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  1. Requirements required for attaining an S-Rank seem to be a bit murky. There is a load screen tip that suggests that weapon and projectile percentages are the most important thing. However, in my experience, I have found what I feel to be a pretty good gauge on what is important. Firstly, I think that carrots, time, and combo seem pretty irrelevant. Accuracy is definitely a big contributing factor. I found that a 60% accuracy or higher for each weapon set is pretty much a requirement for S-Rank. The other big thing is Health. I don't have an exact number (and it may vary from stage to stage), but I found that you can't have lost more than 100 health in a stage and still get an S-rank. Most levels are not too tough honestly. The only level that is really giving me issues is 5-2: Throwing a Tantrum
  2. Yeah mate, it's possible they were emailing them in batches. Be sure to check all your folders! I know it's not much, but does anyone want my 10% off code? Don't think I'll use that one before the 20th
  3. I guess I was one of the lucky New Zealanders to get an email, and with 3 discount codes at that.
  4. I'm in New Zealand
  5. That's awesome mate, glad to hear you got something out of it
  6. Happy to help Just redeemed my 30% one?! Awesome mate, glad to hear it
  7. You can only use one at a time.
  8. Excellent!
  9. Sure does! I'm at work at the moment, but I think I used my US address from my US PSN account, I'll check in the morning when I get home.
  10. Third one for me was 30% off So yours will be 10% and 20% off respectively, starting from the top
  11. Understandable
  12. No, you're right, the word redacted basically means "to cover text" so I've used that word in place of the codes I received, otherwise people would snatch them And FYI, the discount codes are 10 characters
  13. Hey mate, I just put in REDACTED to cover my code
  14. Sadly, you can only use one at a time
  15. Yeah apologies, I was kinda excited typing it out lol