
  12. Thank you
  13. It was in the last sale, but was still $34US
  14. All good mate, sorry, wasn't knocking the work you do, it just looked out of place haha.
  15. Some of those plat difficulties don't make sense. 10/10 for Harvest Moon Light of Hope?