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  1. Could also be devs testing trophies?
  2. June 4th
  3. Me too, especially if it's similar to Diablo in respect to loot.
  4. No online trophies, so that's good!
  5. Loved this on the Amiga!
  6. Legend, thanks for this, will attempt some of these tonight
  7. Yeah, this is great news. I own the game, but found the VR made me feel a bit sick, regardless of what comfort settings I had. I'll finally be able to jump back into this again.
  8. Yep, and that lol. I really shouldn't be buying more anyway with my backlog
  9. Crazy when there's so many games, but nothing that hasn't already been on sale before.
  10. Anyone know the secret to these? I've maxed each one out on seperate occasions, but nothing.
  11. When is this released mate? -E- Nevermind, I see today
  12. I'm in New Zealand, and it's $89.95NZD on my store
  13. Not if no-one is playing it
  14. Agree with the above poster, will wait for deep sale. There's no MP, at least at launch, but apparently being added in an update later.
  15. Yeah, I was excited when this was announced, but no plat really sucks.
  16. Nah, I got it on my second try.
  17. No plat makes my noodle limp.
  18. So, does Dragonrot affect any endings? I skimmed the OP and I'm pretty tired lol
  19. What's the minimum number of people you need to boost Renaissance Man?
  20. Thanks, the skill tree etc was pretty overwhelming when I opened it lol
  21. Yeah, I wouldn't mind knowing this as well
  22. One thing I already hate is the controls. When you're walking and let go of the stick, you still travel for a second or so. It's almost like input lag, but everything else is fine like the menus etc
  23. Pretty fair comparison
  24. Yeah, I thought 1-3 hours was all crap
  25. 1-3 hours doesn't seem like a long time to level up to 90?